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  1. Thank you for your reply. Is there a fix on the save so I can continue with the mallorca save? Thank you.
  2. I am using mallorca fc which got regulated in the second season and then bounced right back to la liga in the third season. At the start of the forth season the board expects me to qualify for the uefa champions league as a promotion club which is certainly unrealistic. May someone please kindly assist? Thank you. I have attached the save to the SI cloud with the save before and after the proposed season expectation from the club. Before: tommy ho - marlloca public (v02).fm After : tommy ho - marlloca public.fm
  3. My save game cannot be loaded suddenly today. I tried all the previous save files but it keeps on showing "the save game cannot be loaded". May someone help please ? Thank you. I have uploaded to the SI cloud. Thank you. tommy ho - marlloca public.fm Regards, Tommy
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