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  1. My thoughts on the setup are as follows: MENTALITY: positive IN POSSESSION: play out of defence low crosses work ball into box focus play through middle Underlap right and underlap left higher tempo very narrow IN TRANSITION: Counter, Counter-press OUT OF POSSESSION: higher defensive line higher line of engagement extremely urgent prevent short GK distribution FORMATION AND PLAYER ROLES: GK: sweeper keeper - support DCR: ball playing defender - defend DC: Libero support DCL: ba
  2. Hi guys. Haven’t seen any threads on RBL in the Bundesliga and Nagelsmann tactical setup of 3421 recently employed and used in the European game vs Tottenham Hotspur. for me , playing football manager , I get enjoyment trying to replicate tactics that I’ve seen IRL so would love to implement this into FM20. has anyone tried to replicate this ? I or have any advice or suggestions as to how I would do it ?
  3. Can anybody advise on how to replicate his tactic in FM18?
  4. WWFAN, great thread btw. I'm assuming in the new FM engine, that to implement the Barcelona template you would have Busquets as a half back, alba and Alves as complete wing backs, Messi as a False nine, with Neymar as inside forward, and Pedro /sanchez as winger?
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