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  1. Funny enough I've been using a poacher upfront in my save, I'll write my analysis some point later today. Great read as always @herne79, and this will definitely keep me motivated as I run away with Ligue2
  2. Would like to take the last spot if it's still available! Noooo hadn't read above fully, missed it
  3. I've always gone with the assumption they were for some reason, I think I'll look into detail how major/minor the differences actually are when I have the time. Thanks Herne
  4. Besides the playmaker/target man box being ticked, is the difference between roles purely based on their PI's? For example, the box to box midfielder(s) role has only one hard coded PI - roam from position, CM(s) has no hard coded PI's. So theoretically should a B2B(s) play exactly the same as a CM(s) with roam from position PI added? Is it right to rule out FMs description of the roles and the fact they are positioned differently on the TC screen in these cases?
  5. A fantastic Cleon write up. What's new? I think I may have developed something really nice built around effectively pressing and making the most of the space when winning the ball back - using a mentality I've never used on fm unless blindly switching to it when in desperate need of a goal or two. Will use the weekend to give it some more testing and hopefully write something up before Monday Thank you once again for another great article!
  6. The two outer CBs push out wide, which when I have defenders like Boateng Alaba and Can is exactly what I hoped it would do. In this screenshot I was playing with the 3142 formation. As you can see the #21 (Lahm) drops in whilst #15 (Alaba) and #17 (Boateng) drift out to almost create a back 4 in the early stages of possession. As play progresses Lahm tends to join the midfield up again and provide an option to recycle possession, as you can see below which is the same move as the above screenshot but about 10 seconds later. Here's another example from the same game
  7. So after winning the State Championships in my Fluminense save, Pep got sacked as Bayern manager after finishing 3rd and so I thought why not? After reading this thread it gave me a completely different outlook on how to go about keeping possession, and more importantly, converting possession into goals! I can't thank you enough for this brilliant thread Cleon, I would have never even thought about not using a single attack duty in a tactic but it works so perfectly and some of the football I;m seeing is a joy to watch. Here are my 3 tactics, I tend to use the 2 striker formations at Home an
  8. Pretty vague question here, but generally what is the more adventurous and/or aggressive: A CWB/WB(a) in the wing back slot. Or a defensive winger in the midfield slot?
  9. ahh thats a shame, will do it on a rotational basis then. never used the notes strangely enough, at least it will mean I'm regularly tracking my players stats thanks for the reply, appreciate the help!
  10. Hey guys, I was wondering something that I have always questioned for years but never seeked an answer to regarding individual training.... Lets take Kelechi for example, who is currently working on his composure. Now I know if I wanted to train him in multiple areas, I can chose a role for him to focus on like poacher which will make him focus on Finishing, First Touch, Composure etc... But is it possible to select which attributes I want myself? Let me use this gif to explain further If i do the above (select multiple attributes and click off the screen), will that actually train the
  11. In general I like the patch. To summarise what I like/dislike the most and things ive noticed: Pros: - (so far) No more fluke rebound goals which were the cause of about 80% of my goals conceded - I can actually switch to my counter attacking tactic when protecting a lead in the late stages and see some wonderful counter attacking plays. Before it just felt like we were defending and wasting counter opportunities, now the counter attacks are so swift and realistic - General Bs seems to be cut out. Kind of ties with my first point, freekick rebounds, outrageous gk mistakes, centre backs nee
  12. I have a feeling my question is going to be answered with "try it out and see". But I wanted to get a few opinions before I do:) my question is, is the False 9 Role in game actually the best interpretation of a real life false 9? I ask this because I often see complaints about problems with the false 9, and how they drop too deep/don't score many/take a huge amount of longshots. Then it got me thinking, is False 9 the best role for a False 9? looking at players like Gotze, Totti and Messi who all play or have played false 9 in real life. They seem to play more like what a Treq plays on FM, w
  13. I initially thought Treq would be the perfect role, however the contribution defensively would be missing will see which works best out of the Treq and AM(s), giving the Treq man marking instructions would hopefully help his defensive contribution without compromising his offensive freedom
  14. thanks for the fast response:) will try all of them out and see, so far AM(s) has done almost everything I want him to do except arrive into the box, maybe it could just be a case of PPMs, I don't think any of the AMC's I use have either "arrives late into box" or "gets into opposition area"
  15. What Role/Duty would best emulate an AMC who is willing to help out defensively, drops deep to collect the ball when the team is in possession, but also attack the box and get on the end of crosses/flick ons The attacking midfielder on support seemed perfect, but in the description it says the support duty "tends to sit in the hole rather than get into the box". Would a support duty with "get further forward" encourage late surges into the box? Or would it be better to try and use PPMs as a way of creating this type of role?
  16. Thats a shame, kind of similar to FIFA in a way that a lot of the off the ball movement is more vertical than lateral. Although I did see glimpses of the kind of vertical movement I mentioned above that I was looking for when I changed my Attacking midfielder to an APs in my normal tactic. Hopefully when I create a new tactic based solely around the role I'll be able to get more out of it Thanks for the response
  17. i asked a similar question that wasnt answered some days ago but i thought i'd ask again in case it was not seen (apologies if it seems like im spamming the thread) its a two part question 1. What role/duty in theory would best emulate lateral movement across the attacking midfield line? the kind of lateral movement that David Silva makes. Would it be an APa with "Roam from position" or a Trequartista? Also would my mentality/fluidity setting have an affect on how obliged my player is to drop deep/wander and deviate from his designated position? 2. I want the player in the aforementioned r
  18. If I put a player in the left central attacking midfield slot (4141 formation basically with the LM moved to LCAM). Which role would best replicate lateral movement? I'm trying to recreate David silvas role in the sense that he starts out wide left but is given license to drift across either side of the pitch in the attacking third. I want my player to be able to just float around the last third looking for pockets of space on the left right and centre of the field. Will Trequatista offer this kind of behaviour better than an APs/a? Would obviously give the player I'm using for this idea (Cout
  19. I've previously had success using my two forwards to man mark the opposition full backs, as it prevents getting doubled up on the flanks. I only use this against teams that have heavily influential full backs as I found my strikers aren't in great positions to counter attack. In that particular game I had stick to positions and be more disciplined yeah, I didn't have play narrower like cleon uses though (not sure if that would have made a difference). As I said above though, the problem seemed to almost perfectly solve once I used the PI "close down less"
  20. Hi cleon, great thread and always love reading your tactical insights when I have some spare time:) I have a 4312 formation with Liverpool that I use in a network game and wanted to ask a question. Its also a bit of insight for others who may have the same issue i had and hopefully the way I dealt with it will help others After finding that my tactic is in fact similar to me beloved LFC in real life (concede loads but score even more) I decided to implement some of your tactical elements into my system as I was fed up of having to score 3/4/5 goals to win a match. I usually played with my tw
  21. I've noticed a growing trend in my tactic (possession oriented with a lot of short passing and probing). My most advanced midfielder seems to do exactly what I want, only problem is he doesn't attempt many passes behind the opposition defence. On the analysis tab he makes a lot of sideways/short forward passes. How would I go about making him play passes in behind? Would it be to tell him to play more direct passes? As He only plays passes in behind when its a short intricate pass as oppose to a 10+ yard defence splitting pass
  22. I've got a question on player familiarity when it comes to his "role" What I mean is that, does changing a players role constantly affect his performance? Does he need time to adapt to the role? Eg. Say I have a striker and I play him poacher for 3 games, figure he isn't playing well and so switch him to advance forward for a couple games. He's still misfiring so I change him to deep lying forward for a bit. Would all the role changes have any affect on his game? Would he need a few games to get used to the role I'm asking him to fulfil before he can be fairly assessed? Sorry if I didn't ex
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