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  1. So after a decade of leading Liverpool to glory I dropped down a lower league club to rise the mighty Bath City from the depths of semi-pro. After a couple of successful seasons, I have two years on my Bath contract remaining - and I'm getting weekly job offers in my inbox. Is there any way of automatically rejecting/ignoring these? It's getting on my tits.
  2. But it isn't for me, or the other 100 tooltips that just display exactly what I'm hovering over. So just thought I'd voice my feedback on it. If there was a global tooltip off option as part of UI customising, I'd 100% pick it, because it literally never adds any value for me at all on any screen, but there isn't. It's not like it's a major issue but it does very mildly impact my overall enjoyment of the UI.
  3. There are certain places where idling over happens often and the size of the text box obscures other stuff, having to keep the mouse moving to avoid or remembering to leave the mouse idle somewhere else is a mild inconvenience, but is an inconvenience nonetheless. Most of them is fine, as you say it's a normal software feature, but when some of them get in the way and literally offer no added value, it's just a bit of an annoying UI design for me. Thankfully if I hover over his name, the handy tooltip tells me his name! This is the main one that irks me by getting in the way, because it's bloody huge and after I've learned what UI actions I can take with left/right click it adds no value for the next 5,000 hours that I play the game.
  4. Don't worry, my club vision wants me to play attacking football, and play defensive football so no matter what I do I fail. Feels like trying to please my wife.
  5. Honestly I've always wished I could disable them, they do really get in the way and slowing their speed only slightly mitigates the problem. Especially on the main squad screen and during team selection in tactics. Would love to know what 'additional information' these add
  6. The games has pros and cons. Pros: I like when I win Cons: I blame something if I lose
  7. I'm like this too, my way of dealing with it is not to take part in matches. Like, don't watch them, either instant result, or change highlights to goals only, or just wander off for a cup of tea or alt-tab and not watch the matches. And still enjoy the rest of the FM experience without having that come-down of the ME.
  8. I'd say my perception from what the issues are and the SI responses, it looks like nuances are missed in favour of aggregated averages from testing. This may not be true but it is how it seems to be coming across. E.g. On average players are scoring penalties at the same rate as the real life league average, but the spread is different. Or scorelines are on average 3-1 as per the norm but is missing how many 0-0s and 7-4 results there are. To me this is where the ME and general game issues seem apparent to me when playing, games and features seem often at extreme ends and the response is "but on average it's normal". And then you have 115 pages of people arguing about what normal is.
  9. FYI you can insert a column that shows total career appearances (so includes cups, europe etc. and not just league) so might save on counting up individual season totals.
  10. Divock Origi is tearing it up for Chelsea And Ronaldo played his final season alongside Messi at Juventus.
  11. It does make a pretty big difference for technical stats, a striker with 12 finishing for a strong other foot can easily be overlooked in favour of someone with 16 and both will be as effective in their position, because the automatic feeling of higher is better isn't true. It's a general issue I've had with the game for years, especially when there are direct attribute comparison tools in game and the whole scouting reports are based on attributes but they don't tell the whole story.
  12. Does this see you focusing a lot on very one-footed players then? Where strong other foot eats into CA so much that attributes look poorer than they actually play.
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