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  1. Where is the tactic analysis menu and screen now? Couldn't find it anywhere.
  2. Nah, you are not even trying to play normally. If you do, you will at least make sure the setup and roles are well balanced and it suit the team's quality. It's clear that your intention is to play down this as much as possible by showcasing a failed result with unappropriate setup.
  3. From the look of it, your tactic is not even remotely close to the one shown by op. You are Liverpool, the best team in the league, yet you play with balance mentality and you only have one attacking role in your entire setup!? The default gegenpress tactic has positive mentality and three to four attacking roles. Looks like you are trying to make the outcome as bad as possible.
  4. Same here, full version has too much boring repetitive interactions.
  5. Any news on demo update? Was disappointed with the previous version and holding off buying the game. Waiting for the demo update to make up my mind.
  6. In FM18 4231 only work well with really strong team. I have much more success with 4231 in previous years. Any formation that utilize AML AMR in FM18 is a handicapped to your tactic or the player. For example, Mo Salah will play much much better in a striker position than in winger position.
  7. Just started a new save and notice that tactic familiarity only increased to about 60% after finish all pre-season friendlies. In 18.2.2 tactic familiarity will always increase to about 80-90% after pre-season.
  8. Exactly how does the match engine determine a better decision? Let's say a striker with the ball near penalty box and only one defender is in front of him and he has 4 options 1. Dribble pass the defender and shoot. 2. Dribble pass the defender and dribble pass the gk as well then shoot. 3. Pass to AML who is an average player with winger role but nearer to goal post. 4. Pass to AMR who is a very good player with inside forward role but farther to goal post. So in this case, how does the decision attribute works to make the decision?
  9. In training schedule we have a checkbox option to automatic rest day after match. Please add an extra option to specific how many days to rest after match instead of just one day. Right now If I need to rest my team for two days after match I have to do it manually every time after match.
  10. So what are the changes and why it's not mentioned in the patch notes?
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