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  1. We'll never have a player who can take the game by the scruff of the neck and fight and drag the team to a victory again. Gerrard's peak influence and ability is comically underrated by those who think Milner/Henderson/Coutinho/Can can remotely fill that void.
  2. Ibe and Rossiter both on B list as academy players born after 1 January 1994
  3. The money doesn't come till next year from the Sky deal though, doesn't FFP basically stop us (and everyone else) from spending it already. Otherwise Norwich would be off buying everyone.
  4. Milner signings on fee was so big is was practically a transfer fee, and Ings fee could well be about £8m. Between those two and what we've spent (plus keeping a little back for the winter), that seems about the right amount for a non CL club to have available to spend doesn't it?
  5. They aren't even reducing who can do it, just saying that they want people to register themselves as flag wavers. Which equates to "FSG are treating us a pedophiles" Posts like this:
  6. Outrage from fans today as LFC have said they'll be vetting who can fly flags in the stadium on matchday. Apparently this is a great offence and means the atmosphere will be even worse and FSG are typical Americans who just see us as an asset and a money making business, they don't care about our history or tradition or blah blah blah.
  7. Balotelli only out on loan, Enrique still here, Joe Allen, Lovren/Lallana if you are on that particular wagon. It is a small net spend. And I think it's a realistic lack of ambition and faith in our ability to get back into the top four. Without CL football and without much chance of regularly getting it again until we can financially compete with the top 4, it's not a surprise we aren't spending too much
  8. Squad when Rodgers took over: Reina/Doni Enrique/Aurelio Agger/Coates Skrtel/Carragher Johnson/Flanagan Downing/Sterling Gerrard/Henderson Lucas/Shelvey Maxi/Adam Suarez/Carroll Kuyt/Bellamy Jones, Coates, Kelly, Spearing £135m Net Spend - Man Utds has been more than double that (not including wages and signing on fees)
  9. Naww didn't manage to offload Enrique in the end. Ilori also turned down a move to Sunderland.
  10. Can isn't being played as a defensive midfielder, he's as box to box as Milner or Henderson
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