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  1. I've moved on a season since but it's still happened every couple of weeks. Have uploaded 'New Liverpool.fmt' where I get a message on the 28th Dec, then another 12 days later. when I only got taken over a couple of years ago.
  2. I average about 1,500 hours a year since I’ve been working full time, easily double that in my student years and have been playing since CM 93 so roughly 50,000 hours so far.
  3. I have the same problem but with assistant setting OIs, they don't set any. Have set my assistant to do OIs but they don't unless I click on 'ask assistant' in each match - which I can do even if the responsibilities are set to me. This is in Touch 2020. Ahead of game this is how it looks: Same if I go to positions instead of players: This is what it looks like once the game has started: And this is what is actually recommended and shows if I click on 'ask assistant'
  4. I just want to throw out that it wasn’t me creating aliases - and I don’t even care how it works, was just trying to clarify what and why people were asking. I’m happily playing and enjoying the game.
  5. Who was the player that could play in every position, think he was Danish or something?
  6. I get that. I do think that first line would have been a more useful part to add to your initial response at the start of the thread though, instead of "it's not scripted at all" - when in reality, to a degree it is. Saying that it's not possible because it would slow the game down too much because of the level of complexity, people understand that.
  7. Okay, it makes no difference for you. To others it does, because they want to feel it's being calculated in real time. Which is the point of the thread. So an official response could be "That's not possible given current technology levels, but the way it's done now is the closest we can do that still gives the illusion of real time and you can still affect the outcome with subs, tactics shouts etc." and a personal response on the subject would be "I understand what you're saying, it doesn't make a difference to me personally, because it won't impact what I'm seeing and I'm happy that
  8. I do think the 'facts' in Sebs post are open to interpretation though, the main one being what the trigger is for a recalculation. Of which all of our follow up discussion has still been speculation.
  9. Not necessarily constantly. If neither managers make any shouts, tactical or sub changes, it doesn't get recalculated at all. The killer pass made by your player at the end of the first half (say 45:00), was decided if they'll make it or not before the game kicks off. The knowledge that that calculation was made before the game started instead of 10 seconds before it's made, is what the point of discussion is, even if the outcome isn't any different.
  10. I don't know how you're getting to either of those conclusions from what I've said. 10 in-game seconds behind the calculation and then showing you the highlight does feel different to people than it being 45 in-game minutes before showing you one.
  11. I'm just saying that's what people a lot of people think happens already, and what they expect to happen as part of watching the match in game. They don't think they're watching a chance in the 3rd minute that's already been decided, they think it's actually running calculations in real time, not giving the illusion of it. Like I said, if the response is "unfortunately it's not possible to do that" then fine, that's an acceptable and understandable responses. Albeit there are some PR negative connotations to being overly public about how the magic happens.
  12. I believe and know significant people who would enjoy a football match more watching it live than watching it an hour later. I believe and know significant people who would enjoy FM if it calculated in real time and not before the game.
  13. I don't feel I'm derailing at all, and am just responding individually to points you've made. Coincidentally I think you have an uncanny habit of certain bad forum etiquette/behaviours too, but happy to put aside and move on. The alternative is what people are suggesting, that the match engine recalcs every second instead of only on manager intervention. When a player decides to pass, it calculates right then and there who he passes to, why, and how well he executes it. If that's too complex, too difficult to do, too much processing power, then fine that's understandable - and tha
  14. And nor should you assume you're more qualified than anyone else, and attempt to talk with authority. It's relevant to your point that real life matches are predetermined, straw-man trying to cut down someone's relevant point by simply saying it isn't relevant and weird Hence my point that you aren't getting the point of the thread. People don't believe or accept that the match is recalculated every second. And instead it's just recalculated when a manager changes something, not when any non-intervention event happens.
  15. There's also the point of contention here that is what quantifies a change that triggers a recalc. Welshace is suggesting a pre-determined event such as a tackle (that doesn't require a change in sub or tactic) is enough for the engine to recalculate in real time. The alternative that people are suggesting is that it's only actual manager intervention that triggers the recalc
  16. I get if you don't care about the difference, but if you don't understand why other people feel like the experience is different, then you need to meet more people.
  17. And the point is the difference in viewing experience between knowing something is already calculated and watching it happen, to watching it happen and unfold in front of you. That's why people care.
  18. Only if you believe everything in life is pre-determined as a law of physics, which is a rather heavily philosophical deep question.
  19. So when you say "what's the alternative?" what you really meant was "as far as I know, as a random fan on a site, who is in no way at all affiliated with SI, there isn't a better way to build a simulation other than pre-calculating the game then waiting for an intervention before recalcuating" as opposed to your actual response.
  20. Think of it like the difference between watching a live football match, and watching one on a 1 hour delay.
  21. Then you're missing the point of the whole discussion.
  22. I'm not missing the point, I'm just clarifying for those who are asking because the responses are still ambiguous. It depends what they class as 'smallest of changes' - if that means AI manager or player manager interaction, then it's pre-determined from pre-kickoff until manager interference. I can completely understand why that irks some people and takes them out of the immersion.
  23. So, If neither manager makes any changes at all in the first 5 minutes - and you watch a highlight at 3:00 in - are you: A) Watching a set of live decisions made as that highlight happens B) Watching a highlight happen that has just been decided (e.g. it calculates second by second but in advance so knows what you are watching is a 'key' highlight) C) Watching a highlight that the ME has calculated will happen before the game kicks off (albeit a big complex calculation based on all the complexities of the game and assuming no intervention) All the official respons
  24. Best purchase I've ever made in an FM game I think. And I usually hate big money transfers and prefer to buy youth and train them up. But Mbappe has won titles almost by himself in my game.
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