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  1. What do you mean by "maximize options" and " have a match that doesn't really slow down"? Can you clarify these a bit? The English Premier League is the top ranked league in the world, if that's what you're looking for.
  2. Dave, was just thinking, why don't you have the counter attacking option ticked in your tactics?
  3. 1. The latest tactic is the last one in the OP. 2. The wizard final unbeaten is the second to last in the OP. 3. The difference is that one tactic is made in a classic way and the other is made using the tactics wizard/creator. Plus there are some differences in team instructions mainly, like different width, tempo, defensive line. It's entirely up to you regarding the use of OIs. Some people use them and others don't. You can try using them and see if they work for you.
  4. There could be many reasons for this. One is that your players have low anticipation stats. If it's the strikers, then they're making their forward runs too early. If it's the midfielders, then they're possibly making through passes to the strikers too late. Or it could be a combination of both. Plus the opposing team is probably using the offside trap. Are you still getting good results though? It will happen in some matches more than others.
  5. Good choice with getting Dzeko. Since Drogba is getting old, you can try getting Romelu Lukaku as a player who can replace him in the future. That is if you want to continue to play with those types of strikers.
  6. You seem to be new not only to Football Manager, but to football in general Am I right? Since you are Chelsea, then you already have many excellent players for this tactic, or for any tactic for that matter. You can just strengthen a few areas if you wish with the 68 million you were given. I think with Chelsea it would be good to get at least one more striker. You have one of the strongest squads in the game already, no need to sell all your players. If you do want to sell, then I'd suggest you get rid of the players that simply don't fit into the tactic, like wingers for example. However,
  7. After you've created a "filter" folder, you have to put the filters you've downloaded into it. Then in the game you can import them. Yes you need to try to get players that the filters find, otherwise, the tactic wont perform very well.
  8. Yes, in that case you can try playing more direct because your assistant is saying that your players are completing few short passes while having success with long passes. However, I personally don't pay much attention to the assistant's feedback. First, because possession is not a priority for me. Having advantage in possession does not equate to winning a match. I always go by what I see on the pitch, not what my assistant tells me. Second, his advice is rather trivial and misleading. He could be saying that you're not completing many short passes because a couple players have been struggli
  9. I find it strange that you're having difficulty against a wide diamond formation with a 4-1-2-3, because if anything, you should actually have the advantage in this case. You are packing the midfield and playing through the middle, where the opposition has only two players (AMC and DMC), plus there's a gap between them in which your two MCs usually sit. Here's just one example of me playing against a wide diamond: I also used some OIs, like tight marking the AMC and both STs, plus showing all players onto their weaker foot. Usually I don't use OIs at all, but when I play big teams, I tend
  10. 1. It doesn't matter what reputation your coaches have. What matters is the club's reputation, the league reputation, and your own reputation as a manager. 2. local < regional < national < continental is the correct one. 3. Coaches need to have determination, level of discipline, and motivating, aside from their coaching attributes. Have no idea. I don't use programs like Genie Scout.
  11. It's doubtful that these schedules alone are at fault. Your team may simply be going through one of those seasons when injuries are more abundant, it happens. Or you might have players that are more injury prone. There are so many people who have used these schedules with little problems, including myself. I've also had seasons when I had to use a lot of rotation because my team simply couldn't stay healthy for whatever reason. However, I've also had even more seasons when my players were quite healthy for the most part. Injuries come and go. People jump to conclusions too quickly around h
  12. Let your squad gel, especially since you brought in all those new players. Settle on a starting eleven and play it unchanged as much as possible.
  13. Mr. Hough, you gotta clear your PM box again man Can't send you any communiques.
  14. Did you read the OP? In it SFraser explains how it all works.
  15. I would try Jo as center striker and Fleck as one of the side strikers. You should also try to design a training schedule for Fleck which will improve his acceleration and pace a bit. Those are pretty much the only areas where I can see him lacking a bit. You can find some good pacy strikers for cheap. Like Gaston Fernandez for example. He is free at the beginning of the game. There's also Etien Velikonja who plays for Gorika in Slovenia. Armin Zec who plays in Croatia. Mario Mandzukic, also plays in Croatia for Dinamo. Marco Ruben, plays for Villarreal, but can be bought for less than 1 mill
  16. He looks great, but yes, the low flair attribute will let him down at times, however, with so many other excellent attributes, he should still be just fine. I would personally just leave his creative freedom setting in the middle as it already is. It's kind of difficult to give a complete explanation, but in his case, the low flair will prevent him from taking riskier options. With high flair, players will be more flamboyant or eccentric in their approach (think of Ronaldinho in his Barca days ). Like they'll try things that may seem impossible, more often. Harry Armstrong here, will still be
  17. I would say creativity, flair, decisions, off the ball, anticipation, and perhaps team work. However, there's a hidden stat also that is used. In the past it was called "free role", but now I imagine it's called roaming. Usually, AMC, FC, or AMC/FC type players will have best chances of being good roamers. Tutoring: Right click on the player you want to be tutored, a menu will open up. Select Interaction, then select Interact with Player. Screen shot below: Then you'll be taken to a new menu, like the one below: Keep in mind, it is the youngster that you have to tell to be tutored, n
  18. Yes, you should do fine with Valencia and Nani in the side striker positions. I don't see why it wouldn't work. Several people have already tried this or something similar. You can try searching through this thread, but there are players that have played wingers in those positions. Just one suggestion, retrain both to strikers, and put them both on striker training schedules. This way you can perhaps improve their finishing and composure a bit. Well, I think pretty much all the credit should go to Mr. Hough. He designed the original tactic. I simply tweaked it slightly here and there. Howe
  19. Sorry, I missed your post. The requirements for strikers stays the same as what Mr. Hough already posted. What do you mean by them having only 10 or 11 for creativity? Can you explain this part a bit more? Hmm, it would be preferable not to have strikers that are too slow (pace/acceleration less than 14), but if you have no choice, then I'd stick him into the center striker position. If he is strong, then that should offset his lack of speed. However, he also needs to have at least decent balance, because he'll be dealing with the center backs more often. If I were you, I would invest some
  20. Exactly. That's your opinion. If it ruins the game for you, then by all means, don't use these tactics, no one is forcing you. However, if you have something positive or interesting to contribute, or have questions about these tactics, then you're of course welcome to do so, but don't come in here and try to preach about some fictitious FM ethics. People buy the game and play it the way they want. I agree with you that FM is supposed to be realistic. However, these tactics are perfectly realistic as well. The formations are perfectly realistic. What is not realistic, or is simply lacking, is
  21. Yes, it uses that routine. You can always change it if you wish. However, it's not exactly an exploit. I've been barely scoring from corner kicks in the last 3 years and I have world class center backs, one of them attacking far post. Over 95% of my goals come from open play. But like I said, if you don't like it, then simply change the attacking corners routine.
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