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  1. Is anyone else having trouble conceding goals on offensive goal kicks? No matter what I change, long kicks, distribute to playmaker, distribute to cbs/fbs, we always lose the ball and the opposition scores on the counter with just 3-4 passes. This even happens when we're playing defensive/cautious and I've told my GK to take fewer risks when passing the ball. Its gets so frustrating.
  2. Same thing goes for adding board requests like improve youth recruitment etc when negotiating a new contract I take it?
  3. How do I go by adding "develop players using the club's youth system" to the club vision/culture when I'm being offered a new contract? I'm 3 seasons in and my job status is listed at "very secure" and was previously "untouchable" for what its worth. Cant find it for some reason... Thanks in advance.
  4. The problem is that the only player that is getting good playing time and that has a decent personality (fairly professional) is a defender that came through during the first season and he isnt influential enough to tutor anyone yet, the rest are balanced with 13 determination at most. And those are the players I am currently mentoring my youth players that mostly have unambitious, casual, or low determination personalities and lower than 8 determination. Should I continue doing this in that case? I always thought tutoring improved both determination and personalities? So are you telling
  5. A couple of question for the more experienced players.. Is there a limit on how many players I should place in mentoring groups? Also, should everyone in their group be at least competent at playing in the same position or does position not really matter?
  6. Umm yeah, I think I've found a game bug... so were playing an away game in the FA Cup and its 1-1 with 10 minutes to go (both goals, penalty kicks, scored in ET) and I'm expecting to go to penalty shootouts, when suddenly the scoreboard changes to 1-3 but I'm thinking the scoreboard is surely bugged next thing I know the game is over. So I go back in and look at the highlights and there were supposedly 3 goals scored in ET after the game bug affected the game, 2 from us and a one from them. Also the penalty kick that I saw my player score before the game bug affected the game was supposedly
  7. Thanks for your input. I see what you're saying about their poor speed and crossing. How much do attributes normally rise to, like is there a maximum of +5 or something for most attributes? I've seen that you're pretty good at developing your youngsters, have you ever set their training to double intensity? if so does that help them at all or does that just increase the risk of more injuries?
  8. Hey guys curious to know how some of you more experienced guys would train these players as I'm bad at the game and not sure I'm doing the most for their development: https://gyazo.com/1c80b3a8ccf6fee438eba4d129d76bd1 Cant decide if i should train him as a CWB-A or a RP-S with additional focus on attacking movement. I'm planning on taking advantage of his versatility but I'll mainly be using him as a winger. https://gyazo.com/9eb070853dc402c334d4058d966c915e Currently training him as a CWB-A with additional focus on his crossing. Another versatile player that
  9. https://www.passion4fm.com/football-manager-training-facilities-levels/ Does anyone know if the facilities levels in the link above are correct?
  10. Has anyone that's playing in England had Sheffield FC get promoted in their save? If so, mind posting the file save here?
  11. Has SI promised to fix this bug? That's the thing, I can't even offer them PT contracts because they are unhappy about being transfer listed. I even holidayed the whole season to see if I could do anything about it but nothing changed. Also 2 of the 5 transfer listed players were no longer there at the end of the season.
  12. https://gyazo.com/ed8f59247d6de9aba944b164db3546dc Finally got them to get promoted myself but I cant remove players from the transfer list for some reason! All options are grayed out and I haven't delegated any responsibilities to my staff. Has this happened to anyone else? Unless I'm missing something (The last version of this game I played was FM19), I'm guessing its a Stafford Rangers bug.
  13. Anyone in here from north america (USA here) ever purchase anything from shopto? It seems that they are the cheapest option I can find but from what I can tell, they are only offering digital copies for us? Am I reading this right? -edit tried to purchase and it is indeed a digital copy. they also want to charge another $8 for delivery. yeah, no thanks.
  14. What mega pack should I download if I want the FA logos to show up instead of the flags in the player profile page and the squad selection page? I was about to download the TCM pack but I read that only the normal size FA logos are available in that pack.
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