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  1. After getting to grips with the game with United, Im starting my non league save tonight. Ill be playing in England using "The FMeditors" level 10 database. I noticed there is no non league thread, there is a brilliant Football League thread but nothing for us poor non league guys. I am not savvy enough to sit and write out a massive guide or introduction, but maybe if there is others on here looking for a non league home, I guess we can stick together! I haven't decided who to take on yet as it'll be a 1 club save, I spend more time looking for the team than i do playing on night 1!!
  2. Evening all! Been holding off starting my United save till today, Finally got my teeth stuck into it. Currently top as I approach Christmas and looking good! Has anybody tried A "wingerless" tactic at all? I escaped the Sancho signing obsession and went for a narrow 4-3-1-2 and its brilliant so far. Transfer wise i got in - Camavinga, Vanheusden, Veschaeren and Aarons. Planning a mass clearout throughout the first season and second summer. Great reading how you are all getting on, Hopefully the thread will be buzzing all year with us all dominating the silverware!
  3. Me personally, I wipe every injury from the DB so its a clean slate for every team. Wrong quote, my bad!
  4. Evening all, Happy FM release day/evening, How often is the editor usually released after the game unlocks? Will it be tonight? Can't remember off the top of my head if it released with the full game usually, or a bit after. Thanks.
  5. Hello mate, The file isn't appearing in my game (or the pre game editor) I add files every year so I know how to add them but have never had this happen before Anyone else? Eager to get stuck in haha.
  6. Sounds extremely detailed! Non league fan's dream! haha Look forward to trying it out, Big props to you!
  7. Nice one! Where are you based? Corby boy born and bread here. Yeah they are awful! And I told them that (in a nicer way) in the interview so maybe that done it for my chances Are you a Posh fan? I was managing their mens Futsal team for a very short period but had to step back due to work sadly!
  8. More so because it sums up my own facial expression for 90% of my FM playing time haha
  9. Holding off starting my save with the"mighty" Corby Town until this is out! Looking forward to it. I was interviewed for the Raunds Town job a couple weeks ago (United Counties League Div 1) and they rejected me, So make them in masses of debt please!
  10. This is completely off topic, but whenever I see you post, your photo always cracks me up!
  11. Yes! I was turning down much larger bids, then he became unhappy and the bids got lower and lower and nobody would go ANY higher so had a "f**k it" moment and got rid
  12. So I managed to get to the end of my first season, And what an eventful one it was! Business end of the season ruined me, Europa League final lost to Leipzig hurt real bad!! Had problems with my players all season, 1 by 1 they all wanted to leave. So the squad is ever changing, Ended up finishing 4th but Champions League group stage was my reward so it wasn't all bad. Second season transfers, add to that Cutrone and Frenkie De Jong who joined in the winter. So far in the second season I have drew 3 won 1! Finding Italy tougher this year but for the better!
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