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  1. Hi @knap, the PARISIENNE WALKWAYS 4231 SS IF TH P93 Euro FA P541 give some good results but I wanna test a 424 tactic. There is only one tested in 270 games test, is there any reason ? Is 424 an underperforming tactic for FM21 ?
  2. Ok i see, I have to use the total column, thanks for the help. I'll give PARISIENNE WALKWAYS 4231 SS IF TH P93 Euro FA P541 a try with my Santos save.
  3. He looks an interesting prospect but yes he is far away the first team level until 3 years. I was more looking for a player that can be ready for 2021/2022 season. But thanks for proposal
  4. It seems I found 2 players who match with Szobo : - Hannes Wolf who is already at Leipzig (on loan for one year at Borussia Mönchengladbach) - Eljif Elmas who is right footed but seems the most similar player i found https://fminside.net/players/47064795-eljif-elmas Feel free to give me feedback on those players or any others.
  5. Hi, I made several saves and, in the last, (like in others) i bought Dominik Szoboszlai. He just shined every season, in variety of position (MC, AML, AMC) and variety of duties (average rating above 8 during 3 seasons and my better player closed to Haaland). I'm looking to start a new save at Leipzig with him and i'm looking for a counterpart at the opposite of the pitch (wanna play with inverted wingers in left/right midfield positions). Have you any suggestions for a player like him, but left footed, with pace, good passing, technique, work rate, good wrong foot and decent defensive attributes... Thanks
  6. Monza ! They never reach the Serie A and with the arrival of Berlusconi and Galliani the club is pretty ambitious.
  7. He played as CAM three seasons, just play as CM the last season to let his place to Havertz and taking place of Szobo
  8. Sure : My best players are surely Donnarumma (The Wall) / Halaand (The Beast) / Szoboszlai (The Magician) / Ødegaard (The Creator) The only player I couldn't make shine is Sancho, he is just more than average. This is why is splashed the cash previous year on Havertz and played Szoboszlai on the left wing (and what a result !)
  9. Just wanna share my results, playing as BvB with PARISIENNE WALKWAYS 4231 SS IF TH P93 Euro FA P541 since the start of the game. Here's my results after 5 seasons. Just incredible, i'm still unbeatable since 128 matchs... Thanks @knap for one of the most successful tactic I ever played.
  10. https://sortitoutsi.net/graphics/style/1/cut-out-player-faces https://www.fmscout.com/a-heffem-skin-fm21.html
  11. https://www.fmscout.com/a-heffem-skin-fm21.html
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