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  1. @Tony Garveyi am sorry. I dont have a previous save when Dallas was still at the club. I have the same issue but with another player in the same game. The player had also left the club. If you need the save, please let me know. Thanks.
  2. @Russell Hammant I have uploaded my file. File title: Ronald Seah - Leeds.fm . Thanks for looking into this.
  3. Waiting on promise (WTG) status bug on my players. In this case, current date in game is 27/07/2023. Stuart Dallas left the club on 31/08/2022 (a season ago). Current players still displaying thoughts of Dallas shouldn't be forced out of club.
  4. Please see both images captured during match highlights. "Ayling is offside!", followed by "That looked very close to being offside!". Shouldn't the text reflect "That looked very close to being onside!" instead. Please advise.
  5. @James Finnerty I have just encountered this error in my latest save. I reload the game three times to make sure it is an error. I have uploaded my save file titled "Ronald Seah - Leeds.fm". As shown on the screenshots, please select "I would like to coach diego to stop marking opponents tightly". After which in the next page, I was unable to click the suggest option.
  6. @James Finnerty It happened rather randomly therefore I couldn't provide you with any specific examples / scenarios. In summary, this could happen when I select a coach to train a specific trait to the a player that I want. If the coach response is that the player is not suitable, three options would appear for me to accept his judgement, convince him, or ask him for his recommendation. The screen would then "freeze" by not allowing me to choose any of these three options, leaving me with the other option which is to exit the chat. I hope this helps.
  7. @Andrew James I have uploaded the file on the SI Cloud Service. File name is "Ronald Seah - Leeds.fm". Please look at player - Diego Llorente and try I. Cordoba (Defending) > Defending Training > Coach to mark tightly. Happened with coach I. Cordoba with certain defenders (Ben White, Robin Koch) before as well.
  8. Upon selecting a particular coach to initiate the task - "mark opponents tightly" for a defender, in the next conversation page, I was unable to click either to accept/convince option. Happens to a few coaches. Not sure if it is designed to be this way as I believe conversation should end by clicking accept/convince and not just by ending quick chat
  9. My team is having issues in conceding late goal (after 80mins) especially after leading by 1 goal even though I have placed the team on defensive/ultra defensive mentality, slow pace down and frequent time wasting. Any tips on other tactical instructions that you use to prevent this from happening. Thanks in advance.
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