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  1. Havent played for a few days actually because of this. I'll check it out, thanks.
  2. Hey, I don't usually come here to comment on features/bugs anymore, but with these black spots on the pitch making my game look awful I had to ask... Is this something that is supposed to be a pitch effect, because I see the spots appearing (totally random) behind players as they run, or is this a bug that will be sorted out in the next update? I hope it's the latter because this doesn't make any sense, happens every game, doesn't look like anything real, and it doesn't seem to be connected to weather conditions either.
  3. I will try to follow this and enable the flags and get back to you if I dont do something right, but please ask those designers for us why in the hell would they remove the flag and genrally strip down the Player Attributes screen of such little things and infos, when I bet half of the players still prefer that landing screen over Player profile that has too many info and therefore reduces the size of the profile photo and player attributes as well. PLAYER CONTRACTED TO WHATEVER huge sign thats totally irellevant when you can already see the club colours put instead of this and other info is really a questionable design decision...
  4. In default light skin on player attributes view you cant see a national flag of a country he belongs to. Is the only way of changing this getting another skin? This is awful, especially because the main thing that dominates the info panel on player attributes view is the sign to which club he is contracted to, despite that you already see that because of the logo and etc
  5. Found this when I searched on the problem I'm facing on FM 19, can I turn the thing off anyhow for everyone in the game?
  6. Hey anyone, I need help on getting the right combination of colours in the palette of FM skin settings to set the attribute colours like they were in many of the previous FMs, and when I say that I mean that blue combination of colours that went by default with that white sking we've all been using in many previous years, until they replaced it with green. Please, the green is killing me The only thing I could find googling is this poor quality pic of colours that seem to be those, but I'm struggling to set the similar ones in the pallete, so it would be cool if somebody could possibly sort me out with the right scheme.. https://imgur.com/a/uYHR1Yr
  7. Although i see hundreds of people complaining because of the same thing every year on different boards and communities, yeah youre right that on here i can only speak for myself and my mates that agree with me. Im just saying what are our impressions, we dont see and feel these new animations or ME changes that make a big difference. We dont feel the other improvements as well, and we all agree that we couldve just updated FM 15 with new transfers instead of buying the new game thats never been closer to a data update. The game doesnt suck, its still fun to play, but right now were talking about added value and do we actually feel the DIFFERENCE. So these are my (our) 2 cents and FM 16 feedback.
  8. I do realize that including a static burger stand png is something that can be done in an hour or two, but i alsovery well remember that SI advertised this burger stand point as a new feature in every pre-game presentation out there. Im only mentioning it because its indicative of how much we get, meaning if there were other big graphical impovements that bloody stand would never be mentioned because it would be shameful to do so.
  9. Im sure there will always be more improvements, and im sure the game is theoretically better every year, but the level of REAL value we get as users has been less and less. Im sure that the game will generally continue raising its overall numbers of animations and improvements, but with the given tempo in last few versions I might not live to see many things i expected to, even though im only 29. I didnt know chants are not legally possible to do? I mean they chants that came from the folk... its not that the Ultras groups have put a copyright on them. There must be a way.
  10. So how come i didnt notice this at all? Maybe ive gone blind from playing the game for so long, but my eye has seen more improvements from FM 14 to 15, than from 15 to 16. You can very easily counter this with the numbers you have, ive no doubt, but this is EXACTLY what i was pointing out in the previous post. If users dont notice these new animations and changes, like a lot of us hasnt it aint only me, than the quality of the changes is really questionable. Like the match statistics, shots on goal and numbers alone dont always mean much if they are not on point. Instead of having 1 hot dog stand put behind the stadium, you couldve animated the crowd better. Or you could ve changed the game sounds for the first time since probably more than a decade. Put fan chants, banners... Customize the stadiums more to get the real football feel. Theres literally thousands of ideas that exist out there and both me and you know they are doable. If anyone wonders why the fans are looking through the "what couldve been done" glasses, the answer might be in a simple reason that were hungry of new features, and have been for a long time. Im not trying to bash the game, im just speaking the truth. Changing the menu positions, adding new press conference options or just graphicaly representing old textual features is not even a half full coffee spoon no more...
  11. SI doing or claiming it did graphical improvements doesnt neccesserily mean that we as users see it and feel it while playing the game. Im sure theres a well thought answer ready for any user complaint you get same as im also sure the real truth is rarely an option when running a business and talking to consumers, but if similar problems and bugs repeatedly drag over the years its likely that the amount of complaints will increase accordingly. Putting a hot dog stand next to a stadium might be a big improvement for someone, but if you play the game for 15+ years like some of us do, you really dont see nothing special in that. The level of graphical improvements and general improvements in FM16 has never been lower, and i stand by this claim as an experienced gamer, FM player and someone from IT business.
  12. Not really correct of you to do that, because all of the posts were constructive without any insults. How can one discuss and give feedback on FM game(s) without touching on the creators work ethic, Id really like to hear that? I write a well thought civilized post only stating facts, and it gets deleted instead of answered... Not exactly sure from my customer care knowledge if thats how the community members should be treated. If SI firmly stands behind its products than there shouldnt be a taboo question it couldnt answer...
  13. Never seen such a small amount of new features in FM announcement ever. Im all for polishing up ME and having it perfect before doing anything else, but switching menu and button sides year after year with no major improvments is really really getting frustrating! And its not like there arent ideas out there, its more that were fed with a micro sized sugar spoon...Ah the modern days...
  14. I have to say that I'm finally more satisfied with the balance of strength in FM. I have finished the season with Liverpool and I made it to 4th place in Hitchcock directed last round where both Arsenal and Tottenham lost points and enabled me to jump ahead 2 places. Other than that, I've been between 6th and 10th position throughout the whole season, and it all much resembled the Reds season in real life. I started off pretty bad and then became better as season progressed and players started to gel with each other, or at least thats how I perceived it. Although Chelsea broke their own Premier League record in number of points won, they had 3 draws and 1 loss. Maybe a bit too extreme, but still much better than FM14 where eg. I won the title with Fiorentina having 10 draws and 8 losses. The rest of the teams' performances and final positions are also all in place and thats what I like too see. I just hope when I go on with playing the second season, and also the other leagues because PM is always balanced the best imo, that it will stay like this... What I'm not happy with is SI's strategy of wanting to swap things around without any gain for the user. I now definetely see that the pattern doesn't exist and that many changes are done just for the sake of changing - which in my book means lack of ideas. Why else would a few years ago Miles Jacobson in one of his FM pre-launch videos talk about how it is much better for the users eye when the menu is positioned on top of the page, justifying the change that happened then, and now everything is back on the left again! I don't mind both things but this is just winding up the users and I don't see any real gain for us. I dont see why the big & accessible ADD TO SHORTLIST button that was present on players profile before is now gone? Now, again, I have to open the dropdown menu and look for it, then probably make a mistake of not putting him on the list INDEFINETELY, but only for some time because there are more options and etc. Why make something simpler and then reverse it? Why erase the option to see your tactics like before on the little pitch screen and swap it with horribly done dropdowns on the left? Isn't it better for users eye to see whats happening visually on the pitch, the arrows and all the other stuff thats been there for ages? A quick poll on any FM forum would probably give you a fast answer what users think about it. Here is best example how you actually worsened something that was perfectly normal and good just for the sake of change and being able to say "we've given a new fresh look" to tactics screen or whatever. You see where Im getting at? You've been trying to trick us that there is some logical pattern that you use to make these changes and that they are better for us, but for us that have been playing the game for more than 15 years its hard not to see that sometimes these changes resemble the decision making pattern of a drunk man who doesn't know where he is going. If you have a product that you sell every year, you should be getting an improved version all the time, and should look to keep the good things, eliminate the bad...not change/delete good things or put them in the other suit. FM already is stagnating with new ideas and improvements. I feel as though there arent many revolutionary things implemented last few years and that now you're just putting everything in another package. Please, in future, I hope you work on this because gamers, and especially FM gamers, have a good sense of spotting details and they will see through any stunts like these 2 I mentioned, which are just a drop of water... Overall Im pleased with what Ive been playing so far, much more than 2014 and 2013, so a good data update with realistic ME always does the job for me...
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