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  1. My thoughts on the setup are as follows: MENTALITY: positive IN POSSESSION: play out of defence low crosses work ball into box focus play through middle Underlap right and underlap left higher tempo very narrow IN TRANSITION: Counter, Counter-press OUT OF POSSESSION: higher defensive line higher line of engagement extremely urgent prevent short GK distribution FORMATION AND PLAYER ROLES: GK: sweeper keeper - support DCR: ball playing defender - defend DC: Libero support DCL: ball playing defender - defend WBR: wing back - attack WBL: wing back - attack MCR: box to box midfielder - support MCL: central defender - defend AMCR: attacking midfielder - attack (stay wider) AMCL: shadow striker - attack (stay wider) STC: pressing forward - support NB: to negate an excessive amount of long shots everyone apart from STC is on shoot less often instruction WHAT I AM LOOKING TO ACHIEVE: To replicate the verticality of RBL whilst maintaining a good amount of possession. To replicate the “forward back and through” approach into getting the ball forward quickly in transition. To have multiple forward passing options available at all times. To press high and aggressively So what are your thoughts on my approach ? Any hints tips or changes you think I should employ?
  2. Hi guys. Haven’t seen any threads on RBL in the Bundesliga and Nagelsmann tactical setup of 3421 recently employed and used in the European game vs Tottenham Hotspur. for me , playing football manager , I get enjoyment trying to replicate tactics that I’ve seen IRL so would love to implement this into FM20. has anyone tried to replicate this ? I or have any advice or suggestions as to how I would do it ?
  3. Can anybody advise on how to replicate his tactic in FM18?
  4. Thanks for the advice. I read the article above and have implemented it in my new demo game. I opted for a 4231 and a 433 system. With a standard structured setup and very few team instructions. The idea being I can make tactical amendments based on what I see during the game. I am seeing an.improvement. I overhauled the squad by selling Taylor, wood, Murphy, Dallas, silvestri, and cancelled the loan for Grimes. Doukara is also for sale. Wood you may think is controversial but I hate playing with a target man so he didn't fit into my plans. Players brought in were : Diego Poyet, Joe Walsh (cb), Bradley dack, Marcus maddison, Conor Washington, Fred Onyedinma, Haidara (loan). Really hard to get decent players in on the demo. Gutted I missed out on Kazenga LuaLua. Still think something's up with the demo though. Cannot win consistantly and I've mastered every FM before now.
  5. Is this year's FM really tough or something? Getting very frustrated here with the Leeds save. Each year I play the demo, get an idea or plan of what I want to do in the main game, then tackle the challenge of the main game then. But this year's demo, my god. No matter what I do I can't seem to get a consistent run of good results? Is the Leeds game in the full version really tough? I know with the demo I'm really limited as to who I can buy etc which doesn't help. I mean there doesn't appear to be any decent strikers available to buy. I don't like playing with A target man (that's all Wood can do) as it leads to too much lost possession. I don't like playing with a line advanced forward (Antonnsons best position) leaving only Doukara and Roofs who aren't great. Who would you set up the team to replicate the way Monk has them playing. I'm having no success at all. Have you had any success with any tactic? I seem to suffer from lack of goals even when playing a control strategy. I look through the side and wonder who's going to score enough. I brought in Bradley Dack, Marcus Maddison. Even Nicky Ajose looked appealing to me compared to what we have. Any advice guys to get me ripping it up in the demo so I can take that into the full game?
  6. Here's what I was trying to achieve with my tactic. It was to be inspired by the likes of bielsa and sampaoli in that I wanted to restict the play and my team into a 25 metre area on the pitch. Heavy pressing / closing down with the aim of winning the ball as high up the pitch as possible. In the transition I wanted plenty of runners getting forward enabling me to play quick, short passes to get forward and only playing the long ball (sometimes vertical) to send my forwards or runners through on goal or heavily in space but also to keep the ball when that option is not available. I want to create width higher up the pitch creating two v ones down the flanks (Bielsa uses inverted wingback at times to "underlap" the wingers to get into the box) I have also been trying to use the Bielsa 3313 formation against two opposition strikers and this seems to work quite well. I also have been tweaking and trying a sampaoli 3412 formation. What I was finding was that my winger or wingback would get into space out wide to stick in a cross but would delay as there wasn't enough of my players in the box to receive the cross. This meant more often than not my cross was blocked, ending up in a corner or losing posession. With the sampaoli formation with two up front this seemed to remedy that somewhat.
  7. The problem seems to be being hit on the counter. The team will have one or two chances scoring at least once, whereas I will have twenty shots and struggle to score once. The goals against me seem to come via a through ball through the middle mostly. Couple other things I've noticed. I have my gk on roll the ball out yet still continues to hoof the ball upfield. Too often my team will attempt an ambitious high ball out to the flank only to be cut off. My striker keeps being caught offside. I have made a few changes to my tactic since I posted. I now use the following: control, very fluid, higher tempo, balanced width, slightly higher defensive line, closing down as much as I can set it, prevent gk short distribution, tighter marking, get stuck in, play out of defence, exploit the flanks, mixed passing, whipped crosses I changed my striker to deep lying forward on support, my attcking wingback to complete wingback support, my winger on support and inside forward attack I added get further forward to the inverted wingback also.
  8. Would playing at a higher tempo Lead to my players rushing their scoring chances. I wanted to play a higher tempo game, already am using the control mentality, which would already increase tempo a bit if I'm not mistaken. Along with that I play a normal tempo.
  9. I always use a control mentality, team instructions in addition to what I 've used above I wouldnt change a lot, maybe go defensive if trying to hold on to a lead, or attacking if needd to grab a goal late on, show player on weaker foot, go in hard etc. I start every game as above irrespective of opposition I have a good grasp of teamtalks, almost always sufficientl;y motivate the players before a game.
  10. Fistly i am in the English premiership, and the media predict that i should be in the top 7, uefa cup qualification spots. I am cureently siting in 12th position and we are just after Xmas and I'm tearing my hair out at the inconsistancy of my team. I had thought that I was happy with my tactic (I will show below), and in fact i dominate most games. Having the better of posession and chances. I will beat the league leaders one week, and then struggle against bottom of the league the next. Seem to be better away from home and then struggle at home (but generally always dominating the game, not scoring with our chances and conceding when the opposition have little in the way of goalscoring chances. Admittedly I do have a young team - but the players I have are of good quality. Why is this happening? I play a very fluid, control, normal tempo, high closing down with a normal defensive line. Play out from defence, normal passing. Mark Tighter, get Stuck in and whipped crosses. I use a 4231 formation. Here is how I line up: Goalkeeper Left Inverted Wingback - Support Centre back Defend Centre Back Defend Right WingBack - Attack Left Centre Mid - Deep Lying Playmaker defend Right Centre Mid - Box to Box Mid - support Left Attacking Midfielder - Winger - Attack Right Attacking Midfielder - Inside Forward - Support Centre Attacking Midfielder - Enganche Striker - Complete Forward - Support The idea behind my setup was partly inspired by Bielsa but in ways slightly toned down (ala Sampaoli). I wanted a engance behind a forward three, the winger stretching the opposition defence, the inside forward running between the full back and centre back, the enganche supplying the balls to them as well as being a goalscoring threat himself. The attacking right wingback also stretching the opposition from deeper, whilst you have the box to box midfieldefr making late runs and the inverted wingback making late angled runs towards the opposition penalty area. The idea was to have as many variations of runners supporting the attack as possible. To summarise my problems seem to be : Not dominating enough at home weaker opposition give me more problems than they should Not taking the many chances that come my way Conceding goals from only one or two oppsition chances Any advice, tips or insight that you guys can offer me? Many Thanks in advance
  11. Note that sometimes, as sampaoli and Bielsa do, agaist two out and out strikers I drop the half back into the middle centre defender slot making a back three putting him on cover duty. The idea that the other two centre defenders can mark the two strikers, giving me the spare man at the back.
  12. I've gone with the Sampaoli approach. I think the Bielsa system with inverted wingback would be harder to implement in FM. Team instructions: attacking, very fluid, higher tempo, wide, slightly higher defensive line, use offside trap, prevent short gk distribution, use tighter marking, play out of defence, exploit the flanks, look for overlap, retain posession, run at defence Lineup as follows: Sweeper keeper Left complete wingback attack Ball playing defender defend Ball playing defender defend Right complete wingback attack Half back Left cm deep lying playmaker support Right cm centre mid attack Aml inside forward support Amr inside forward attack Striker false nine support
  13. I'm a newly promoted side to the English premiership currently at xmas sitting in 8th place in the table.
  14. I had a fair amount of success in Fm15 replicating both Bielsa and Sampaoli variants of a high tempo, high pressing game. I then created my own tactic which was a hybrid of the two which was very successful too. But...... I try to achieve the same thing on Fm16 and I'm having mixed results. One game I will win comfortable 5-0 and the next I'm beaten comfortably. What has changed that could affect this in the tactics and match engine this year? Has anybody successfully replicated a Bielsa / Sampaoli tactic in FM16?
  15. The idea behind the wide playmaker is that the wingback would overlap them as they cut inside. I've found bentancur and zivkovic doing very well for me in these positions in the premiership with a newly promoted Leeds side.
  16. I've found myself using the above formation and realised it's not something I've seen people use on here and I've never seen the CPU AI use it either. Any reason for this? Has anybody used it themselves to any success or was it a disaster? What team and player settings did you use? Currently I setup as follows: Mentality standard, fluid, normal tempo, short passing, balnced defensive line, play out of defence, look for overlap. Gk Lb: wingback attack Rb: wingback attack Cb: centre def defend Cb: centre def defend Dm: deep lying playmaker support Dm: defensive midfielder defend Lm: wide playmaker attack Rm: wide playmaker attack Cm: centre mid attack St: deep lying forward support So any thoughts and suggestions on the above. Any ideas to improve?
  17. I want to start a Leeds save where i concentrate on bringing through our current crop of youngsters, the likes of charlie taylor, kalvin phillips, chris dawson, lewis coyle, lewis walters, lewis cook, alex mowatt etc. The team will be built around these players. With the way the game works , most of these players will be on random CA's and PA's tgus not reflecting their real life potential. Is their a download which updates these players to their real life potential available? If not, i can change them manually, so question is, what CA's and PA's would be realistic of the above players, should i change any of their stats, ppm's etc to reflect real life? Your help would be greatly appreciated
  18. I'm thinking of starting a Leeds save, but with the restriction of bringing through the kids, like Redfearn has started to do. Can somebody tell me if the likes of Chris Dawson, Lewis Walters, Kalvin Phillips, Charlie Taylor, Lewis Cook, Alex Mowatt are good enough to reflect their real life potential in the latest patch? Any other youngsters with good potential ? eg Lewis Coyle, Ross Killock?
  19. So no real interest in the Brazil Box Midfield it seems. Well it's entertaining me trying to get it working to the way I want so I guess that's the main thing lol. Well upon further reading, I discovered an article by Jonathan Wilson whereby he states that the above system back in Brazil was seen more as a loosided diamond system as opposed to a box midfield. It goes on to explain the difference in a European 4231 and a South American 4231. Very interesting stuff. This is good news for me as I'd already got my Liverpool side playing well with a conventional diamond so I'm thinking this shouldn't be too hard. So I'm going to bring my most defensive midfielder central, my regista to the left of him as normal, this will also give me the option of playing my MC as a box to box midfielder, as per my original intention. As he will no longer get in the way of my defensive midfielder. Will post up how I get on.
  20. I've decided to try replicate the lopsided box midfield system myself, here's how I approached it: Here's a previous thread I wrote for an older version of FM: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/168473-Dunga-s-Brazil-Tactic-Download-Here-Not-a-typical-4-2-2-2!!! Initially I went counter, but changed to control because we kept giving possession away too cheaply, I play structured, more expressive, narrow, push up defence, short passing, retain possession, work ball out of defence, work ball into box, close down more. I've lined up as follows : Gk sweeper keeper Lb wing back support Cb centre defender defend Cb centre defender defend Rb complete wing back Ldm regista Rdm defensive midfielder defend Rmc centre mid attack Lamc Trequartista Amr inside forward attack Striker advanced forward attack As you can see this takes the lopsided box shape I've been talking about. Any suggestions to improve this setup? Anybody else playing something similar?
  21. I remember there being done brilliant articles in this forum by UNCLESAM for past FMs. Whatever happened to you fella? Here it is : http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/293315-FM-2012-4-4-2-Box-Midfield-Project A truly excellent read
  22. Is anybody trying to recreate this? I was using a narrow diamond on my Liverpool save, and managed to get that working, but then I got to thinking about this classic formation / system and whether it could work in this year's game. My diamond was working so I figured why the hell not. Now after reading Jonathan Wilson's "inverting the pyramid" he describes the classic Brazil system as two Registas in DMC positions and Two Trequartistas in AMC positions with two forwards in front of them and two very attack minded wing backs / fulcrums So without expecting too much, I set up exactly as above, and we ended up playing delightful football at times but we're too exposed defensively, Fast forward a number of years and I recall Dunga's Brazil being more defensively minded and pragmatic, much to the displeasure of some fans back home. They were also more of a counter attacking outfit. He kept the box midfield, but brought back the two AMCs into MC positions, but as I said more pragmatic, the modern Brazilian player wasn't soon much about skill, pace and a low centre of gravity, but more about strength. This was a development plan from the football association to combat European playing styles and be able to cope with the physicality of it. What player roles would you give these MCs in Dunga's Brazil? Bear in mind you want them moving forwards as well as laterally as a Trequartista would do in an AMC position. Another interesting note was at times Dunga would take one striker out and replace him with a box to box midfielder, a lopsided box, a bit like a 4231, Ramires was often used this way. Can anyone help me with team and player instructions for a successful Brazil Box Midfield tactic? How would you adapt the classic Brazil version and how would you recreate Dunga's version. How is Dunga's setting up the Brazil team now in his record stint as manager?
  23. With the new options presented to me in FM15 , it got me thinking whether a pseudo centre midfield could work? What do i mean by a Pseudo midfield? well i mean a centre midfield that at first glance looks empty or bare, but with player instructions / with posession is actually there. Here is the formation I've been contemplating to try get this idea working: gk - standard lfb - inverted wingback lcb - defend sw - libero rcb - defend rfb - inverted wingback so with the above setup, the inverted fullbacks and the libero will look to push up into the midfield strata forming a pseudo / fake central midfield trio when the team is in posession. rest of the team as follows: lm winger support rm winger support amc enganche str - advanced forward / poacher attack str - complete forward / target man support the enganche and wingers should be deep enough so that they are close enough to the pseudo midfield trio, providing passing options, whilst still maintaning an attacking threat. what team and player instructions would you use to get the following formation / idea to work?
  24. My usual setup in a tactic is to have a winger attack infront of a wingback / fullback on support on the right side, and on the left an inside forward on support duty with a wingback or complete wingback on attack. I could try using this setup with the trequartiista in the AMC slot instead of a shadow striker? Do you think this is a better setup?
  25. I have been trying out a new tactic that does not employ a striker in a striker position. The thinking behind it was to concentrate my attacking threats where the opposition is at its weakest. As such I didn't want to play a striker in a conventional position only for the central defender to try negate his threat. So where are my attacking threats coming from? The way I saw this working was to have multiple runners from deep positions. As such I have a central midfielder attacking alongside a box to box midfielder, a shadow striker flanked by two attacking inside forwards. I have three central runners from deep as well as two inside forwards running between the full back and centre backs, being overlapped by two attacking wingbacks. So I've set up as follows: Defensive / very rigid. Reason for this is I want to be solid defensively as well as have attacking roles for my players. I have found by playing defensive I sit deeper leaving more space for my central players to play a nice short passing game. It also draws the opposition defence out more leaving more space behind them, which is what my team looks to exploit. Note this system requires players with good pace in attack, good off the ball stats and good teamwork. Gk: just a regular keeper, distribute short / to defender LB: complete wing back attack CB: centre defender defend CB: centre defender defend RB: complete wing back attack DMC: half back LCM: box to box midfielder RCM: centre midfielder attack AML: inside forward attack AMC: shadow striker AMR: inside forward attack So you have the central dominance of the diamond system but still have the width that is often the big weakness of the diamond system. The amount of attacking options forward at times is frightening. I haven't tweaked player instructions but team instructions are drop deeper, pass shorter, retain posession, play narrower. Note I use defensive strategy mostly but counter also works quite nicely also. Has anybody else tried this formation? How did you go about it? Did you do anything different? Was it successful? Any advice on improving my system?
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