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  1. Not sure f this is a known issue or not but I’m finding when I search for player and use interested only option I assume every one it shows would like to sign for me but that isn’t the case. I’ve to sign several CM’s but once I agree the fee the player doesn’t want to leave his current club and is happy. Surely they shouldn’t be on my interested lists?
  2. Sorry...it’s the same saves your using for the other contract issues
  3. I’ve uploaded 3 save points to the cloud fm_save2, save3, save4. Is that ok?
  4. Yeah I am, just the messages
  5. Also is this a known issue or not. I have the unlockables on but I still get messages every transfer window to say it’s opening and closing
  6. All my issues in post are all on the same save so I’ll send them all.
  7. Hi Luke I will upload some saves on my laptop later and send them
  8. I have Spain, England, Germany and Italy loaded all with maximum leagues available.
  9. Hi Luke, yes I do I have multiple saves before this including a different save which also shows the same issue. I will upload them later on my laptop.
  10. kowak

    Top goal scorer award

    My bad I did t notice that.
  11. Since the post I tried the max I can offer £225m and still no negotiations
  12. I’m in my third season with Madrid now and after losing modric and Ramos on a free because of another glitch (Ramos then signed for Barca on a free that would never happen). I’m trying to sign his replacement but I can’t seem to sign anybody I’m after, as you can see from the picture there is no way Porto would reject a £154m offer for a centre half who is only valued at £39.5m. I also tried to sign Dayot who is at Newcastle in my save, they accepted £77m which is fair enough but the player won’t sign even though his mood is 80% and no offence to Newcastle but it’s madrid and I have won everything in 2 seasons (see pictures below) SI is this being looked into?
  13. Not sure if this is known but when I offer new contracts to my reserve players nothing happens but if I promote them then offer a contract and demote them straight away the contract goes through.