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  1. I started my game in June, and they were out before August...
  2. 1) Tactical or Man Mangement attribute not high enough. 2) He is Reserves or U18 Manager and they have a game that day.(?)
  3. SSGTroyer

    FM13 skins

    ??? It's Ter. Ter's one and only job is making the skin(s) the game ships with. SI per se doesn't think about it, Ter does. Although Ter is an SI-guy...
  4. Not bored, but I've put it down for what I considered a game-ruining bug that was known and delibrately not fixed; i.e. players who have asked for and been promised a new contract, then refusing to negotiate, then getting upset at you breaking your promise when they aren't offered a new contract.
  5. SSGTroyer

    Defensive Forwards

    I have a MR/AMR/MC/AMC that I retrained as a ST because he was good in the air, who also had 11 marking and 13 tackling who uses DF quite well when he plays up there, DW out wide, and Playmaker when center-mid.
  6. I'm 51, and love the game. But I'm kind of a nut for the genre...
  7. As has been mentioned...differring opinions between scout and assman, user error by looking at "recommendation" (which often displays potential), timing of the report. But the biggest cause of this is laziness. Not digging into the playercard itself to see what one's staff's guesses about the actual attributes are, and comparing them to the same staff member's guess of the player one hopes to replace.
  8. Coaches have a CA/PA just like everyone else, even you (your CA/PA is 200/200). Coaches PAs decline a bit with age, just like players' do... I've also noticed that coaches CAs are somewhat tied to team success. A coaches CA will rise to meet his PA faster at a long-term successful club, and he will lose CA is the club doesn't do well over some seasons. Coaches CAs rise faster than they fall, though.
  9. They did announce it, way back during release. Posted a patch schedule, just like every year. And the 3rd-and-last will be end of February/beginning of March. Just like every year.
  10. In England, most part-time teams will go full pro upon promotion to League 2. Last year, in France, my side went pro their second year in the Ligue National...
  11. I'm deep into a long-term save that I've put on hold until the patch. Haven't played FM for three weeks now, because a player asked for a new contract, and I agreed he deserved one. But I can't fulfill the promise, because he won't negotiate with me. Already lost two subs/2nd-teamers this way, and I'm waiting for the patch so I don't lose my starting MC/DM.
  12. My long-term save is on hold until the new patch, so I'm playing Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, and, starting next week, Crusader Kings II ...
  13. SSGTroyer

    Placing job adverts

    An entertaining read...
  14. SSGTroyer

    Old form bar please

    So it seems. While I empathise with the OP, I realize his request would necessitate going back to whole-number-only form ratings, and that...I couldn't abide.
  15. Changing them outside the match will mess with it, for some reason. There have been seasons where I tweak and tweak all season long, and the team never becomes fully "versed" in any tactic. But that makes sense, I guess. If I don't keep consistant, the nuggets keep having to relearn what I want, don't they? But in the match is where it really counts, and that's where it gets safely spread.