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  1. By support winger I meant a support role on the player in the AMR or AML position sorry. In regards to BWM, sure he's not a holding player, but you can play him with one. Here's my interpretation of holders and non holders Holder CMd, DLPd Non-holder B2B, APs/a, CMs/a, BWMs Fuzzy DLPs, BWMd DLPs and BWMd are more difficult to classify since the former holds position on defence and the latter holds position on offense. There was a thread back in the days of FM10 detailing a 4-2-3-1 with a DLPs and BWMd that was very successful for many people. Obviously the game's changed but there was stability in that sort of setup. Even though you can make it work, whether you want to depends on your personnel. I personally like to use a CMd with a playmaker because I like to have a technically proficient player playing higher up the pitch. But if you have a partnership of a khedira and alonso like Madrid last season you might want a physically imposing player higher up.
  2. There was a thread by someone a while ago (don't remember who) who detailed his setup through duties first then roles later. I think he ran a 4-2-3-1 with balanced mentality. The gist of his setup was this. -One fullback on attack and one fullback on support. -In front of the attacking fullback is a support winger (not role, position), and vice versa. -The CM on the attacking FB side would be a holding midfielder of some sort. -The CM on the supporting FB side would have some license to move forward. -If the forward was on attack (excluding treq), the AMC would be support, or vice versa. The idea of this setup on balanced philosophy is to produce an evenly balanced team in terms of mentality and forward movement. There is always a player overlapping or providing support behind. The roles themselves weren't particularly important since the mentality and and movement structures were already defined. I would suggest you tried his suggestions and tailor your roles to your current players. I think you can easily play with a BWM even on support if his partner is able to hold midfield. Whether you want to do that against the likes of PSG is another question.
  3. I don't think your 10 will get much support with that kind of setup as poachers don't contribute too much to build up, whilst behind him the DMs are too far, and out and out wingers don't give him the lateral support. I would think about setting one of your wide players to drop deep run with the ball and cut inside whilst having his fullback maintain width. Wider areas of the pitch are usually less congested than the middle so you're likely to get a lot of penetration through that wide player (mine gets 5-6 runs per game). I'd also experiment with setting your AMC as the playmaker. I tend not to like it as it drags him wide and deep since he looks for the ball. I personally prefer him to keep his advanced position a little more. You'll have to take that extra movement into account for your forward too. If your AMC roams too much a solo poacher won't get enough support, so maybe a DLF will work better. If you're AMC is more static then you won't want a forward that drops into his space etc.
  4. Just had a look at Eriksen's stats. Not that great at around 2-3 runs per game, and his dribbling's only a measly 14. Dual footedness helps I reckon
  5. Agree with all your points. I don't even bother with AMR/L I pull them back to ML/R. I've had absolutely no success with the traditional 4-2-3-1 whatsoever
  6. I think my Chrisitian Eriksen in FM13 is similar to what you're after. I ran a balanced 4-4-1-1 with him in the AMC position set to attacking midfielder support with roaming but normal wide play. Had an AF in front and a CMd and APs behind him. Worked really well because my striker stretched play vertically and my APs shifted side to side looking for the ball but didn't burst forward too much. Since your wide players are on the same strata as your central midfielders, they rarely clogged space. So when Eriksen got the ball he literally had the entire pitch under his feet. I didn't set him as a playmaker because that'll make him drift towards the ball and shift side to side, I wanted him more central. Though I think the reason he was so successful was partially due to him being the best attacking player on my team though
  7. I've tried using the 3 AMC behind a lone striker as well. Was a lot more successful when a TQ was incorporated. ----------AF ---AM(s) TQ AM(a) Was what i settled with. I pretty much had to play Christian Eriksen as the TQ though, not only was he my most creative player but dual footedness was crucial otherwise your ball distribution goes to the flanks. Footedness on the AMs depended on whether you wanted wide or narrow play. Excellent ball retention with that set up but offered little penetration and goal scoring. Enough to win me the German league in 2018 i think but i quickly went away from it
  8. Home or away? If home, I'd try an attacking strategy with what you've got. The AI tends to kneel over in away games against sides of similar stature. Just be sure to mark out Higuain and CR and set the FB against CR as defend. If away, pretty much the same, but make CR's sides winger a defensive winger. In my experience the AI is ridiculous when you play them away, so you might as well attack them anyway
  9. I wouldn't. I've tried it before and it results in the fullback shown down the line and become very isolated. Setting it to normal gives you width but doesn't force them to look down the touchline every single time
  10. Just me speculating since I don't have the beta ATM. Treqs are the creative force in the team. The TC assigns the treq as the main playmaker in every tactic. False 9s don't have to be the main creative outlet in the team. Eg fabregas for Spain in euro 12, or maybe even kerzhakov as well?
  11. I'm assuming what you want to do is have Costa drag players out of position so Turan Villa and Oliver can exploit the space left? And to do that you've got short passing, max creative freedom and roaming? Here's what I can see from your system, you've got 5-6 players all running towards one area of the park. Costa cannot pull left or right because of the wide players, and can't drop deep because you've got Oliver there and potentially Koke making a fwd run. Your wing backs will bomb forward and you'll have half your team really forward, and putting lots of emphasis on Koke to produce the penetrating pass. The inside forward role really needs clarification IMO because people assume it works like messi and Henry of old Barcelona, sitting in the channel between FB and CB looking to make a run. What it really does is: on attack role, sit high and wide by the opponent FB, receive the ball, get shown down the byline and become isolated. On support, he sits wide but deep, and can dribble the ball inside. This is what I recommend Midfield of dlp/ap support with cm defend. Dlp if you feel you need extra stability, AP if you feel you need additional thrust from midfield. Front 4 of IF support, winger attack, AMC support, AF. As you don't have a natural wideman for the winger, it'd be important to have wide play set to normal, but rfd often to stretch play. IF support with Turan gives you dribbling options from wide. AMC support is a jack of all trades pick since everything is set to sometimes apart from TTB so your player can make decisions. Costa brings the energy where as villa brings goal scoring and finesse. Same with AF, but used to stretch play vertically so your band of 3 behind has room to operate. Full back roles will depend on the wideman ahead. FB attack pairs with IF support. And FB support pairs with winger attack. I've always felt wingbacks are a defensive liability so i don't use them. Balanced philosophy works well with this set up as you've got different duties all over in your attack. Balanced philosophy will produce different layers of attack. Ie attacking thrust from up front and deeper back
  12. Fact is, FM is game, and games have limits. The post-game news is coded to reflect on the result of the previous match, not the context of the previous match. I think it'll take too much work to code in context and make it 'human'. If you feel you've been hard-done, then reload the game and play it again with your youngsters until you win it. Since win or lose doesn't really matter, and what matters is morale, so keep replaying it until you get the correct morale response. End of the day, it's a game, and a game that's far from perfect. Arsenal fans doesn't care if Wenger sends out 11 U18s for Carling Cup and lose in real life, they'll murder him for it in FM though.
  13. -Still have the black skin -Still had commentary only with 2D match display. -Still had commentary only AND 2D match display with 3D match display. -Do not have show instructions with new TC.
  14. I'm not from the UK so I think it'll be pretty easy to find a football fan that doesn't know FM . More to the point. When you move the width from 12 to 20 you've mathematically increased your original width by 60-70%. Then if you define what width 12 means then you easily find out what width 20 means. Obviously FM doesn't interpret width this way otherwise my fullbacks will be playing on the stands, but it's a way to interpret things. Now if someone tells me they told their team to play wider, my first question is how much wider? How wide were you to start off with? My career outside of FM is science based so I'm used to seeing things defined by numbers and calculations. Simply saying 'play wider' could mean play 1cm wider than what you're doing now, or 10cm etc. Again, I use shouts, i don't fiddle with the sliders, but i like to have the option of seeing how much of a width increase does the shout do. If 'play wider' increases width from 10 to 15, then what happens if i manually change it to 20? I'm sure i'm not the only person who has those thoughts.
  15. The reason people don't try the play with the TC exclusively is because there are many problems with it, one of which are the examples i raised before. Shouts at the moment affect the entire team, and can't be used on individuals. If that's what end user wants to do (tweak settings for an individual player), he has to use sliders, he can't use shouts, and now you're telling him to play the current game exclusively with TC/shouts. Another thing, I think the vast majority of people who are pro-sliders aren't lost causes like you think they're to be. I can almost guarantee the people that don't want sliders gone don't micromanage within a game. Like a few people have said, they like to click on the 'show instructions' box and understand the role/duty that way. That's just logical for them. I've played this game for over 10 years, back in CM01/02 there were only sliders. Now you have a 2 line description of a preset role that you're supposed to trust, and 15-20 shouts that are potentially just as vague. I don't think the vast majority of people would give a damn if they can use sliders or not as long they can give individual instructions to their players. What most of those people want is to see how their changes affect their players 'tendencies', or what's going on 'under the hood'. I don't think it's an incredibly complicated feature to put in the game nor is it an outrageous request. But i'm surprised how much **** people get for expressing their views, eg How can someone be convinced if the person trying to convince them has that type of attitude? For the record, I love the TC. I never understood the intricacies of time wasting, mentality, width and the other 20 point sliders, but by looking at the team/individual sliders it helps me to understand what those roles/strategies do. A name's just a label, its the adjustable instructions that make the role
  16. I dont think the thread title was taken into consideration when the discussion started
  17. Indeed, but most of the discussion in this thread is about TC vs sliders, without regard to FM14 features, so i'm just chipping in 2 cents
  18. I think the TC is exactly what it's called, a creator. It can create hundreds to thousands different tactics depending on the players positions and roles and team instructions, but you can't specify with it. eg 'shoot on sight' will make most or all your players take long shots, and 'work into box' does the opposite, but you can't use the TC or shouts to make the entire team 'work into box' but make a specific player 'shoot on sight'. You can use whatever tactic and whichever combination of shouts you want, but you're basically choosing a set of preset instructions to apply to your team. And these presets are determined by what the game developers think they mean. When Guardiola tells his team to 'drop deeper' he'll have a different meaning and expectation to Mourinho for example. Removing the the slider system without a proper replacement = true death to customization. Don't know about the others on this forum but I feel my interpretation of some of the shouts is different to the game developers, and as the owner of this game, I expect the ability to implement my interpretation
  19. I play a 4-2-3-1 and have troubles with 4-3-3s too. Here's my solution: Play a 4-2-4. Flat back 4, 2 CMs or DMs, whatever you prefer, and 4 AMs. Back 4 can be whatever you like. I usually use 2 normal centre backs and 2 attacking wingbacks. Middle 2 are generally holding midfielders. I generally prefer CMd and DLPs. Front 4 are IFa-TQ-AMa-IFa. You can try setting one of the inside forwards to wingers if you wish, or even both. I prefer having 2 inside forwards. Best to have TQ directly in front of your CMd and the AMa in front of the DLPs. All settings as default settings. I generally pull long shots to rarely for everyone though. For your team, I'd try something like this: Bale - Sigurodson (TQ) - Hamsik (AMa) - Lennon Sandro (CMd) - Hudds (DLPs) Back four Obviously Huddlestone is out injured so you can either use Sigurodsson, Hamsik or Dempsey there. Ideally, DLP is your best defensive creator, TQ is your best creator, AMa is your best finisher. The idea behind this style of play is having solid defensive core to hold off attacks. You've got your 2 midfielders battling the opposition 2 midfielders so your back 4 can handle their attacking 3. Traditionally the AMC in a 4-2-3-1 gets marked to oblivion by the opposition DM, so if you pull a striker back you'll have 2 dangerous players in that DM zone. Since they're both in the AM slots, the opposition defenders won't be marking them tightly, which means you'll always have a free central midfield player to make a dangerous pass cheers
  20. disagree with this. the definition of leading the line should push him up. and his RFD instructions should put push him up where a poacher is.
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