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  1. I have a save in the year 2510 (FM11) from another thread/user although the person who done it has got to about 2910 but the file is too big to upload online.
  2. The latest edition was 097 (version 103 was never released), with the link is in the first post, but for your convenience: Level 11: http://www.mediafire.com/?mjmmkzo3xim Level 10: http://www.mediafire.com/?qzjnyinyhud Level 8: http://www.mediafire.com/?z21zla1dtzt Please note these are for FM2010.
  3. Try the first post or feel free to look through the other 34 pages of posts. http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/159082-Super-Bladesman-s-English-National-League-System-Update-Taking-FM10-to-Level-10?highlight=superbladesman
  4. It shoud work fine on 11.3, but have you tried running level 10 or 11 on its own without the other add-ons? I suspect this is where your problem lies.
  5. Another observation on the 2.10 db, there is a club called 'Chelsea FC' (not to be confused with the Chelsea playing in the Prem) playing in the Cambridgeshire Football League Premier Division (level 11). After some doing some research this league usually has 18 participants but in 2010-2011 there was only 17. It seem this Chelsea FC was added despite the fact they don't actually exist. If removed from the db and the league settings for this league changed to only have 17 teams, the proper Chelsea 1st team end up playing and the FA Youth Cup and Bedford County Challenge Cup. http://img864.imageshack.us/img864/8632/chelseafixtures.jpg I am now trying different things to get rid of this Chelsea FC but keep the rest of the game running ok. And thanks for your time and effort RTC.
  6. I can't say 100% there aren't any problems, but it should be ok with 11.3 with the 2.10 update (see above).
  7. I have run version 2.10 today (on holiday for approx 18 months) and it works without any issues it seems. As previously mentioned the front page is outdated and the links need updating to download version 2.10 (currently OP has version 2.02).
  8. well if the latest version is 2.10 http://www.mediafire.com/?yct8tb0k5h651h4 I do have it although I'm not totally sure if I started my particular game with it though. I shall try tomorrow (even though I probably should be revising for my exams).
  9. This I fear is a bug/error with the update and there doesn't appear to be anyone who can fix it or further enhance the update. If you like I would suggest downloading the level 10 file and then starting a game down to level 10 only to get round this error.
  10. After further period of simulation on Level 11, where I ran all leagues on a large database with all players loaded from england etc, by the start of the second season in england Man Utd were playing in the premier league and essex olympian division one at the same time. I ran the the same setup as before but with the level 10 file, but all seems to be well.
  11. Although it probably is on you list to do, but there are 3 clubs in Serie B still with there points deductions for match fixing (duplicate clubs required). Is this the case? Also Damien Comolli is still the Director of Football at Tottenham (now at Liverpool)
  12. Tried it last night with all leagues loaded on large database and the rtc mod to level 11, and started unemployed and played to about the end of August. No issues as yet, but probably need to do a full season to confirm.
  13. You have to download the level 11 file and then selectdown to level 11 in the new game setup when picking leagues (this is explained on the first post). And yes Otterbourne are in the level 11 db.
  14. Are your pictures in *.png format with 180x180 size for normal logos and the 18x18 logos on a 25x18 frame for the small logos? Also make sure to refresh the skin and uncheck use skin cache in options. I normally refresh the skin after every club logo I do.
  15. I have looked at getting/making logos for all competitions and clubs up to and including Level 10, got about 99% done. Not looked at level 11 and beyond yet. The ID's of teams in level 11 do not change.
  16. That will be a pat on the back for these guys then. Well done to all involved.
  17. not working for me either. Also tried multiple refreshes 10+
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