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  1. Hello knap, I've always used your tactics so far. along with other fm series. I moved from 2018 to 2020 series. There are many changes in the game. a player can take the ball and enter the midfield and score a goal. I cannot stabilize the match engine in the defensive sense. Have you could suggest tactics for the league turkey? I am successful in league, but they are crushing in Europe. Do you think this match engine will change, I am writing with Google translate. I'm sorry if there is something wrong. I am not happy with the game. I think I will activate the marking option for the MM.
  2. thank you. The tactic I share is from this post sorry bad english
  3. wonderfull tweak :) mentality - counter ıwb - support FM18.3FLAT442MIDSOMERP103 Counter and Support.fmf
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