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    Futsal manager.
    19 years of being an FM addict and still going strong.


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    Futsal, Football

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    FCUM and Corby Futsal

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  1. Good Afternoon fellow gaffers!! Has anyone posted updates on their own team (if you coach yourself) I have been debating it, Be a good way of sharing your ups and downs and getting some moral support away from the players! haha Many fellow "RL" coaches/managers here with me?
  2. Just sat and read this, My town has a strong Scottish connection so I felt obliged to support you from the off! haha Look forward to it continuing!
  3. calcal

    1860 Munich

    Currently loading up thanks to the steam workshop!! Cant wait to get stuck into this, Hopefully this thread kicks off!
  4. calcal

    1860 Munich

    I was playing with the idea of it being my main save!
  5. Really picky, But, Why on earth are the dugouts so long? It looks ridiculous, I want the technical area to look good! As we are "managers" On the whole though! Looks very good! Bring on the beta.
  6. Hope there is some improvements in this area, I love taking on the England job!
  7. They had this in LMA Manager! The dugout camera.
  8. calcal

    Any Love for Serie A

    Love saves in Italy! Just such a passionate country when it comes to football! Currently managing Napoli trying to make them world beaters!
  9. I thought you already had done haha
  10. Is this still coming? Sorry to be a pest like, But a little update wouldn't hurt! lol
  11. Any news on a possible date yet lads?