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  1. Hi I don’t have any in game editor turned on as I haven’t bought it yet this year. I have the save but I’m 3 season past this match. I can tell you it was wolves reserves I played in the leasing.com cup.
  2. Is this a known issue, both teams playing in white.
  3. Hey I uploaded the file, hope it worked because its been a while.
  4. I will get this sent over tonight, sorry for the delay it’s a pain these days getting the laptop out in an age when most of us use phones and tablets to do everything online. it’s happened again but only with the players I signed on loans done months in the season. The players I loaned before the season started all ended their deals normally.
  5. Is this is not good enough to win against the run of play? How is it unlocked?
  6. Have SI managed to recreate this or do you still need my save?
  7. That’s a shame it’s red, it’s possibly one of the best results I’ve ever had. Even though we didn’t progress.
  8. I lost the first leg of the carabao semi final 4-0 but won the second leg 2-1 but it has counted as a loss. Is this supposed to happen?
  9. Spain, England, Italy and Germany. England start date
  10. Not sure if this is a known issue but since the update every loan player I’ve had don’t seem to have played for me when they leave.
  11. Hi this happened last year and I don’t think it got fixed but it’s still happening this year. I’ve just unlocked ‘nerves of steal’ achievement in the fa trophy cup final and at the same time I also unlocked my gold coaching badge, but the achievement hasn’t unlocked. Any chance of this getting fixed this year
  12. Can we offer players longer contracts in FMM20 and also contracts without buyout clauses in Spain. Both these things seem to be happening more now in Spain.
  13. You’re right Marc, I understand now which ever attribute you want them to focus on will also be highlighted.
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