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  1. I am playing FM2011 at the moment and there i saw that one of the clubs has an amateur feeder club with which it has a long term partnership which means it gets the best youth players from that amateur clubs. In real life alot of football clubs also have partnerships like this. What i really would like to see is that you can form longtermpartnerships like this with local amateur clubs. I like to play long term youth challenge games so it would be really nice when you can expand your range of youth players coming in like this. So for instance im playing with Cork City at the moment and when i form a long term partnership with a club from Dublin you should see the following year at least 1 or 2 youth players coming trough from Dublin.
  2. This is awesome. I just discovered this thread. I am still playing FM2011 as it feels to me as the most realistic FM version i played the last years. So now im currently playing with Shelbourne from Ireland and my aim is to improve the league. I started off with Shamrock Rovers and got as far as half final CL but my best players were bought from me all the time and the league didnt improve anymore because the other clubs werent doing good. So i decided to take controll of Shelbourne and make them a top team also. I won the EL with Shelbourne but its very very hard to increase the league any further. But what i noticed was that my youth intake got worse during the years. Im getting absolutely nothing and the NT also has gone backwards alot. So i was reading about how to increase youth intake. And i think by focussing only on national players you can do that. So now by reading your thread i think im going to start a new challenge again like you did but then in Ireland. To see how far i can get. Question: As i understand it you didnt do any transfers at all? You only rely on your own youth intake players? Really excited to go try that!
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