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  1. Football Manager's implementation of VAR on "offsides" gives off the impression that VAR is the best thing since sliced bread and that VAR only ever rules goals out for offside. In real life this just isn't the case. VAR always rules out goals, if VAR is involved in FM it means it is not a goal. Around 30% of the time VAR will award a penalty, and 70% it won't, which imo is a good balance as it gives the "suspense" that a real life manager would have. I don't agree that VAR would rule out every decision regarding a goal and imo it would be better to have a similar implementation as VAR Pe
  2. After every game I get this, my friend also gets this. It lasts about 5 minutes before it finally dissapears. Its annoying.
  3. Can anyone tell me if there has been any updates released since the BETA came out? I have only just installed it so not sure if its the first version or if updates have been released to fix some issues I'm reading about.
  4. Word is wrong, an indie game released at midnight tonight, as scheduled.
  5. https://www.facebook.com/footballmanager/posts/10157785663957616
  6. It will NOT be a midnight launch, they don't wait until the hour, the last 3 FM BETA's haven't ever been released top of the hour, for example, last years BETA was launched at 16:04PM. Y'all getting your hopes up for nothing...
  7. Without wee-weeing on peoples bonfires (you shouldn't have them lit by now anyway ) Steam have a pretty stringent policy of greenlighting a game for release, and unless they have already been greenlit (unlikely), they have missed todays release window.
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