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  1. I would like to think the entire Sheffield United team has been improved.
  2. Hi all. Long time player of FM, but rather simple question.. I think there is an under rated player that plays for my team, I won't name him as I'm gonna be saying CA/PA values. Lets say I wanted to improve him from the start of the game, he starts on 127 CA, I would like to change this to 137 CA and he has a PA of 136 which I will change to 146, so +10 on CA and PA. In the above scenario what will happen to his base stats on start up of a new game? Will his stats auto improve, will the improve gradually, or will his CA/PA come back down to match his stats? Do I need to change both his attributes, or just CA/PA or just attributes? Thanks for reading! Hope its clear.
  3. Hi all. I'm currently using FMTema skin and its awesome howevere there is one problem that i really dislike. On the image the titlebar colour drops too low, is there a way to get the titlebar to end above the purple news box? If so how would I achieve this, really would love to get this done. You can see my demonstration above in the image.
  4. Im impressed that you can play FIFA 18 on above 30fps on a Radeon 520.
  5. Truly random isn't really accurate, its mainly the same players/attributes with names changed per club.
  6. Really want to use this skin. If possible could you find it in your heart to release it as is?
  7. That FAQ is 5 years old. I was of the opinion things may have changed since. This doesn't sound "easily" to me lol.
  8. Is it possible to use advanced rules on existing competitions such as Sky Bet? I saw the blog which said you can now add more money etc, how would I achieve this?
  9. Your the only person out of hundreds of thousands with this issue. Not sure how that means its an FM issue.
  10. If things like this didn't exist, VAR in game would be pointless. Obviously VAR isn't in the PL so it couldn't correct the ref/linesman mistake.
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