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  1. I'm in the money with Boca, Bentancur's move from Juventus to PSG included a 50% sell on clause. 28.5 Miliion now and 11.5 Million in instalments. Happy days!
  2. Harsh sacking, it will take a least two seasons to get Roma challenging Juventus for Serie A imo.
  3. I'll be starting in Argentina when I get my new laptop. Debated between Boca and River but when Boca got De Rossi in that made up my mind!!!
  4. Hi lads Looking at the Predator Helios 300 Intel i7 9750H processor RAM: 16 GB / Storage: 1 TB HDD & 256 GB SSD NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 6 GB Looking to run 15 plus leagues on large database, also would like the laptop to run the next few FM games that come out. Thanks
  5. Agree with that, I watched Teach when he had his Argentinos Juniors save enjoyed every minute of that save. Hopefully he returns to Argentina with one of the big boys for this years FM.
  6. Hi Lads, I'm looking at building a custom laptop on PC Specialist. Don't have much knowledge about computers but could someone build one on PC Specialist and post or DM me the details of the laptop. This laptop will be only used for FM and small bit of browsing. I'd like something fast that will be able to run multiple leagues on large database and be able to play next versions of the game at a fast pace. My budget is 2500 Euros. I had a look at the 17,3 Octane IV with i9 9900k 3.6ghz with 16GB of ram or would 32GB be better. Any help would be great thanks
  7. In my fourth season with Inter, won Serie A but Citeh knocked me out of the Champions League on away goals in the Semi's. On previous FM's has anyone managed to get Inter to built their own stadium?
  8. Is the processor on the Acer not better? Sorry if that's a stupid question i thought FM was all about processor.
  9. Picked up Andreas Pereira on a free from Manure, picked him up as a squad player as he plays a number of positions. Turning out be a decent player now worth 25M. Looking at Kenedy from Chelsea now on a free, still don't have the budget to match Juv.
  10. De Jong first season played 36 goals 6 AVR 7.22. I'm planing on adding more Italians but the lack of funds don't help. The 55m on Fernandes took out my budget but i have my scouts tracking Tonali now Brescia are back in Serie A. Wanted to bring in Jorginho but Chelsea wanted 70m. How are you getting on with Napoli?
  11. Managing Inter Milan found first season fairly easy won Serie A by couple points from Lazio, Juventus had a shocking start in the end they finished 3rd. Knocked out of the Champions League in the group stages entered the Europa League and beat Chelsea in the final. As far as signings go, Bought Frenkie De Jong and then in the January window i picked up Benjamin Pavard has a release clause 31.5 Million. Normally i play a 4 3 2 1 but for this years FM i'm playing a 3 5 2. Need to have Icardi and Martinez in the starting 11 both top class in the game. First signing in the 2nd season was Gedson Fernandes 45m rising to 55m he's been class so far.
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