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we want sports director/director mode in FM25


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SI should add sports director/director mode to football manager in 2025

it would look like this instead of being the manager you are the director.

you start the season day 1 and start hiring people.

you hire a coach and staff extra if needed, you buy players, maybe some recommended by coach or scouting mostly.

you build your squad as a director and go to matches just like regular football manager mode, but as director you wait on the manager choices to play players and get sucess. 

then if you think the manager is not having sucess you could hire a new one.

this would need to add all real coaches to FM25 and make AI retired players becoming coaches too to feed the game. nothing really new.

we would need everything coach mode has including reunions with staff to talk to the manager so in case of a bad lost he can understand what is wrong.

you manage the intire club as a director until sucess and can be hired to other clubs too.

like monchi who has been all over the world as a director building teams

we want sports director mode.


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