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  1. The Official FMRTE 2011 Thread

    I do use the incremental saves already, but was just concerned that using FMRTE might corrupt or destabilize my save.
  2. The Official FMRTE 2011 Thread

    Thanks Jinner. Much appreciated. One more question. I know it says that FMRTE can crash your game, but can it corrupt a save?
  3. The Official FMRTE 2011 Thread

    Is this version compatible with FM10? I looked on the FMRTE official site and there's only the 4.3 version to download.
  4. Good to see you're still rolling out tactics Dave. Keep up the good work
  5. 30 seasons with Cordoba CF in FM10. Unfortunately my save started experiencing constant crashing after that, otherwise I'd be continuing it still.
  6. How to ruin Man Utd...

    Once again in English please.
  7. Whatever that goes well with clown shoes.
  8. They probably have the dreaded "Hits posts" PPM
  9. Yes, that's how it works. He will run with ball often when he's located in the central area of the pitch. Same with "runs with ball down right" or "runs with ball down left".
  10. [FM10/FM11] Metallic Logo Megapack

    Oh yeah I'm quite familiar with the locations where graphics are supposed to go. I extracted the default logos update to it's proper location in the Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2011\graphics\pictures\logos\Metallic Logos FM11, and told it to overwrite.
  11. Meet The Striker

    Well, to be honest, I have. The club I managed in my own career was pretty much almost a carbon copy of yours. Not in the actual player names, but the type of players that I had developed. Very much like your own. I suppose not many would. Personally, I kept around a 38 year old center back and a 42 year old GK at one point because I felt they could still contribute to the club, especially in the tutoring department. Exactly as my own club. I set up custom schedules according to your training theories and I'm glad to say that after 30 seasons they're still spot on as ever. I also value tutoring just as much. Practically every member of my first team is either tutoring or being tutored by someone. Oh how I wish my save hadn't started crashing. I'd be in it right now otherwise.
  12. Meet The Striker

    Another amazing thread SFraser. Ever since you've developed your training theories in FM10 I've been reading your stuff with much enthusiasm. I must say, it seems that I'm on a very similar wave length as you in terms of how I look at my own players and teams as a whole. In my latest career, which was in FM10, I managed Cordoba CF from the very beginning until January 2040, then the save started crashing, unfortunately. Anyway, I managed to truly re-create the club in my own image. Every player that come through my tutelage in those 30 seasons was sculpted to be as much of a complete player as it was possible for their respective positions. Very much like your Juame. Also, as I went further and further into my career, I became more and more critical of what I looked for in every player, prior to taking them to my club. I looked for all the hidden little clues to their personalities, their strengths and weaknesses. If there were weaknesses, I'd determine if those could be ironed-out, whether through training or through tutoring. There were times when I even surprised myself at passing on a big prospects because of something I've spotted that didn't quite sit well with me. There were even times when I would simply sell players that were seemingly world class, but not quite complete still. However, though such meticulous actions I was able to keep the club rolling along to such a degree that we literally became untouchable in La Liga. Real Madrid and Barcelona played very much second fiddle to us. It was very enjoyable to be immersed in FM to such a degree One question though, and it's a bit off topic. You mentioned in your first post that you're not playing FM11. Why is that?
  13. Question about agents

    So this is really how agents are intended to function? There's no way to communicate with them without making them feel as if I've wronged them on some dramatic level? I noticed it's also the same thing with players who don't have agents. If a player is unattached and I go to offer him a contract but his demands are too high and I walk away, then that player refuses to talk to me again if I try to approach him. Will players continue to dislike me or will they calm down after some time and be willing to talk with me again?
  14. I'm just now getting into FM11 so am not sure how to deal with agents. However, I noticed that I go straight onto their disliked list even when I don't do much of anything at all. For example, there's a player I'm interested in and he is not attached to any club. I go to offer him a contract and his agent gives me his demands. I take a look and see that I cannot afford to sign this player, his wage demands are just too high, so I decide to walk away and simply press that button to do so. Then I check that agent's profile and see myself as being disliked by him. What's the deal with this? I don't understand, I simply walked away from his offer, nothing else.
  15. [FM10/FM11] Metallic Logo Megapack

    I did get Update 4 as well from sortitoutsi. I've extracted the metallic flags and default logos to their respective locations and told to overwrite any older files. Is this correct or was I supposed to delete the old ones first and then extract? What are these four logos you've posted above? Are these part of Update 4? One other question. If I want to only display flags, without displaying each nation's respective FA badge, do I simply delete the Nations subfolder from the Logos folder?