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  1. But i think its also appyable to FM2020 right? I just need some advice on tactics.
  2. Hey Guys. Im playing FM2017 with Armagh in Northern Ireland. The goal is to bring the level of Football in Northern Ireland up. So im now in season 25 with Armagh and i play CL regularly and the league is improving every year. Im trying to use as much players from Northern Ireland as i can. I also use as much coaches from Nothern Ireland. What i see now is that a lot of the players from my youth are a bit better then the other NI players so the level is slowly risen with other clubs too because a lot of my youth products who are not good enough for my team end up with other NI teams. Now
  3. I have to say FM2010 and FM2011 where more easy to play. Scouting was way more easy, i could get very good gems if you had a decent scouting system. Now im playing FM2017 and its way way harder to find these gems. Also on FM2010 and 11 i used downloaded overachieving tactics which made it also way more easy. Now i use my own tactis. (more realistic) But bigger clubs coming in poaching your best players made it alot of fun for me because i could find very good or even better replacements. So you get more money and you can upgrade your facilities. Leagues get mainly better by how well you do in
  4. On FM2011 I won the CL with Shamrock Rovers from Ireland. I plan on doing the same now on FM2017 but im looking for the right DB setup so that bigger clubs from England come in and steal my better players. Most realistic way imo.
  5. Hey guys, i have been playing FM since years but i have never understood how to set up the right database. I have had awesome careers on FM2010 and FM2011 and tried FM2012 and FM2013 also but never really got into it. The reason my careers on 2010 and 2011 were so awesome was because i played LLM and brought tiny clubs (Blyth Spartans and Shamrock Rovers in Ireland) to the top and won the CL with them. One of the most enjoyable aspects of those careers was that i scouted very good and got great players and alot of them got solled by my board when bigger clubs came in and offered alot of money.
  6. I think its very realistic for the English lower leagues to raid empty the Nothern Ireland League of any good players.
  7. Well i dont think this is true. When you have alot of players loaded for for instance Ireland the AI clubs have alot of players too choose from and will not fight as actively to buy a player from you. Thats what i noticed now.
  8. Hey guys, I was wondering what the best setup would be to get a realistic transfer market in which good players of small clubs get snatched away by bigger clubs. I allways play with smaller clubs and i like it when my best players get sold by my board when the price is too big for them to ignore. I have had careers on FM 2010 and 2011 in which this worked pretty good. But on FM 2012 and FM 2013 this didnt work for me. For instance i had a Youth Academy Challenge with Cork City on which i had like 15 internationals and not one got bought away while the value of my players still was
  9. Hey guys. Im playing FM2017 at the moment and i want to start a new game with Blyth Spartans who i brought glory in older versions. What i would like to do is set the game up with leagues and additional players so that it will be the most active transfer market i can get. I really like it when bigger clubs come and steal my best players away. I know this sounds weird but it gives me the best gaming experience in terms of realism. My question is does anybody know how i should set up the game so this will happen?
  10. I will give tiny updates here. Dont know if anybody is interested but i sometimes feel the urge to share...:) So i got into the European Groups by eleminating first Maribor and then Montpellier. Huge succes of course. First match i had a draw against Aberdeen. And i asked the board to go professional and they agreed finally! I lost 2-0 to Wolfsburg but i saw they have a player who is around 30 million and the whole worth of my club is now 5,84 million. My tactic now is very solid. I have 2 tactics a 4123 DM and a new one who i think is even better 5-3-2. I have some re
  11. In season 9 i just got the message that my season ticket sales has soared from last season. 59 season tickets sold. 53 last year.
  12. I hope people still read this topic. I have a few tactical questions on which i cannot find an answer online. 1. What does raising your defensive line do exactly? I know lowering it (deep defensive line) creates space and i use this when i play against ultra defensive teams. But im not quite sure when you would want to use raising the defensive line? 2. What would be the right strategy when you oponent goes to a more attacking strategy? Switch from standard to counter? Or keep playing standard even if it gives your oponent more shots on goal? I would be really thankfull
  13. Well my players are developing pretty decent. I have 2 U21 players now from my own youth (CD and LB) and 1 U19 (DF) (youth internationals) . Im allready past the non contract point because i can sign all my best players on Parttime contracts. I have 1,7 mil in the bank because of the European games over the last 3 years. But at this moment i have the feeling im going backwards because of the tactics. I have to get the title a few times so i can become nr 1 club in Northern Ireland. And then i can sign all the best players in Northern Ireland, maybe go proffesional and start really competing i
  14. Not possible. I can only scout in NI. No way of asking to scout more countries either but it says at board screen that im only allowed to scout NI.
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