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  1. FMC / FMT Wishlist Thread

    I play on iOS and I'm sure you can't download FM tactics to FMT iOS or android
  2. FMC / FMT Wishlist Thread

    What continues to stop me and others I know from buying this game is still the fact you can't download FM tactics to FMT. Please fix this issue and I will happily purchase the next one
  3. This is definitely an issue. I was trying to copy a tactic from the internet on a site I had backgrounded on my iPhone 7. So on the game double tap home select the backgrounded safari link then once on that double tap home again and select the game and then it crashes every time and not only on my iPhone also on my iPad but it's really annoying please fix this.
  4. I have also noticed the club history page has almost nothing on it and I'm half way through my second season
  5. I've noticed that unless a player is named in the match day squad of a cup final even if they play in other rounds and are main parts of my team. The trophy won't appear in there individual trophy page.
  6. 17/18 no player game stats

    Update... the next season stats only appeared once I played the first league game even though in the Spanish league I had already played the super cup and Spanish super cup plus friendly games which don't show anyway
  7. Hi has anyone else noticed when you enter your second season and play matches that they don't show on your players history
  8. I've noticed this as well it shows the trophies I've won but the the game stats on previous seasons
  9. Hi I am also noticing this problem on my iPhone 7. If I double tap the home button to do anything else on my iPhone and then got back on the game it's closed down.
  10. I've bought all the previous versions of FMT but the one thing keeping me from buying it this year is the continued inability to import FM tactics. I can't seem to see a definitive answer this year as to whether you can now. Can anyone let me know thanks
  11. Hi I recently unlocked an unlockable during gameplay and in the bottom corner it says apply unlockable etc... But when I click on it it takes you to the store and when I then click the unlockable I have unlocked it asked for my Apple ID as if I am paying for it. Is this the case? Thanks
  12. Hi are these still the latest team and player instructions? I'm going to give this a go on my iPad
  13. FMC ios Tactics

    Does this mean if I want to find any top tactics/ training regimes I can look in the FM PC forums?