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  1. Hi I recently unlocked an unlockable during gameplay and in the bottom corner it says apply unlockable etc... But when I click on it it takes you to the store and when I then click the unlockable I have unlocked it asked for my Apple ID as if I am paying for it. Is this the case? Thanks
  2. Hi are these still the latest team and player instructions? I'm going to give this a go on my iPad
  3. Does this mean if I want to find any top tactics/ training regimes I can look in the FM PC forums?
  4. Not sure of the term pkm but all I have is a copy of my save right after this match happened
  5. I never really look at the achievements page but after just having a look I have only unlocked 2 even though I have completed all the challenges and unlockables scored many a hat trick and beat teams divisions above and below just to name a few. I am using the latest updates on my iPad (both iOS and fmh15) and always logged in to the Game Center. Is there anything I can do to sort this?
  6. Is this a new problem because I have never it noticed before.
  7. I have just been playing a game with the speed very fast and pitch highlights. During the second half I got a penalty and there keeper was sent off and reus took the penalty on the right hand side of my screen. He missed the penalty and e highlights went off but moments later they came back on and I was now attacking the goal on the left hand side and there replacement keeper was at the other end..has anybody else noticed this??
  8. Hi not sure if this has already been reported...just noticed on my new save with Dortmund that when I tried to sign a player in mid October from Mexico (Lozano), Sevilla beat me to it when we both offered him a contract but instead of signing him in January they signed him straight away.
  9. I'd like to see loan back available if you buy a player then loan him back as part of the deal for a season.
  10. Can you no longer change the orientation on the iPad and iPhone?
  11. Mine is still not working after upgrading to iCloud Drive on both devices. I can now see the iCloud save screen but my save isn't showing on my iPhone after saving it on my iPad. Just after I wrote this my save has appeared