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  1. 1) Tactical or Man Mangement attribute not high enough. 2) He is Reserves or U18 Manager and they have a game that day.(?)
  2. ??? It's Ter. Ter's one and only job is making the skin(s) the game ships with. SI per se doesn't think about it, Ter does. Although Ter is an SI-guy...
  3. Not bored, but I've put it down for what I considered a game-ruining bug that was known and delibrately not fixed; i.e. players who have asked for and been promised a new contract, then refusing to negotiate, then getting upset at you breaking your promise when they aren't offered a new contract.
  4. I have a MR/AMR/MC/AMC that I retrained as a ST because he was good in the air, who also had 11 marking and 13 tackling who uses DF quite well when he plays up there, DW out wide, and Playmaker when center-mid.
  5. Every year, there are a bunch of complaints about injuries being too many. Every year, it's shown that people are doing something "wrong" (at least in game terms), because many others don't see those issues. I don't get too many injuries. I've never had more than 4 on my squad at any given time (knock on verneer). If you're getting more than that, you must be doing something I'm not, or I'm doing something you're not, or both. But it's not the game's fault.
  6. I was under the impression this was already hidden in the current system, to a small degree. Morale, which is dependant, in part, on form, already adjusts in-match abilities with minor modifiers, does it not?
  7. Scout has been watching U18's for 5 weeks (840 hours). During this time, he's seen or watched films of 964 matches (1440 hours). Talented man...
  8. Influance is important, but you need to consider that if his other attributes are bad, the greater influance will have a greater negative effect... I go for all the things mentioned above and add aggression, sportsmanship, and dirtiness. I've noticed that frequently-carded captians lead to more cards for the entire team...Aggression can't be too high or too low. For me, a range of 9-13 is needed.
  9. I get so jealous seeing all these goal totals. I always have two or three scorers who, when taken together, get those kind of numbers, but I never get that kind of production out of just one...
  10. Worked FM08, FM09, and FM10. Doesn't work on FM11, but I haven't tried dragging from pitch to squadlist yet, only squadlist to pitch and squadlist sub7 to squadlist starting11 (neither of which work (redundant, I know (but who cares? At least I'm being clear ))).
  11. People were reporting these issues with 11.2.0, too...and it's not everybody. I needed 11.2.1, so I was watching the threads very intently for a couple days (daze?)...if you're running 11.2.0 fine, you can install 11.2.1 without any knock-ons. 11.2.1 didn't change anything with the tactics turning all "Common," 11.2.0 did that. But not to me, and not to you (apparently).
  12. ^^^ name changes must be done in such a way that the new name must have the exact same number of characters as the old name. Smith -> Jones is allowed. Smith -> Harrayhousen is not.
  13. You can see and edit staff PA and CA just like players'....at least, I see them.....
  14. How do I stop Steam from realizing the program files aren't what Steam put there, and "fixing" them because Steam thinks they're corrupted?
  15. That will force a takeover. If your new chairman isn't a sugar daddy, you can either do it again, or edit him into a sugar daddy. Or, you can just change your existing chairman into a sugar daddy...
  16. This made me smile: Came the day before the local derby...ESTAC is our most fierce rival...
  17. Requesting the ability to edit referees someday.
  18. Managed in England and France for FM10 a total of 22 years...saw snow three times.
  19. Maybe they just weren't happy at the manner of the loss...were you 0-0 most of the game, only to concede late? They might then be upset to come so close to a draw and come away with nothing...
  20. I get the feeling this guy won't be making too many controversial calls....
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