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  1. I will give tiny updates here. Dont know if anybody is interested but i sometimes feel the urge to share...:) So i got into the European Groups by eleminating first Maribor and then Montpellier. Huge succes of course. First match i had a draw against Aberdeen. And i asked the board to go professional and they agreed finally! I lost 2-0 to Wolfsburg but i saw they have a player who is around 30 million and the whole worth of my club is now 5,84 million. My tactic now is very solid. I have 2 tactics a 4123 DM and a new one who i think is even better 5-3-2. I have some reasonable quality wingers so i didnt want to quit the 4123 DM. The only problem i have is that my strikers dont score much. They often have dry spells. But i guess thats the price i pay for the defensive stability. My fans who go when i dont play at home have doubled from 10 till 20.
  2. In season 9 i just got the message that my season ticket sales has soared from last season. 59 season tickets sold. 53 last year.
  3. I hope people still read this topic. I have a few tactical questions on which i cannot find an answer online. 1. What does raising your defensive line do exactly? I know lowering it (deep defensive line) creates space and i use this when i play against ultra defensive teams. But im not quite sure when you would want to use raising the defensive line? 2. What would be the right strategy when you oponent goes to a more attacking strategy? Switch from standard to counter? Or keep playing standard even if it gives your oponent more shots on goal? I would be really thankfull for some insights! I have after all a big job ahead of me and thats winning the CL with Armagh.
  4. Well my players are developing pretty decent. I have 2 U21 players now from my own youth (CD and LB) and 1 U19 (DF) (youth internationals) . Im allready past the non contract point because i can sign all my best players on Parttime contracts. I have 1,7 mil in the bank because of the European games over the last 3 years. But at this moment i have the feeling im going backwards because of the tactics. I have to get the title a few times so i can become nr 1 club in Northern Ireland. And then i can sign all the best players in Northern Ireland, maybe go proffesional and start really competing in Europe.
  5. Not possible. I can only scout in NI. No way of asking to scout more countries either but it says at board screen that im only allowed to scout NI.
  6. Thx! Im gonna try it and also the link in post below. Few questions. What is the LOE? And if you use shadow striker or winger attack you should have pass into space ticked i guess? Are there anymore attack space roles?
  7. Lowest reputation club in lowest reputation league thats awesome. Nice you allways started with Armagh. Did you do this also in FM2017? How did it go? I had super interesting LLM saves in FM2007 FM2008 FM2010 and FM2011. Most of them with Blyth Spartans (winning everything) and Shamrock Rovers (also winning everything). But in these saves i allways used Plug and Play tactics, no attribute cloak. So what im doing now is way different because of the tactics. And i can handle the club building aspect even with this extra difficulty. But the tactics are really starting to demotivate me.
  8. Hey guys. Im playing the FM2017 version and for the first time in playing FM im diving in deep in developing my own tactics. Im starting to get a little bit better in it but i know i still have a lot to learn. Im playing in Northern Ireland with a club called Armagh and i find its really hard but it gives me alot of pleasure because of the challenge and the feel of realism. I have attributes on masked and i can only scout in Northern Ireland. So both squad building is very hard because i can only scout in NI and even then not all players want to play with me because my rep is now 5th in the country and i have a really low attendance base (about 300 average now) so i cannot give players a high wage. But im making progress as last year i took the title for the first time while predicted 7th. And this year i eliminated Rosenborg in CL first qualify round. But i would really hear some help on the tactics side. Im playing a pretty simple countertactic. Direct play, deep line, 4123 with DM narrow play with clear ball to flank and exploit flank but i feel i dont make the most of my players. I have a few players who stand out. I have a striker with 14 16 acc and pace 12 fin and 12 com and 15 off the ball. So he is superfast for this level and really good off the ball movement. I have an italian midfielder (occasionally i get players from abroad offered and this one was a big hit!) who has 13 first touch 13 passing 10 technique 14 dec 15 flair and 12 vision so a really good playmaker for this level. And i have a few backs with about 13 marking tackling pace position and 6 crossing. So really solid backs for this level. I might add that i also have 1 really good winger and a few other medium wingers. So i would like to keep playing with wingers. And i feel like i can be making more out of these players. Any ideas or advice to utilize them better will be very much appreciated!
  9. Thx for the advice. Im really trying to get a grip on the tactics. But every time i find something that works, just a few games later it doesnt work at all anymore. For instance i found this tactic now based on my very talented young targetman. So i created this very basic 442 with a shadow striker (i read somewhere the match engine doesnt cope very good with them), direct play, narrow play. Just very basic really. And then for a few matches it works pretty good. But then after 3 matches i get this match with the opposition playing the same formation as others but all of a sudden i create nothing and the opposition outplays me. I just cannot find any consistency in tactics. Its really frustrating.
  10. Thx for all the tips guys. Im starting to understand the tactical side a litte bit better now. This micro managing is really alot more realistic but man its also very time consuming. Study about each match before you play and then spend a lot of time looking at the match and hope you can see some patterns or things that go wrong. Are there maybe some pointers you guys can share to use for seeing what goes wrong or right in a match and what you can use to make changes to your tactics? Last year i was 5th in Danske Bank Premiership and i won the Irish League Cup with Armagh. So i got to play Euro football for the first time. I got Stromgsgodset from Norway. Lost 3-0 at home and 0-0 away but i earned 300000 with it and that its huuuuuuge for my finances. So that was good. Its such a ridiculous challenge though. I cannot even do what i do best and thats squad building because i can only scout in Northern Ireland. And i have the attribute cloack on. But im getting some good youth players now so thats good. I just have to make sure i put them on parttime contracts because those Welsh TNS bastards just stole away my huge keeper talent because he was on a noncontract. Cheers!
  11. Hey guys. I have played this game since CM96/97 off and on and i started playing FM 2017 recently. Before that i played FM 2011 2010 and 2007 a lot. I allways used downloaded tactics and then squad building to get little clubs from bottom to absolute top. I had amazing careers with Shamrock Rovers and Blyth Spartans for instance bringing them the cup with the big ears (as they say here in Holland). But there was something bugging me and that was the level of how reel it felt to me. For instance in FM2011 with Shamrock Rovers i started doing really well in Europe with alot of talent and then bigger clubs came in and swooped my best players and biggest talents away. That felt very realistic. After that when i played FM2012 and 2013 there was hardly any interest for my players even the time when i did a Youth Challenge with Cork City and half of the Irish national team was made up of my own players no big clubs came in and bought my players. Both those things put me off. Didnt feel realistic anymore. So now i started with FM2017 and i choose Armagh from Northern Ireland. Its a big challenge again because the Northern Ireland competition is really really low with all semi pro clubs and a reputation like Vanarama National or something. I also decided to stop with using downloaded tactics but create my own. I didnt want any matchengine exploiting tactic anymore. Im quite liking it so far. It added an extra dimension of realism to the game. I only have 2 problems. One it takes up much more time because you need to study your oponents tactics and adapt your own tactics to it. And two (and this is more important to me) its starting to feel less realistic now for me because i have had alot of games in which i choose the right tactics and get up like 2 3 sometimes 4 goals. Then i do some adjusment, often retain possesion, play more narrow, deeper dline but still i get hammered by the opposition and lose the game. Yesterday i had this game, i came 2-0 up, i did retain possesion all was good, im looking at the widge screen of opponent, AI didnt change any formation or role so far i could see, but all of a sudden after 60 min they start scoring and i lose 4-2. Ridiculous. My tactic worked very well untill then, i didnt see any changes made by AI but they score 4 goals. And i have seen this alot. Can somebody explain to me how this works, why it is realistic and what i can do about it? Thx alot. Cheers
  12. I have been reading up on the Youth Academy Challenges the last few months and its something that really inspired me. I have been playing FM2011 for a long time with a challenge winning CL with Shamrock Rovers in Ireland and i managed that. After that i wanted a bigger challenge so i decided to try a YAC with Shamrock Rovers but about 8 years in i came to the conclusion its not possible because the Youth Intake is ridiculously bad. So i started a YAC with Berkum (amateur club from Holland) and about 6 years in i came to the conclusion that i lost my motivation because its way too easy. My youth team at the moment has about 25 players and only 3 or 4 with potential below 3 stars. The rest is all potential First League material and then the best 15 and 16 year old are with the first team allready. Very unrealistic to me! So now im gonna try a YAC in Ireland. Lets see if that feels like a realistic challenge. What i also noticed is that there is a huge difference in player interest and buy between FM2011 and FM2013. In FM2011 my players get bought much more often then in FM2013.
  13. I am playing FM2011 at the moment and there i saw that one of the clubs has an amateur feeder club with which it has a long term partnership which means it gets the best youth players from that amateur clubs. In real life alot of football clubs also have partnerships like this. What i really would like to see is that you can form longtermpartnerships like this with local amateur clubs. I like to play long term youth challenge games so it would be really nice when you can expand your range of youth players coming in like this. So for instance im playing with Cork City at the moment and when i form a long term partnership with a club from Dublin you should see the following year at least 1 or 2 youth players coming trough from Dublin.
  14. This is awesome. I just discovered this thread. I am still playing FM2011 as it feels to me as the most realistic FM version i played the last years. So now im currently playing with Shelbourne from Ireland and my aim is to improve the league. I started off with Shamrock Rovers and got as far as half final CL but my best players were bought from me all the time and the league didnt improve anymore because the other clubs werent doing good. So i decided to take controll of Shelbourne and make them a top team also. I won the EL with Shelbourne but its very very hard to increase the league any further. But what i noticed was that my youth intake got worse during the years. Im getting absolutely nothing and the NT also has gone backwards alot. So i was reading about how to increase youth intake. And i think by focussing only on national players you can do that. So now by reading your thread i think im going to start a new challenge again like you did but then in Ireland. To see how far i can get. Question: As i understand it you didnt do any transfers at all? You only rely on your own youth intake players? Really excited to go try that!
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