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  1. I like managing in the WPL. However one of the most frustrating things for me is the inability of semi-pro teams to sign players from England. In reality the league has loads of English players, in game however only professional TNS can sign them. I'm not sure if this is a bug or not? It wasn't always the case in FM.
  2. This is the laptop I bought. For me it runs FM very well although I only ever really do the UK leagues. It also runs GTAV, Fallout, IL2 etc. I think its great although I never really had a gaming laptop before to compare it too. However it did have an issue and I had to send it back to be repaired after less than a month. You can read some bad stories online about buying with them and repairs and there were times I was wondering if it'd be fixed and I spent ages initially trying to fix it myself. In the end it was ok though and they sent it back fixed no issues after 2 weeks. oh PS, I got
  3. Hi, my new laptop had to be returned for repair but still wanting to play FM I used a lenovo 100s to get my fix. Using all standard leagues from England, Scotland and Wales with a large database it worked and so did the 3D match engine although it was on minimal settings. I was pretty surprised that it worked at all to be honest. However as you can imagine processing was slow. Also personally I found the screen too small. I think FM will run in some form on almost anything, I also had it running on a pretty ancient Samsung R519 with a T4300 (?) processor. It all depends on what you deem
  4. Hi, I deleted my first save and started a second one. However I had to recreate my manager avatar all over again as my profile had disappeared, is that correct?
  5. For me its so far so good! Not even got to a match yet, starting unemployed and seeing where I go. Like the managers face feature, actually looks like me! Had a couple of crashes when I first loaded it up though but its been ok now. Think it might be my new computer rather than the game, its really odd, Can play GTA5 and IL-2 no worries but it freezes sometimes on less intensive games.
  6. I was just thinking about this and how its a big mistake. Unless however SI have decided after the break up of the UK the new entity would be called GB?? Especially if one of the scenarios has NI leaving. I know its still not a perfect fit with GB being the islands name but you never know.
  7. Hi I literally just read your post and then this was on youtube: Acer Might be a bit overkill for your husbands needs even. I'm no expert but that seems like a pretty good deal? Amazon I'm not in the US so dont know where you go looking for bargains but who knows you might be able to get it cheaper somewhere else too.
  8. Hi, yeah I think I probably translated that same Dutch article before. I'm feeling cautiously optimistic about it! Mid range they did have Medion Akoya but then thats only £70 cheaper than the deal I got. They seem to change their "Early Bird" deals fairly regularly too like once or twice already this week since I started looking on their page. I signed up to their newsletter as that gave me a £10 discount code then today I got an email from them giving the £50 code for the Erazer series. (The £10 code couldn't be used with the £50).
  9. Hello. In case anyone is interested I've finally bought something. Medion Erazer p6661 Normally its £699, then reduced to £619 but then with the code: ERAZER16 it then goes down to £569. Think thats quite a good deal on paper. Unless of course it turns out to be a piece of junk. Guess I'll find out later this week.
  10. Hmmm I'm loath to say really, I'm far from an expert! Thats why I post on here as I'm unsure myself. I'm tempted by AMDs value but then from my own research online there appears to a bit of a stigma attached to them, I'm not sure if thats fully deserved though? I'd wait for a more qualified recommendation from someone in the know. Sorry couldnt be of more help
  11. That HP is a daily deal on saveonlaptops for £370. HP on saveonlaptops
  12. Cheers for that Barside, good to know. Regarding Medion from what I can tell they got bought out by Lenovo and appear to be ok now. However online their rep seems to be clouded by how they were pre buy out when the build quality wasnt great and they were regular feature in the special sales at Aldi. Thats how I read it anyhow. Well, cheers for the help Barside
  13. Hello! Just one last boring question, I swear! Now I've been searching around looking for bargains and came across this: Medion Erazer At £579 that does seem a pretty good deal? Or is there something I'm massively over looking? It has a slightly better graphics card than the Asus and an SSD, but does that mke it worth the extra £80? I really don't know Any advice or views appreciated, ta
  14. Cheers for that Barside . That HP doesnt sound that great really, just me being tight and seeing a potential bargain To be fair I don't really need it until the beta comes out, so I'll just keep up my daily ritual of scanning this thread and hotukdeals and see if anything good comes up. Although the Asus from Saveonlaptops does look tempting Asus
  15. Hi, this laptop has been linked earlier: http://www.pcworld.co.uk/ It has now gone down to just over £350. Now to me this looks like a bargain? However it gets some mixed reviews on there. Anyone have an idea of how FM would run on this? Also generally whenever I look online AMD processors tend to get a bit of a negative write up compared to Intel, as such I'm always a little wary of them. Is this justified? Anyone here happily playing on an AMD laptop? I actually bought an atom powered Lenovo in a vain attempt to ween myself of FM, alas its been unsuccessful Any thoughts o
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