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  1. Like in every clubs, it's easy to keep world class players. If the player plays a lot, he will quickly became a "highy influential player". When he asks you that he wanna leave, just tell me that he is too important for the club, he will surely like it, mostly if you are one of his prefered people (that will arrive too if he plays a lot). It's the same way i always used in my saves from previous years, it always works (in Austria, Romania or Netherlands)
  2. Thanks, but it's a big club in a big league for the challenge I expect. I find MSK Zilina in Slovakia. Seems a really promising team in a small league.
  3. I finally made two saves with FCSB and Norwich. I'm now looking for an other save. Wanna play with a team with plenty of young players in a small league. Can be in second division or less. My main idea was FC NORDSJAELLAND but have you any other suggestions ?
  4. There's a fact we have to consider, we didn't already have any stream to show the game like previous years. I think beta cannot out without this stream unfortunately...
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