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  1. Funny enough I've been using a poacher upfront in my save, I'll write my analysis some point later today. Great read as always @herne79, and this will definitely keep me motivated as I run away with Ligue2
  2. Would like to take the last spot if it's still available! Noooo hadn't read above fully, missed it
  3. I had huge success with a 3331 system (albeit with Bayern). It's somewhere in Cleons' Possession guide Here it is - Hope it helps giving you some idea of where to start
  4. I've always gone with the assumption they were for some reason, I think I'll look into detail how major/minor the differences actually are when I have the time. Thanks Herne
  5. Besides the playmaker/target man box being ticked, is the difference between roles purely based on their PI's? For example, the box to box midfielder(s) role has only one hard coded PI - roam from position, CM(s) has no hard coded PI's. So theoretically should a B2B(s) play exactly the same as a CM(s) with roam from position PI added? Is it right to rule out FMs description of the roles and the fact they are positioned differently on the TC screen in these cases?
  6. A fantastic Cleon write up. What's new? I think I may have developed something really nice built around effectively pressing and making the most of the space when winning the ball back - using a mentality I've never used on fm unless blindly switching to it when in desperate need of a goal or two. Will use the weekend to give it some more testing and hopefully write something up before Monday Thank you once again for another great article!
  7. The two outer CBs push out wide, which when I have defenders like Boateng Alaba and Can is exactly what I hoped it would do. In this screenshot I was playing with the 3142 formation. As you can see the #21 (Lahm) drops in whilst #15 (Alaba) and #17 (Boateng) drift out to almost create a back 4 in the early stages of possession. As play progresses Lahm tends to join the midfield up again and provide an option to recycle possession, as you can see below which is the same move as the above screenshot but about 10 seconds later. Here's another example from the same game
  8. So after winning the State Championships in my Fluminense save, Pep got sacked as Bayern manager after finishing 3rd and so I thought why not? After reading this thread it gave me a completely different outlook on how to go about keeping possession, and more importantly, converting possession into goals! I can't thank you enough for this brilliant thread Cleon, I would have never even thought about not using a single attack duty in a tactic but it works so perfectly and some of the football I;m seeing is a joy to watch. Here are my 3 tactics, I tend to use the 2 striker formations at Home and the lone striker one Away. I used the foundations of this thread and implemented it with my own style. They are far from fluid in the tactic familiarity as we're only 7 league games in and I'm still always constantly tweaking it where I see fit, so possession numbers have slightly varied from incredibly high to just high in games. Some stats and notable matches: Now compare that to how Bayern are doing irl after 16 games... Not doing too bad
  9. Pretty vague question here, but generally what is the more adventurous and/or aggressive: A CWB/WB(a) in the wing back slot. Or a defensive winger in the midfield slot?
  10. ahh thats a shame, will do it on a rotational basis then. never used the notes strangely enough, at least it will mean I'm regularly tracking my players stats thanks for the reply, appreciate the help!
  11. Hey guys, I was wondering something that I have always questioned for years but never seeked an answer to regarding individual training.... Lets take Kelechi for example, who is currently working on his composure. Now I know if I wanted to train him in multiple areas, I can chose a role for him to focus on like poacher which will make him focus on Finishing, First Touch, Composure etc... But is it possible to select which attributes I want myself? Let me use this gif to explain further If i do the above (select multiple attributes and click off the screen), will that actually train the attributes I selected? or is the selection purely for progress tracking purposes? If it doesn't do the former, is it possible to do what I was attempting? Thanks in advance
  12. In general I like the patch. To summarise what I like/dislike the most and things ive noticed: Pros: - (so far) No more fluke rebound goals which were the cause of about 80% of my goals conceded - I can actually switch to my counter attacking tactic when protecting a lead in the late stages and see some wonderful counter attacking plays. Before it just felt like we were defending and wasting counter opportunities, now the counter attacks are so swift and realistic - General Bs seems to be cut out. Kind of ties with my first point, freekick rebounds, outrageous gk mistakes, centre backs needlessly wandering out of position. They all seem to have been fixed well - although the patch notes claimed it was a "rare case", it happened to me very often that players would ask for permission to leave despite there being no interest in them whatsoever. Good to see this fixed - saving time OMG thank you. Feels like the game saves at the speed of light now in comparison to what it was before. probably a few more good points that I cant remember off the top of my head but those were the main ones. Now the bad points cons: - Feel like the players complaining about first team football has got worse. Players who have played 4 straight 90mins are complaining when theyre rested for a fa cup tie, never had problems with this pre patch. - don't know if its just me, but it seems as though chance conversion has got a lot worse. Players smashing 1 v 1s 5 yards wide, shooting first time when they have the time and space to control and take a few touches before shooting, the lot. Chance conversion seems to have taken a massive hit, and now looking back at the games I played, im conceding and scoring more long range efforts and "unlikely" chances whilst scoring and conceding a LOT less clear cut and one on one chances. Maybe its in my head, this "issue" is a lot harder to justify, as I cant say "pre patch he would have scored that" without any concrete evidence - I kind of hoped attacking headers would be tweaked. I felt that sometimes headers were unrealistically "soft" and lacked any power. Players like llorente and Andy Carroll are almost rendered useless as many crosses to their head is a soft header straight at the keeper or wide, when in fact some of these players can head the ball with a huge amount of force probs about it as far as I can remember. Overall im happy with the patch though
  13. I have a feeling my question is going to be answered with "try it out and see". But I wanted to get a few opinions before I do:) my question is, is the False 9 Role in game actually the best interpretation of a real life false 9? I ask this because I often see complaints about problems with the false 9, and how they drop too deep/don't score many/take a huge amount of longshots. Then it got me thinking, is False 9 the best role for a False 9? looking at players like Gotze, Totti and Messi who all play or have played false 9 in real life. They seem to play more like what a Treq plays on FM, with the Treq seemingly having much more of an eye for goal than the F9 role. I know its a pretty vague question, but, if you were to rank the roles that best replicate a false 9 like the players above, where would false 9 rank? i'd consider a Treq, CF, DLF and maybe even a defensive forward? before a false 9 personally
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