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  1. Any news on demo update? Was disappointed with the previous version and holding off buying the game. Waiting for the demo update to make up my mind.
  2. In FM18 4231 only work well with really strong team. I have much more success with 4231 in previous years. Any formation that utilize AML AMR in FM18 is a handicapped to your tactic or the player. For example, Mo Salah will play much much better in a striker position than in winger position.
  3. To be honest I am disappointed by FM 2018. I expect it to be a better game than FM 2017 but it is not, far from it. After FM 2017 I was excited about 2018 but now I felt like I have lost my interest in FM and I'm no longer looking forward to FM 2019.
  4. Just started a new save and notice that tactic familiarity only increased to about 60% after finish all pre-season friendlies. In 18.2.2 tactic familiarity will always increase to about 80-90% after pre-season.
  5. Agreed and look at the number of woodworks in his screenshots. It's very common in this forum whenever someone posted something against the ME the answer is always his tactic.
  6. As shown in uploaded picture , is there a way to disable the notification? It's annoying...
  7. Regardless of any level of difficulty, top managers and clubs with top players in the game should perform near to their potential. Yes or no?
  8. Agreed and right now the best managers/clubs in the game are seriously underperform that's not balance and it's unrealistic.
  9. Top managers at most top clubs like Barca, City, PSG, Bayern and etc are all consistently underachieved while mediocre managers at mediocre clubs consistently overachieved. This is like a game where the final boss are much weaker than the smaller boss so it feels very underwhelming when we won the league without any challenge from these top managers. From my observation so far, these top top managers are not doing well in FM18 because they stick to their predefined football philosophy which is to play possession football and the use of real world wingers formations like 4231 Wide and 433 DM Wide. While the ME doesn't favor these real world tactics, it favors unrealistic tactics like 3 strikers, 4231 with DM Volante, any 3 at the back formations which none of the AI top managers will use except Conte. So the solution is either make these top managers smart enough to aware of what kind of formations are favour by the ME (by playing first team against the reserve team over and over again to choose a good formation/tactic, something like google's alphago) or they will learn from the players by copying the player's formation and even improve it. And I believe this is actually how the real world managers will do. The other solution is to buff these real world wingers formations like 4231 Wide and 433 DM Wide that used by top managers to a reasonable level.
  10. This is what EdL said in the decision thread: Yep as I said decisions is very highly weighted hence the need for a big bump. Isn't that means decision attribute needs a big improvement?
  11. Exactly how does the match engine determine a better decision? Let's say a striker with the ball near penalty box and only one defender is in front of him and he has 4 options 1. Dribble pass the defender and shoot. 2. Dribble pass the defender and dribble pass the gk as well then shoot. 3. Pass to AML who is an average player with winger role but nearer to goal post. 4. Pass to AMR who is a very good player with inside forward role but farther to goal post. So in this case, how does the decision attribute works to make the decision?
  12. What kind of nonsense logic is this!? I hope the developer doesn't think like this otherwise it's hopeless.
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