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  1. u enjoy pal this is the best scottish data file by far the man has done a really brilliant job .
  2. quick question again Morrissey,is there anyway i can get pics of the players from Edusport ?any help will be welcome as i can get my son to downsize them and put circles around them for ingame on FM18
  3. hey buddy how about havin the Amatures alongside the juniors for more realisim,havin the option of going junior from amature just a wee thought ,the complete package
  4. well now i know young man soon Morrisey u will out grow us , naw really way to go pal :))
  5. question Morrissey :),won Scottish Junior East Region Superleague with Methil Town,but was expecting to be in The East of Scotland League but that never happend ,stayed in the same league i won ,cant be right :(( Can play in the Scottish Cup ,but never got promoted ,feel deflatted
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