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  1. Hi, I have updated my graphics card driver and now FM wont launch, just get a black screen and crash dump V16.2.0.750467 (2015. Any help would be gratefully received!!
  2. I've put this formation together as an experiment after using a half back for a while in a 4141. I wanted to create something with a half back to cover wing backs bombing on. It evolved into this. Untested at the minute as I don't have the required players. ---------------Adv Forward - Attack-------Target Man - Support ---------------------------------Trequartista - Attack -----------Adv Playmaker - Attack----------Centre Midfielder - Defend Wingback – Support--------Halfback - Defend--------------Wingback – Attack ---------------------DC – Defend-------------------DC – Defend ------------------------------Sweeper Keeper – Support Control with Ridgid/Balance. Idea is that Defenders look to play offside trap no no covering defender. Half back drops into defence to cover wing back running forward. Advanced play-maker on opposite side to WB-attack, use instructions for him to move out wide to offer width to the left. Trequartista also moves along the AM band to offer width. Target man on opposite side to adv play-maker to avoid using same space. Adv forward to be quick, looks to run onto through balls from adv play-maker and treq and flick ons from TM. In theory anyway. Thoughts?
  3. I am playing in Level 10 of the English leagues with Team Solent and therefore having to compromise in which attributes players are proficient in. My initial tactical thoughts are to keep it as simple as possible so limited fbs, limited cd, wide midfielder, cm - def, cm att etc. This means no "specialist roles" as I don't have players with the ability to pull those off. Therefore, this set up leans itself to a very fluid philosophy. However fluid means greater individual creative freedom and a global mentality. With the players having poor decisions and creativity (6 to 8 on average) will this work? Or am I better using balanced / rigid (players focus on duties) and adding a few specialists?
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