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  1. Been awhile since I managed to get a really small team to be world beaters, was a lot easier in earlier versions of the game when you could buy youngsters with huge potential for peanuts. Was kinda proud of making Nuneaton into a stable top 5 PL club in FM17 though even if we didn't manage all that many trophies we had a few good CL runs.
  2. Just got the deserve a better contract and I agreed he did. The demands however would triple his wages, which meant he would also earn about twice as much as anyone else in the team. The agent pretty much refused to negotiate and put a non negotiable match highest earner clause in there as well. Adding a lot of clauses and bonuses that would cost us a fortune with high percentage of next sale it would had been a torrid affair for the club. No way I'm gonna agree to something like that in a team that is currently working on climbing the leagues, where it is possible he wont be more than a fri
  3. My entire last season and most of this season. My team is extremly overpowered these days since it is really difficult to find good players and I seem to be the only one that refuse to sell the few good ones I got.
  4. I spend a lot more time trying to build a team and a tactic that perform as I want it and that play well together, most my training go into team work and team cohesion when they don't need to train the tactic. With this way of thinking I have manage to stay away from those huge losses in form that I previously got at least once a season where one loss seemed to destroy the entire teams morale. I have found that much more important than the players personal preferences but who knows maybe I could get even better results if I took both into consideration, but after brexit I'm extremly limited i
  5. I still got plenty of players whos best position doesn't even fit their overall position, like a player with DC as his only position that has best postion as DRL. It has been like that at least since last version so I have stopped caring whatsover what those things say and so far I have been rather successful. Think I had my best season ever in 20+ years of playing this game in this version and I don't think I have a single green circle on the field in every match.
  6. Well I tried to do every tactical change I could come up with to sort out the issue without compromising our success and nothing helped. If they had been sitting out 2 or 3 games in a season it wouldn't had been a problem but getting sent off every other game they played was getting tiresome and I couldn't really afford to take them off as soon as they got a yellow since they usually got the first one rather early.
  7. Got them training tackles now and it seems to have worked to some extent, they are still fouling but not picking up as many cards. Not sure if the actual training is helping or they are tired of getting paid 1 week/month but whatever made them stop I'm grateful. None of them have anything in their reports that suggest they should have these issues but since I don't use editors I guess I'll never know what is going on behind the scenes.
  8. I have a couple of players that are getting sent off way too often with two yellows. For example one got sent off twice in two games, the other has been sent off twice in 6 games. I have tried to have them ease off tackles and all that, I have yelled at them and fined the one I can, the other is a loaned player. I wanted to train my player to stay on feet but he is incapable of learning it. By fining the player I have upset him and since he is part of a rather influential group I worry that I will cause a mess if I keep fining him when it happens the next time. Replacing them isn't much of an
  9. Rolling back worked and then I completly removed the driver and reinstalled the new one and it seems ok for now.
  10. Feel like I want to test it out some more to see if I can figure our the cause before blaming the game an say something is wrong with it. There are a few possibilities when it comes to this that I want to check. If it seems to be a problem with the game itself I will report it as a bug.
  11. The last thing I did yesterday before heading to bed was updating my graphics driver. Today when I started the game I'm getting black flashes over the screen. It doesn't happen when I alt tab out of the game or on any other screen than FM. I still haven't tried it with other games on my laptop though, will do that when I get home later.
  12. Pretty much every time I click on scouting or have a scout meeting I get messages from agents circulating their players name to find them a new club 99/100 if I click approach to sign I get told the player has no interest in negotiating with my club. Why would they even send me his profile when he has 0 interest. Not sure how much money I've wasted scouting players because of this before I realised I should always click approach to sign before deciding to actually check the player out.
  13. So time and time again I look at my defenders backtracking with the ball into their own penaltybox just to somehow suddenly be on the other side of the ball with their back to it and the opponent striker that has been chasing can easily step up and score. I know I play in a poor team in a lower leagues but this is just stupid, even I who have never played a minute of organised football realise that kicking the ball away would be the smarter option than just step over it and leave it.
  14. Having the same issue with my U-18 coaches in vanarama south, have tried signing a whole bunch of the lowest reputation ones I can find but they all have the same initial salary demand and can be negotiated down to the same amount of money wich is still more than I can afford.
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