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  1. What is a second division league in Europe which has a couple strong teams that are high favourites to go up? Me and my friend are after a good network save but want to start with a couple strong teams with a good foundation to build if we get promoted. Cheers,
  2. Anyone else getting slightly annoyed with the amount of blocked shocks they are seeing?
  3. On the players profile where it has the pitch and the positions he can play in, hover over one of them and it will tell you his side preference.
  4. Actually gutted to be honest. This is the first FM I've not enjoyed and have been playing since the CM 01/02 days. To leave the Match Engine in the state it is, is quite unbelievable. I do the same save every year, try get my hometown to the Premier League but I simply cannot get through even a season this year, the matches are so so dull and repetitive.
  5. I thought I'd give it another go with Shrewsbury after this latest update, I can't play anymore than half a season. It is so so dull. It is nearly the same passage of play over and over. I have it on extended highlights and the highlight is either a shot getting blocked, a very weak header straight at the keeper or a set piece. It's literally all wide play with no variation at all. No central play what so ever. I can't believe how backwards the match engine has gone. Back to FM 2017 I go.
  6. I have gone back to FM17 today as I have seen a few people mention in this thread how superior the match engine is to FM20 and wanted to see for myself. It is actually crazy how much better FM17 is, there is so much more variety in goals scored as well as central play. It is actually fun to watch!
  7. I'm sorry but I am genuinely done with this game until the one on ones get fixed. I have just had a game in my Shrewsbury save where my striker has missed 7 one on ones, SEVEN. It's happening every game where at least 2-3 one on ones get missed, I can't remember the last time I scored one, seriously. It's sucking all the fun out of it for me.
  8. Anyone had any experiences with Neil Maupay from Brentford? Just signed him for my Ipswich side. Attributes look good.
  9. Here is a screen of goal locations. I often do concede first and find myself chasing the game but also find I get pegged back pretty quickly if I take the lead. Most highlights for the opponent result in goals, when I have one it almost always ends up in a blocked shot or a long range one. It's hard to understand if I am getting the mentality right, when I score first I tend to carry on the same as I don't want to disrupt something that may be working. Maybe that is wrong? There is a screen of what you asked for, as you can see, I have some decent players, look at my above post as we
  10. Centre Backs Fullbacks Defensive Midfielder Central Midfielders Wide Players Strikers
  11. The problem I have is what tweaks do I make, I try to tweak things but before you know it you've tweaked things that much you've lost focus on how you wanted to play in the first place. I've tried taking Dribble Less off and Counter-Press but it doesn't seem to improve anything. I think my team is very capable of a possession style, I have some good players, I can post some of their profiles if you like? I have tried using Complete Forward, like I said in the opening post, neither seem to really produce anything of worth and it doesn't seem to matter which role I choose. I have messed
  12. I'd get on board with that mate and to a certain extent I agree. I don't expect to beat any of the top teams at all but when I have that amount of possession against one of them I'd hope we did something with it now and again. The main grip I have is when we play teams around us or below.. this is a game I have just played: Same problem again, loads of the ball but created pretty much nothing..
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