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  1. Guys this might be a stupid question but if I've got a savegame from older version and now I've upgraded my client should I use tactics from new one or old one?
  2. Hey Knap, Merry Xmass I can see in 21.4 you decided to push strikerless tactics, is it because of the patch changes or something else? I'm tearing the league apart but Champions League is a lottery, with FM21.4HOLYGHOSTFIREKnap41320P105ALLCUPS changing to cautious could do the trick?
  3. Thanks, Well I can see the long ball in counter attack for my opposition is working very well when playing with HGF105, literally they're getting 1:1 each time, I'm curious is there any remedy for that or is it just a price for offensive football?
  4. Hey Knap, The amount of tactics you're sending is insane I'm a little confused here, which one seems to be "the best" for 21.3 and top team like Bayern? I'm using Pilgrim and it rocks but maybe there's something better to test? Thanks a lot for your hard work and support!
  5. It's crazy, I'm playing Man City third season and all those tactics works great except one team... Liverpool, they beat me in every high stake game, Champions league twice, Premier league, Community shield, cups you name it, and I've got Mbappe, Havertz, Alaba, Bailey I even had Kane but he was trash. Hell they won in 10 players when I was leading 2:1 in last 15 minutes. I don't know if that's some nemesis or what but I think I'm losing too much goals against fast strikers
  6. Hey Kyle, So just a small summary, turns out it was my graphic card that died. Weird situation, all is working fine even on three monitors but as soon as I start any game or Furmark it's crashing, no idea why but tested different card and it's working fine so this one is going on it's last journey Thank you for your support
  7. Not a problem Kyle, apprieciate your help. High is more than enough I remember versions where we didn't had anything but text
  8. Thanks Kyle, I tried that but nothing has changed, Chrome or no Chrome. As for now the game on "High" settings works fine, no crashes for last 10 matches. I'm just curious as I didn't changed anything in my setup, hardware, drivers etc. just after FM latest update suddently its started to crash.
  9. Sure Kyle, Here you go GPU_info v20.4.0.1356331 (2020.03.11 10.30.34).gpudmp FM 2020 v20.4.0.1356331 (2020.03.11 10.30.34).dmp
  10. Right so that not helped a lot, brand new dump with BSOD just came in hard
  11. Hey Kyle, Thanks for reaching out. So the dxdiag file is attached, my OS is in Polish so if you find anything not clear please let me know, more than happy to translate Crash is usually happening when I'm playing a match, I tried with no other apps and unfortunately the same situation. Yet I deleted Cache files, did the file check on Steam (re-downloaded 2 files) and reduced the quality of graphic in FM to lowest, as for now 3 matches no crash. Now I increased the quality to "Recommended for this PC" and will check. If you could take a look at that file and share som
  12. Hey there, So I'm playing FM20 almost from a release date and today I received mentioned in the title error. My PC is i5 2500k, GF gtx770, 16gb RAM and some fancy cooling system I tried: - completely removing GPU driver and installing a new one - restart (duh!) - changing quality (setting on lowest gave me 2 matches before crash) I have tested my card just after crash on Witcher, POE, Diablo3, Wolcen all on max details and no crash at all. I'm attaching dump files so maybe someone will take a look Thanks in advance. FM 2020 v20.4.0.1356331 (2020.03
  13. Thanks TFF, the Conqueror tactic can be used in non-beta as well? I don't have Midfielders for a Punisher, Pyromancer etc, only Attacking ones. I remember Conqueror was rocking everything in FM19
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