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  1. Hi Alari I sent the files to the email address using we transfer but they still haven’t been downloaded yet.
  2. I have sent 3 saves to help@sega email for you hopefully they will help with most of the threads I’ve posted. I sent them via we transfer.
  3. Transfer bidding glitch

    Is this already fixed also. I’ve noticed it a few times. I’ve had no bids for him and yet this happens
  4. Hi Alari I know I’m needing to send you my saves for a lot of my posts. I will email over all I have tonight, I’ve been busy with a newborn....
  5. I’ve just noticed this but I’m not complaining. I think the images speak for themselves.
  6. My finances couldn’t be better I’ve only ever brought in loan and free players and well below my wage limit.
  7. Now I’m the premiership and my facilities are still the same as the championship but my stadium capacity has gone up to 15000
  8. I’ve won manager of the year 5 times now and still not unlocked the special one. Just to let you guys know
  9. I noticed this when I was checking out a keeper at Ajax and realised they have 9 keepers!!
  10. I’m now in the championship and my facilities are still the same. The only redeeming feature is that I got the owe you one and I used that on the training facilities (now adequate)
  11. New feature?

    Is it because he had a buyout for Chester who he was on loan with?
  12. New feature?

    Yeah he had one.
  13. Thanks I will sort it tonight
  14. I’m on a standard game an not a challenge but I just noticed this. Is this a new feature for the chairman to sell my players without addressing the manager first?
  15. It’s happened again but this time it even has my team as one of the bidders even though he has a year left on his contract. Plus it says free bid. The plot thickens!!