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  1. Do you just the club id's or would it help if I/we were to send you the code for the config files for the logos? I could make a start on the codes for the 3 different sized logos.
  2. Speaking of club logos, there was a uncomplete megapack of club logos on sortitoutsi down to level 9/10 for last season. In my own time I then finished any outstanding club logos down to level 10. To be honest there didn't seem to be a wealth of available pictures for the level 11 clubs and that was as far as I got. For this seasons logos down to level 9/10 see (although I don't think all level 10 logos are in this pack, but all other logos should be, in the levels above). http://sortitoutsi.net/forum/topic/54008-england-201112/
  3. Do you know yet if the clubs attendances in the lower english leagues (league 1 & 2 for example) are greatly affected by the stock £40 per match/£800 season ticket.
  4. Try aiming your sights a bit lower. Would the gooners employ a manager with only 6 months experience? I don't think so.
  5. Or try looking at this link: Game Requirements - http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/279162-Football-Manager-2012-*OFFICIAL*-FAQ?p=7184741&viewfull=1#post7184741 If you can afford it get a Soild State Drive (SSD). Saves and loads FM quicker as well as windows in general.
  6. Are you patched to 12.1.0? You can't use the same FM2012 disc on 2 different steam accounts.
  7. I must say I am tempted to have another go running all leagues on FM12 once there is a level 12 or 14 mod for the english leagues.
  8. I didn't keep the saved file (stupid me!!) after my recent format, but I think the file size was about 2GB (after 6 years).
  9. I can't say exactly at present. I have not reinstalled FM11 since I reinstalled windows last month. But if FM11 has the same number of core leagues as FM12 - 117 leagues + the english level 11 add-on which was a further 5 levels below the blue square north/south or about another 80 leagues?! Then there was about 197 leagues running (although I don't remember it being that many). Although I'm not sure what FM11/12 considers to be a league. If I remove the blue square north/south league (minus one league to 116 leagues to be run) the game counts it as 1 league although there are actually two. If you catch my drift.
  10. I did try and running all leagues and the superbladesman level 11 english league mod on my laptop earlier this year on FM11. Managed to complete 6 years roughly. The first 12-18 months aren't too bad, but there after i does drag a bit. The add-on league did significantly slow it down though. Running Intel Core 2 Extreme Q9300, 8GB Ram, OCZ Vertex 2 120GB SSD.
  11. You are correct in saying that the facepack has to be installed into your user data folder (normally in your documents). Assuming you have a second hard drive with more free space, you can tell FM12 to look into a different folder/drive in preferences under the general tab. The default path for the user data folder is: C:\Users\'user name'\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2012 If you then set up a similar folder structure on a new 'D' drive for example, then all you need to do is change the 'C' for 'D', i.e. ....... D:\Users\'user name'\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2012 Then close down the game, copy the whole 'Football Manager 2012' folder over to the new folder structure that will need to recreate on the second hard drive and FM12 will automatically look in this directory for your saved game, graphics files etc when you start it up again. Basically you can move your user files to anywhere on your computer, you just have to tell FM12 in preferences, what the folder path is.
  12. It is the capacity of White Hart Lane that is effectly capping the wages that Tottenham are wiling to offer players (circa £70,000/week approx). Relatively Tottenham are quite financially sound (with a managable debt), but will be stretched somewhat being the impending stadium building, wherever that may be.
  13. As a Tottenham season ticket holder for the last 10 years, I completely agree.
  14. I hoping for a friendly with the Antiques Roadshow.
  15. Depending upon what you want to change, you maybe able to change it using FMRTE - when it is released for FM12.
  16. Try downloading version 2.10 in post #1577 above that may be different.
  17. As per the first post, you should run all 11 levels if download the level 11 file and you should load all players from england. Finally, did you download version 2.10 as the OP is outdated. If not try: http://www.mediafire.com/?yct8tb0k5h651h4
  18. I first saw him on CM01/02 although his common name was just Argel
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