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  1. I felt like the game is too momentum based too, and somehow scripted. The results are mostly consecutive wins, draws or lose no matter what kind of team I play with. Hardly seen evenly results. Some results are almost fixed. I test this by reloading the match where I lost to a minor team, reload 10 times with different tactics, players and etc and I still lose. It could be coincidence if just once in a while but I tested this many many times and the results are shockingly consistent. IMO, the chain effect of team form is too big, bigger than what you can do via tactics, players and etc.
  2. Just downloaded the demo and notice the version is not the latest. Will it ever be updated too?
  3. I would like to suggest a new statistic that shows goals scored against my team by opposition players by their position. For example, STCL - 10 goals STCR - 20 goals AMR - 30 goals AML - 5 goals AMC - 10 goals MCL - 5 goals This will be useful to identify and improve weakness against particular player position.
  4. Because OI can also be use to strengthen the tactic or formation. For example if my first formation is strong in the middle I would use OI to force opposition players to play more in the middle. If my second formation is strong in wide I would use another set of OI to force opposition players to play more in wide. If my third formation does not has a DM I would tight mark a central attacking midfielder as a position opposition instruction. And etc etc...
  5. It's very troublesome to switch around tactics with different opposition instructions. Please include opposition instructions in each tactic slot. We have 3 tactic slot so we should have 3 set of opposition instructions. The OI should also be save in tactic save so it can be loaded together with the tactic.
  6. Yup it's easy but very tedious after doing it manually after every match for few seasons. At match training there is already an option to rest before or after match but it's default to one day, just need to add an option to specify how many days.
  7. Allow to save a tactic with it's own set of opposition instructions. It's a pain in the as now to switch around different tactics where each has it's own opposition instructions.
  8. How do i disable all international fixtures like world cup qualifying, euro qualifying, u21, u18 and etc?
  9. If a player has 20 Consistency attribute does that means he will always play to his maximum ability? Or it is just his form that is consistent? For example, someone with 10 consistency will have match ratings like 6.5, 8, 7.5, 6 and some one with 20 consistency will have something like 7, 6.8, 7.1, 7.2
  10. I have view replay and found most of the chances were created within the penalty box and was not set piece chances. Too many 1 on 1 miss after a killer pass, shooting directly to the keeper. I purposely use a tactic with minimum crosses so most chances are through balls. Couldn't think of anything to tweak yet except changing the tempo...
  11. Hmm... I take it as tempo did affect shooting accuracy then. The reason I asked is because recently I was playing with a very high tempo tactic, lots of chances created but the conversion rate is rather low like 8-10 chances only converted 1 to 2 goal so I am wondering if lowering the tempo might help the conversion rate.
  12. Will tempo affect shooting accuracy? Higher tempo = lower shooting accuracy?
  13. Unbelievable and disappointed, how could crossing issue not being addressed at all!?
  14. IMO, crosses from fullbacks/wingbacks are really overpower, other than that crosses are fine in 16.2.
  15. Yes I would like this too. Were forced to mash the continue button and stare on the screen until the next match just so I can attend to the reserves who cried every now and then about their playing time.
  16. It seems like almost all my quality attacks are coming from right side. I've played about 7 teams including top, middle and lower team with different tactics and for all these team the best players with most assists/successful crosses comes from right back or right wingers. Match analysis always shows the best passing coming from right side. Something is not right here...
  17. Best game and match engine for me so far. If the backup/rotation players don't cry every week about their playing time this would be 10/10!
  18. The point is the team was in superb form coming against a much weaker opponent and then they get nervous when I say for the fans and at half time 0:0 almost all of them gets nervous even before I say anything? If this is some kind of important match like a final or something I can understand but this...
  19. Seriously people!? In pep talk feedback you will see (Pass) For the fans! I wonder how many people including moderator does not even bother to look at it... And here's the one of the guide on internet explaining the team talk tone When giving a team talk you will need to first select the tone of voice you wish to use. Your chosen tone should be appropriate for the effect you want your talk to have. For example, you can use a calm tone if you want to relax players, a passionate tone if you want to increase morale or inspire players, an assertive tone if you want to demand a good performance or that your players sustain their performance level, and an aggressive tone if you want to convey your anger at a poor performance and fire your players up. A calm tone can also be useful if you want your talk to be more understated. For example, if your team has won a match but only played relatively ok then you may want to praise them calmly.
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