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  1. Really strange, I can't access any content from sisportscentre website (where the screens are uploaded to). Link just says "Sorry, the parameters you provided were not valid"
  2. Hi Cleon, Any chance the screens from the OP can be reuploaded? Cheers
  3. I apologise if I'm offending but it doesn't sound like you've worked out a cohesive tactical plan. By that I mean you've got wingers and wide midfielders and 1 tactic and wide playmakers the next, which significantly alters how your team plays. Chopping and changing based on single results doesn't work well in FM. Results can be influenced by many things which will change score lines from devastating loss to emphatic win. 4-2-3-1 and variations play differently to 4-5-1 variations and thus player requirements are different too. I'll be the first to say I don't know a whole heck about West Ham
  4. It's a little counter intuitive but as you find more success, the more defensive you have to play. Teams that you beat comfortably previously are going to park the bus against you now. The more bodies you throw forward the more likely you're going to get countered, and once you concede that single goal, it's game over. So you might find yourself starting the game with Standard or even Counter when you've previously started with Control. I've found some games I have to start with Defensive or Contain. Against the bigger teams like Chelsea and City etc, you can probably get away playing the
  5. Simple answer to your question would be: Yes, just make one of your forwards man-mark their deepest midfielder. However, you might want to consider: Where are you conceding possession? If your opponent is holding the ball in their half it might not be a problem, as you've got an aggressive lineup that might nick the ball off them as they ponder. If they're constantly 'in the hole' then it's a different issue all together.
  6. I just look at the opposition manager's preferred play style. That alone gives you a good overview of how his team's likes to play and what kind of strategy you should employ. eg Klopp plays a highly aggressive face rush style, so my preferred style to counter his is fight fire with fire. Jose Mourinho likes to close down quickly and play direct, so I like to play cautious possession football against him and try to win 1-0 etc. I feel there isn't enough emphasis on individual players in the game and the manager's style tends to come out on top (funny, we're playing football manager!). Carlo
  7. Dude your defenders are simply world class. If the rest of your team is of similar quality you should be winning the league or at least top 3. Here's my advice. 1) review what your tactical plan is. You said you've used he first tactic for a long time, climbing through the lower leagues and doing OK in the prem. However as you climb the prem you're going to have teams parking the bus against you, and teams trying to dominate you, so you'll need tactics in both circumstances. Your tactic is pretty hum ho in my opinion, it doesn't fill the shoes of a bus parker or a relegation bully. Playing
  8. Who's West Brom's manager and what's his preferred styles? Like direct passing? Possession football etc
  9. I've done this a few times, then i remembered a really smart man saying: Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. So then i'd do something totally crazy like change all my roles, or create a completely new tactic with different formation, then I'd win. What I'm trying to say is, FM is a game, a game that does a pretty good job of simulating real life, but it's not perfect, so if you apply real life logic onto it, you're going to get hurt.
  10. Yeah just attack them. You almost have 0 chance playing defensively or on the counter anyway. High tempo and harassing them with aggressive tackling works for my teams when against the pellegrinis and klopps.
  11. Yes, I do. Though I have to stress that it's more setting up different against different managers rather than different sides. The base tactic is: Standard - Fluid -Use offside trap -Push higher up -Shorter passing -Hassle -Get stuck in -Use tighter marking BWM on D, CWB changed to FBa. It's slightly more defensive in the sense that I really want to disrupt the opposition. It was developed mainly to counter Klopp's Juventus side that was ridiculously strong, but it works quite well against other aggressive managers.
  12. If you want a regista as your DM I think you'll need to set one of your fullbacks into a support role, preferably the one behind your winger. Reason being is a regista joins an attack rather than sit in front of the defense. With 2 CWB and insufficient cover in front of your CBs you can be vulnerable to counters. If you play with an A or HB it's less of an issue.
  13. I don't subscribe to this universalism/specialist theory either. To me it seems too arbitrary. My understanding of philosophy, mentality and strategy is incredibly simple. Philosophy is how many groups of responsibilities do you want. Very fluid being 1, and since all your players have 1 responsibility, then that responsibility encompasses all,which is what very fluid is about. Fluid has 2, attack and defense, but to prevent your units being split, they help each other on transitions. Balanced has 3, determined by roles set by you. Rigid and very rigid is more positionally dependent on which
  14. I think any mentality and fluidity can suit any formation and it depends on your play style. But certain play styles are more common for each formation. Maybe I'll start 4-4-2: generally a more direct attack with lots of width. Defensively can sit back with the '2 banks of 4' or be more proactive and press like atletico last season 4-1-2-1-2: generally shorter passing down the middle of a narrow midfield.
  15. Glad you've found success with this shape I haven't, though it does sound like a good idea against the top 1-2 teams away in the CL. What I have done is use a more defensively sound midfielder in the right AP slot. He's got pretty decent creative/passing attributes but is a real monster defensively, and I've found that to be sufficient against most difficult opposition. This tactic started out using a DLP at the DM slot but I always find him to be too static in position. Sometimes the ball gets channeled down a particular side of the pitch but the more advanced players get marked out.
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