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  1. Hi @knap Thanks for all your tactics, can you post a screenshot of players you use with PILGRIMAGE 41311 with Norwich ? Did you make any transfers ? Thanks
  2. Thanks for the suggestion, but yes i need a striker available during the first window and i prefer a player under 21.
  3. Hi, i planned to start a save with Nordsjælland in Denmark. Really promising team but it lacks of striker. The transfert budget is low, about 1 million. Looking for a young promising striker for less that amount. Have you any ideas ? Thanks
  4. i really think beta is a sort of advert too, so, i don't see why they'll use 2 main important adverts during the same day. If they release the beta today, the impact of there trailer (mainly for those who don don't already watch here) will fall really hard
  5. you can believe as strong as you can, sorry for you, beta will not be here tonight
  6. Sure, but that makes no sense to release the trailer and the beta the same day, you loose the impact of your trailer if beta is available at the same time.
  7. because a trailer is make in order people wait the final release, some days later
  8. they wouldn't release a teaser trailer and the beta the same day
  9. You can switch to RB Leibzig when you manage to suceed with Salzburg
  10. Waiting for the beta release is a real pain... Here's my wallpaper since few days, this is the 2 main reasons I already know which club i'll start with.
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