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Looking for a specific challenge

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Playing as a Director of Football has become an increasingly popular challenge, but I haven't found an associated but different restriction: I play as a lower league manager, usually in Academy-Only saves, but for my next save I intend to be a journeyman, staying a maximum of 2 years per club. Therefore, academy-only doesn't fit, but I want a similar restriction, and I'm looking into a journeyman career where all transfer activity is undergone by the clubs' Director of Football. It means I don't ask the DoF for specific requirements or block sales or anything; he does whatever he does, and I merely coach the team.

I'd love to read a thread or watch a video series where someone has done that and see how they got on.



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I need to confirm one thing: how do we ask the DoF for specific requirements? I once start a save with a loose restriction (I can cancel deals and I can guide DoF's directions), I tried to do that by doing my squad planner carefully and setting recruitment focuses that I need, but as I remembered it didn't go well. So is it the right way to do that or not?

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Yesterday I started a new save with these rules:

1.DoF challenge.

2.I can design the formation but can only use the default tactical styles.

3.I have the right to fire/hire DoF.


In the DoF challenge, there will be many unexpected events that may not align with our expectations, some favorable and some malignant. It's really difficult to predict all situations in advance and devise rules to ensure that those never occur. My approach is to replace the DoF with a new one when encountering similar situations. If something beneficial happens, I hire a worse one, and vice versa. Now I almost at the end of the first season and everything is running well for now. The difficulty level is just as I expected and I'm enjoying it.

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