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  1. Introducing Marcelo Marinelli. World Class...
  2. BUMP, BUMP, BUMP. Holidayed all South American leagues for a season and then took over Boca who had just lost the Libertadores Final v River again... End of my second season (3rd in game) and just won the league and libertadores double beating Flamengo 4-1 in the final. (see attachments). Playing with a marauding Libero (A), absolutely smashing teams. Loving utilising the libero with double mezzalas infront, who leave the space for the Libero to run into (see attachment). Feel free to give this tactic a blast. Let me know how you get on. Key is finding a good libero, I retrained Campuzano who is pretty perfect and added player instructions accordingly. Just starting third season with Boca, I would encourage you to sign anyone in my first 11 attachment as I've not included new gens in the first 11. Give them all a search on your db's all fitting amazing into my system.
  3. Great read Cleon. Just in time for me to start my Blades save :). Brooks is absolutely firing in this team, as is Billy. Just like in real life. UTB
  4. You just have to subscribe to all the board takeovers by ensuring this option is ticked when setting your news subscriptions...
  5. 2021 of new patch. Still no tycoon takeovers... Damn you SI...
  6. Cleon, the first post was a mistake and then I couldnt find the delete button. Thanks
  7. Since the patch, I am unable to retrain players to play in new positions, its always greyed out... Can anyone help?
  8. Since the patch, I am unable to retrain players to play in new positions, its always greyed out... Can anyone help?
  9. FC Kobenhavn... Denmark is decent fun, big stadium, financial problems, but if you look at the thread about the Scandinavian youngsters, could be quite good fun making them Europe elite using only Scandinavians.
  10. I'm gunna fire up an FC København game later and load all these boys into a shortlist, then basically only sign Scandanavians! And try to do well in Europe!
  11. Thanks for the reponses guys. Cant wait to get my new laptop and get involved with a new save game... Thinking about starting a Real Madrid save. Im in season 23/24 with Ajax at the mo...
  12. Just bought a Macbook air. Arrives Monday, 13", Intel HD 5000 Graphics Card, i7 processor and 8GB memory. 256 disk space. Im hoping it runs FM like a dream. Anyone got thoughts on this? Also I will need to transfer my save over from my PC to my Mac, now its straight forward enough in terms of locating it on the PC side, but as I am new to Macs, finding the folder on the Mac will be hard for me! Can anyone tell me where it is located? Finally how does FM15 work on a Mac, do I need a windows mouse? Im not sure Macs have a right mouse button!!! Sorry for any blatently obvious mistakes here with my understanding but cant stress enought that this is my first mac... Thanks in advance. Blair
  13. Yeh, Im thinking about buying the macbook air and i must be able to play FM15 too... Looks like it should be ok!
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