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  1. Hi this happened last year and I don’t think it got fixed but it’s still happening this year. I’ve just unlocked ‘nerves of steal’ achievement in the fa trophy cup final and at the same time I also unlocked my gold coaching badge, but the achievement hasn’t unlocked. Any chance of this getting fixed this year
  2. Can we offer players longer contracts in FMM20 and also contracts without buyout clauses in Spain. Both these things seem to be happening more now in Spain.
  3. You’re right Marc, I understand now which ever attribute you want them to focus on will also be highlighted.
  4. Excellent thanks I’ve changed it to trained role. I have also noticed that tackling is highlighted on the player profile when training for the wingback role but it isn’t on a natural wingback. Any ideas?
  5. Not sure if this is a bug but when I change a players focus role should that class as retraining that role and if so I thought the players role would change on the player profile to the required role with a * after it.
  6. Not sure if this is a known issue....I’m just fooling around with an all Scottish rangers side on this save and obviously I need to sign Tierney and Celtic will happily accept 37m for him and he’s interested as he appears on my interested player search. When I get to the contract page he just keeps saying he’s not ready to move. Is this right?
  7. I see has the way it works changed since the game was released
  8. I’ve noticed since the recent updates that when I try to swipe up from the bottom of the screen it doesn’t react as well as it used to and can take several swipes so that you can switch between apps and stuff.
  9. Not sure f this is a known issue or not but I’m finding when I search for player and use interested only option I assume every one it shows would like to sign for me but that isn’t the case. I’ve to sign several CM’s but once I agree the fee the player doesn’t want to leave his current club and is happy. Surely they shouldn’t be on my interested lists?
  10. Sorry...it’s the same saves your using for the other contract issues
  11. I’ve uploaded 3 save points to the cloud fm_save2, save3, save4. Is that ok?
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