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  1. I'm playing FM17 and I'm managing a team in Sweden . I just got a message saying i'm going to manage the rookie all star team but i haven't got a clue how to put a team together. Can someone please let me know how to do this. I'm sure it's staring me right in the face but i'm not seeing it. Thanks in advance for any pointers.
  2. Will get beat by Sweden 3-0 anyway. Or they might bore them to death in a 1-0
  3. Does anyone really care??? Not one shot on goal . Utter sh***.
  4. Every thing i click on is mentioning the 10-1. I was at that game . It says it was 1987-88 . I feel old
  5. I hope you don't have any glory tomorrow when gods own team (Man City) come to town
  6. Not taking anything from France. Playing well but i think this says more about how bad England are than how good France are. England to get beat by Iceland is just \o/ i dunno. Poor.
  7. They should all line up outside to apologize to every England fan that made the trip to France and spent money on that s***.
  8. I just want the whistle so i dont have to watch another England game.
  9. Utter rubbish. Not a clue. France are more worried now they have to play Iceland rather than England.
  10. Yeah im in. I was on the lap top before and i couldn't see the whole screen.
  11. Did this in 98 and the camper fell apart before we got to Dover. Never going to see your deposit so the sooner you smash it the better. Then everyone can relax and enjoy. When we took ours back there was 10 other just like it coming back from the World Cup
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