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  1. It's trained as a PPM, under Technique category IIRC. 'Attempt to develop weaker foot'. Regarding the AM it depends what exactly you let him control. If he's in charge of general training then it has nothing to do with it, it's individual training responsibility that you want for yourself.
  2. bar333

    Stuttering graphics

    Try this - go to Nvidia control panel - 3D app settings - click the tab for individual programs, find the FM19 exe. Scroll down the list of options and set Vertical Sync to Fast, then apply. Apologies if some the names are wrong as I'm not in front of my PC right now, but you should be able to figure out what I mean.
  3. A basic scout report can still be produced quickly, it's the level of knowledge that changes. Scout a player from Uruguay when you have very little knowledge of the country and you might get the report very shortly but it'll be maybe 10% knowledge so you can't even see attributes yet. If you scout in your own country though you can get a high knowledge report very quickly. Overall I'd really recommend keeping a large shortlist in FM19 and ticking the box to keep reports up to date, it needs to include not just players you want but also potential replacements so you're prepared for any deadline day shanenigans.
  4. Definitely a significant increase in number of goals from long range compared to public beta which is strange considering it was supposedly the same ME version. Direct FK's especially are a bit mad, see one going in almost every game. Just had a ridiculous game yesterday that ended with a 6-4 win over Schalke. Very unusual for my typically solid defence. Out of the 10 goals scored, 2 were from corners, 2 from DFK's and 1 from a shot outside the box. Obviously crazy games happen and it's not about the score so much as how the goals came, felt oddly representative of the current ME. I will say a couple of the goals were nice as well, one of theirs was even a real, short, grounded through ball. Interesting to note and I'll recommend this to people having trouble getting creative AMC's to perform - they do very well out wide. My AP-A on AML has an average rating of around 7.8 in 11 games this season, gets good goals and a lot of assists. Not seeing many 'classic' through balls from him but the wide position allows him to repeatedly ping lobbed through balls with a nice curl into the channel for the striker to run onto. This is probably what many people who say they're seeing lots of through balls mean, and indeed those kind of passes from deep positions are fairly common.
  5. I don't get this. If strikers standing still in the box and not attempting to lose their marker or make any movement regardless of role is their default behavior during build up in the final third, then how can we say attributes such as Off the Ball are working correctly? What we might say is that it's not happening because OTB doesn't do anything but for other reasons, but it still means OTB is not doing anything, it's just a case of the chicken and the egg. Currently when looking at strikers you shouldn't really pay much attention if any to their OTB attribute - I find that difficult to argue with.
  6. None of my feedback is really aimed at SI since I'm not going to bother providing numbers, PKM's etc, it has all been said and very little done about it anyway. I'll say this anyway for any users on the fence on FM19 and wondering if this update changed anything - it's as bad as it ever was. Some aspects of the ME have been improved, such as wide players dwelling on the ball and an over abundance of pinpoint balls over the top from defenders to the striker leading to too many of goals of that variety, but the general ME experience has remained identical - a sleep inducing set piece fest. I don't know what game people are playing who are defending this, or what they must have found so horrendously wrong in the FM17\18 ME (which were both flawed, especially 18's) to say that this is the best ME yet even in it's current form. It has to be the potential to be, but isn't anywhere near. Firstly, and weirdly this wasn't in the latest beta release, FM18 long shot decision algorithms are back baby, and they are back with a mean vengeance. Players will shoot. From everywhere, anywhere, weaker foot, stronger foot, this passing option, that... look, you know the drill. Prepare to pull out hairs in frustration again. I know, it's my tactics, spare it, anyone reading this who has taken a critical look at this game will have heard it all before. Central play, through balls etc - nothing to add, all of it has been said. The ME is an absolute snoozefest. Play the 6 months in the demo and you will have seen any and every type of goal this ME is capable of producing, and more importantly you will have seen the same couple of patterns of play that the ME has to offer and from there and on you will just see these on repeat. Set pieces dominate heavily. Moving away from the ME, this is the worst performing FM game I've ever played and I find it shocking how now one is talking about this, probably because the ME is overshadowing it. I'm playing it on a gaming PC with an i5 4570 and 16GB of RAM. The UI is absolutely crawling along. This has been an issue since release and it seems even worse after this patch. Every switch of a window leads to a 1-2 seconds pause. Just pressing space in my inbox takes a second to process. Processing is slow and renders the game almost completely unresponsive during. Overall I'm on the edge with FM19. I'm enjoying it overall but I'm not really enjoying FM19, I'm just enjoying FM, you know what I mean? Put it this way - would I recommend this if you own FM18? No. I would have enjoyed a new save on FM18 even more in all likelihood, and that's what I meant when I said I'm on the edge - every day with FM19 is a struggle against the temptation to just go back to 18. The only reason I have not done so is because I'm attached to my save at this point.
  7. So this has been an issue I've noticed a couple of times, of player traits basically spreading around the squad between some of my players in the same\similar positions. The players in question were never part of any mentoring group. I've uploaded the save to the cloud and it's called 'BE New'. Unfortunately I don't have any saves from just before it happens as I don't really monitor it super closely and wasn't even sure this was a bug (I guess I'm still not but was told by Seb Wassell to post a thread on it). I will monitor it more closely now and try to find a save from before if I see it happening again. Mainly look at Nicolo Zaniolo in my squad. He has learned two new traits since signing for me - 'Knocks Ball Past Opponent' and 'Looks for Pass Rather than attempting to score' - completely on his own. I also suspect his 'Dictates Tempo' came the same way but I'm not as sure on that one. There is also Josip Brekalo (no longer in my squad as he was sold) who learned 'Knocks Ball Past Opponent' and I think 'Places Shots' as well on his own. Again I stress neither of them have been in any mentoring groups and I have obviously not left individual training to a staff member. Since it tends to be the same traits that get passed around I suspect they're being "learned" from other players, namely both the traits learned by Zaniolo come from Santiago Ascasibar, my DM and captain. Would appreciate this getting looked at. Thanks.
  8. @Seb Wassell I assume it's not intended then, I'll definitely post a thread then. As I said though I'm on the public beta although I think (think, not sure) that I was seeing this before opting in as well. Should I post in your link or on the beta bugs forum?
  9. Are you using Offside Trap TI? I think it is a must when playing a high line. You need players with the right mentals obviously - I would imagine mainly Concentration but perhaps also anticipation. Failing that you can try giving one of your CB's a Cover duty provided again you have the right player - ideally someone with good pace and acc, positioning and low aggression. Having said all that... try the public beta as this is actually an issue with the ME which has been resolved in the beta. In the retail version I remember far too accurate and pinpoint balls over the top were played by absolute cloggers at the back who had no business hitting such great passes. It has been massively tuned down in the beta.
  10. I think most of this is really solid advice but I wonder about the BPD\SK one. The SK even on support in my experience does not make too many risky passes but more importantly the BPD, wouldn't using Play out of Defence with a BPD ensure that only he tries through balls and risky passes while telling your GK\other defenders to pass it short? Which may be something you want (or it may not and then it conflicts as you say). It also in my experience changes the positioning of your defenders when the GK has the ball.
  11. With so many complaints over attacking play maybe SI should look at defending as well and whether park the bus tactics are too good at what they do independently of the issues with attacking movement. Teams simply cannot and will not break down a deep and narrow defense from open play. I've said this so many times but if you want success as a smaller team in FM19 just forego any notion of playing football and give yourself over to the Sam Allardyce school of tactics. Set pieces completely and utterly dominate FM19, they are the beginning and the end of this ME. The sheer amount of plucky 1-0's from a corner\direct FK that I'm seeing is ludicrous. Sometimes it'll be the side that dominates but can't find a way through other than from a set piece, other times it'll be the underdogs who haven't had a shot on target and score from a set piece to nick the win. Neither are unreasonable or unrealistic scenarios but the frequency in which I see this script repeating itself is something else. I'm on the public beta and I can't figure out how after multiple patches where they said set pieces have been tuned down they still feel so dominant. Corners seem more balanced but instead DFK's seem more deadly than ever.
  12. bar333

    Why FM19 > FM18?

    I think it has ME issues which you may or may not be able\willing to look past. The only way to know for sure is to try out the demo. Outside of the ME... I mean it's FM, so obviously everything outside of the ME rarely goes backwards. A lot of it is the exact same, and there's the new tactics options (objectively better and more authentic IMO) and training module which can be really micro-management heavy but also allows you to just leave it to your AM if you don't want to bother with it. One drawback outside of the ME I feel compared to previous games is that the UI feels a lot slower & more choppy. The whole game just feels like it's chugging along when you go to different screens, wait during processing etc. Nothing is snappy. And I'm playing it on a gaming PC, not a work laptop if anyone is wondering, the game gives me 5 stars for performance.
  13. Players' personality and determination also change based on your overall squad personality, now this has been the case in the past as well but in my experience it's far more pronounced in FM19. I've seen some pretty significant changes without the player being in a mentoring group.
  14. I generally don't try to protect a lead in the "traditional" way at all. Dropping deep and inviting pressure is not good for your heart nor is it particularly effective, especially in FM19 where set pieces are so deadly since sitting very deep is just asking for set pieces to be conceded in dangerous areas. I'd say it depends on your team and how you play but generally I would either try to go the time wasting & possession for possessions sake route or my preferred route of going for a more structured shape and more direct passing into space to exploit the space the opposition leaves behind as they bomb forward and try to get the second goal while still being defensively solid but not all out defense. The absolute best way to kill a 1-0 game is to make it 2-0.
  15. The player in question has now picked up a second new trait - Knocks ball past opponent. This confirms that traits are unknowingly being passed around between teammates in the same position as both traits come from my DM who is also the captain and team leader. The DM in question is in a mentoring group with two young players and no one else, the player who picked up the traits has never been in any mentoring group. I've never heard of this being a thing so hopefully SI devs give us an answer after the weekend, looks like a bug to me.