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[FM24] Rushall Olympic - Faster - Higher - Stronger


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Rushall, West Midlands, 7 July, 2023

“What do you think of him, son? Is he the right man for the job”

John Allen laid down his pen on the table. His son, Nick Allen, was quietly looking at the green field at Dales Lane Stadium, the home of Rushall Olympic FC, a newly promoted club to Vanarama North League, the second tier of not-league football in England.

 John Allen, having first joined the Rushall Olympic as manager in 1997 when they played in the fifth tier of non-league, now chairman of the club, had just signed the contract with a new first team manager, a totally unknown Dane. Nick Allen, his son and also vice-chairman of Rushall Olympic FC had moved fast after a surprising resignation handed in by former manager Liam McDonald who had secured last season’s surprising promotion.

“I definitely hope so. He may be inexperienced but he has good thoughts about how we can develop further as a club and I like his personality. After all, we didn’t have any other candidates for the job so we must have faith in him. But the newspapers will have a party with us when they ask us into his empty resume…”

Father and son both laughed softly.  The next months would decide if they had chosen the right decision.

But they were optimistic.

Now it was up to OleDK to live up to their expectations!







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Rushall Olympic, pre-season 2023, Vanarama North


OleDk welcomed his players at Dales Lane on the first day after their summer holiday, this day also being his first day in charge of Rushall Olympic.

The history of Rushall Olympic dates back to 1893 and perhaps even earlier. The earliest known reference to Rushall Olympic Football Club is in local newspaper reports of matches from the 1893-94 season. There has been both good times and bad times in the past 130 years but the club had taken a mostly positive direction since the appointment of John Allen, the present chairman, as manager back in 1997. With small but good adjustments the club has been moving forward with promotions in 2005, 2011 and in 2023.

The promotion from Southern League Premier Central in May was secured after a penalty shootout win (4-3) in the playoff final away against Nuneaton Borough with goalkeeper Jake Weaver giving himself an early birthday present a day before his 26th birthday with his decisive save of the last penalty kick.


Rushall Olympic is an old but in most respects, a very small club.  The club is located in Rushall (population approximately 13,000), a former mining village and today a suburb to Walsall in West Midlands.


The home matches are played at Dales Lane built in 1977 with a stadium capacity of 2,112 spectators which is below the stadium requirements of Vanarama North League so if we survive something must be done with the stadium capacity.


The Board’s expectations are minimal and should provide me with a reasonable patience in the beginning of the season.


The financial situation is okay (balance of £23K at day 1) and a wage budget of £2,775 per week (which probably is the lowest in all league)

My predecessor as manager, Liam McDonald, had done a great job for the club in his six years as manager and the squad I inherited was not bad but still with a lot of improvements necessary if we are to survive in Vanarama North League this season.


The star player in the squad is definitely 18-year old Irish Ronan Maher who is natural as attacking midfielder but has been retrained in pre-season to striker as we are doing okay in midfield regarding quality. Ronan Maher is on loan from Walsall until 1 January. The other profiles in squad are Jake Gosling, 29, a Gibraltarian national player (12 caps), and Sam Manton, 31 in midfield. Biggest talent in the squad is Callum Rowe, 23.


However, the squad depth is not good in all positions except central midfield so I went for young players as backup and for strengthening the squad.

I decided to start out with Wing play tactics in a 4-2-4 formation:


Before the first match we signed 8 young players for first team:

Beau Hudd, 18, GK, ex-West Bromwich

Pier Gyamfi, 18, DL, ex-Notts County (Ghana)

Cody Read, 19, DC, ex-Leicester

Andi Janjeva, 20, DC, ex-Watford (Kosovo)

Jay Hines, 19, DR, ex-Hampton & Richmond

Ruairi Behan, 19, AMRLC, ex-Burnley (Ireland)

Saja Manafá, 18, AMRC, ex-Everton (Portugal)

Rio McEvoy, 18, SC, ex-Bolton (Ireland)

I have good faith in Beau Hudd as goalkeeper. Not sure if our playoff final hero Jake Weaver can maintain his position as first-choice goalkeeper.


I also added several young players to our reserve team just to have good prospects at hand if required due to injuries.

In order to free up space in the salary budget I sold three fringe players on free transfers: Jourdain Masidi, Will Shorrock and Tom Tonks.

The bookmakers expect us to struggle to survive in the league:IMG_1556.png.bed161b95db995f58a96b2b801c10f64.png

But I think that our improved and fit squad is ready to take on our first opponent Farsley😀


Thanks for reading!



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Rushall Olympic - November 2023 (Vanarama North League)

We played our first Vanarama North League match ever in front of a small crowd of 539 people at home against Farsley (after selling 100 season tickets). Our motivation was in top and we had a fantastic start with Danny Waldron scoring after only two and a half minute 💪


Two more goals by Gosling in 5th minute and by Coyle in 17th minute was a brilliant way of showing the English football world that Rushall Olympic had entered the second tier of amateur football in England with full intention to stay here! An extra goal by Gosling in the second half clinched our 4-0 win over Farsley. A very impressive start!

We followed up on our great start with a 3-2 win away over Curzon Ashton but after that it became a lot more bumpy. Only one point achieved in the following three matches and then we hit rock bottom (from a managerial perspective) 😡

We were playing in Gloucester and had an early 2-0 lead after only 19 minutes and was in front 3-2 and 4-3 in second half but ended up losing 5-4 after a goal to Gloucester in 95th minute… I’m sure the Gloucester fans and the neutral spectators found it to be a thrilling and entertaining match but from my point of view we did everything possible wrong. Simply not good enough!

We had struggled to regain possession so I made a few adjustments to our tactic and it seemed to help with two wins in the following two league matches.

Our first match in FA Cup was an easy 4-0 home win against lower ranked Marske in front of 918 spectators at Dale Lane and followed it up with a fine 2-1 away victory in Curzon Ashton. We had drawn Altrincham from Vanarama National League away in 4th Qual. Round and it was to become just as difficult as expected. An honourable defeat of 2-0 but there was never any doubt in the match who would end up as winners - they were the better team.


We managed to grab enough points to be sitting in a comfortable 9th place after 15 matches with six points away from relegation zone - and with Ronan Maher as league top goal scorer 😀IMG_1590.png.b38ab78bf60a26d18c9a7e5a195b64d0.png


Our financials was also in good shape with £82K in cash 👍


This was after being very active on the transfer market with many new signings:

Ollie Camis, GK, 18 years, ex-Bournemouth (Wales, new first-choice goalkeeper)

Eric Hanbury, GK, 18 years, ex-Manchester United (Netherlands)

Max Sutton, DLC, 18 years, ex-Rochdale

Finn Steele, DC, 18 years, ex-Ipswich (USA), ex-Ipswich

Oliver Kilner, DRLC, 19 years, ex-Oldham

Joshua Addae, DR/WBR, 19 years, Crystal Palace

Joe Jeremiah, MC/DMC/MC, 19 years, ex-Forest Green (New Zealand)

Tobias Hurlock, AML, 18 years, ex-West Bromwich

Kian Pritchard, AMRL, 19 years, ex-Newport (Wales)

Alex Higgins, M/AMRL/SC, 19 years, ex-Crewe

Michael Aileman, SC, 18 years, ex-Huddersfield

Goalkeeper Jake Weaver (last season’s hero from playoff final) left us on a free transfer to AFC Telford after being passed by younger and better goalkeepers and young Saja Manafá went back to Portugal on a free transfer.

Now our first team squad was the youngsters in the League (22.9 years) - looking good for the future!


Thanks for reading!


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Rushall Olympic - February 2024 (Vanarama North League)

November 2023 was a fairly good period for The Pics -11 points in six League matches and a thrashing 7-1 victory against lower ranked Whitham in FA Trophy Second Round but seven matches in a month is a big burden for semi professional players like ours. And we definitely paid the price in the following five matches with only one point to The Pics and going down in the table to a place in mid-table.

Furthermore, we ended saying goodbye to our star player Ronan Maher. Neighbouring Walsall did not want to prolong his loan contract and his career at Rushall Olympic came to an end after fine 16 goals in 25 matches. Good luck and thank you, Ronan💪 Biggest profile in squad must be midfielder Callum Rowe after this departure.



Now it was up to experienced Danny Waldron and young Alex Higgins to score our goals and they seemed ready to step well into the new role with five goals from the pair in January 😀

January also marked the end of our participation in FA Trophy. We had drawn Altrincham from National League in Fourth Round in an away match. We did however make the match quite even but lost 1-0 after a late penalty goal to Altrincham 😡


After thirty matches we were ranked 12th in Vanarama North but only four points below the playoff zone but with a nice gap of ten points down to the relegation zone - we were heading for survival 👍


We had signed a few improvements to our first team squad in the period:

- Josh Wells, 21 years, DC, ex-Middlesbrough (Latvia)

- Liam Loughlan, 21 years, MRC/AMR, ex-Salford

- Dejanae Campbell, 20 years, AMRLC/ST, ex-Nottingham Forest

- Nelson Agho, 20 years, ST, ex-Port Vale

The financial situation is also developing well with a £110K deposit in the bank 💷IMG_1624.png.47a7d71d3146eb0b30e83aca64e4d2f5.png

Thanks for reading!

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Rushall Olympic - May 2024 (Vanarama North League)

Our main problem in the season up to now had been our defence. Apart from Lewis Hudson on left back our defence was ageing (Jordaan Brown and Mitch Clarke in central defence is 32 and 31 and Kristian Green on right back is 33) and we had 52 goals against in 30 League matches. I tried to tweak our tactics a bit and starting rotating between Mitch Clarke and young American Finn Steele (19) in central defence and in beginning of February we signed two new and talents backs - Demico Burton (19 - ex-Derby youth player) on left back and Joseph Cunningham (19 - ex-Rochdale youth player) on right back and these adjustments in tactics and squad did a good job for our defensive strength. 

We managed to climb very close to the playoff zone and with a comfortable distance to the relegation zone after five matches in a row without defeats.


Our captain, Kristian Green was not going to come back among our starting 11 so I decided to send him on loan at lower ranked Kings Langley until his contract would end in June after 95 first team matches for Rushall Olympic.

However, the tactical tweaks seemed to reduce our offensive qualities and when Alex Higgins got injured and was off for a Month the results failed really bad. In March-april we had a run of seven matches without a win and for defeats in a row 😱 (goal score 2-7) so we dropped down from near the playoff zone to a mid-table place 😩


In the end we finished at 14th place in the middle of the League - with same distance between playoff and relegation zones. The Board was happy but I think we should have done better. Next season I think we will base our play on a more possession style of play and try to dominate the matches. Only a handful of the original squad will play for our first team next season so we will start next season with a younger squad than in my first season at Rushall.


Callum Rowe was our biggest profile now and he had developed nicely in his first season at Rushall


And 19-year old Ollie Camis in goal was developing into a profile and with better and better performances. He played a big role in our defensive improvements in the final third of the season after a difficult start.


We had a fine youth intake this season with a young gifted Scotsman from Alloa, Fergus Williamson as a coming man 👍IMG_1651.png.7985579139f17252f2440edf130abd97.png

Our financial situation still developing nicely with now £134K in the bank 💷


I was offered a new contract and accepted immediately - looking forward to continuing our development next season 👍

Thanks for reading!

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Rushall Olympic - pre-season 2024 (Vanarama North League)

After season end a lot of things happened at a short time.

First of all the Board announced plans to increase the stadium capacity to hold a further 500 supporters. A well balanced solution at less than £50K when you look at our average attendance last season of 632 visitors - less than 25% of previous capacity but this will be enough to fulfill the League demands.


The Board also shared their expectations for the coming season. Still with the primary target to remain in Vanarama North another season.IMG_1671.png.046d2fa268996f2982cbbce4170c0717.png

And more important - they increased my wage budget to £4,750 per week - a 75% increase😀

But I would soon need to get used to a new management in Rushall Olympic FC. The rumours started in end of May a transfer ban was issues at June 1 and two weeks later the new management took over.

This means the end of a legendary era at Rushall for our chairman John Allen who joined Rushall Olympic as manager back in 1997 and later became chairman. During his 27 years at Rushall Olympic the club had developed from pure amateurs in fifth tier of non-EFL football in England to a mid-team in second tier and with this he leaves Rushall Olympic with pride and everyone’s admiration.




However, the new owner does not seem to be a billionaire with only £16K pumpes into the club’s coffers….😳


The transfer embargo did not give any major problems so I continued to strengthen the squad. We managed to find the following young talents for the first team squad:

- Ellis Farrar, DLC, 20 years, free transfer from Guiseley (last year on loan at Finn Harps, Ireland)

- Charlie Waller, DLC, 19 years, free transfer from MK Dons (last year on loan at Brackley)

- Aaron Burton, DC, 18 years, free transfer from Watford

- Brooklyn Bailey, DR/DMC/MC, 18 years, free transfer from Rochdale

- Tylah Wallace-Ming, DR/MC/AMR, 19 years, joined us in December on a free transfer and has been on loan at North Ferriby for the remainder of last season (ex-Middlesbrough youth player)

-  Daniel Murray, DMC/MC, 18 years, free transfer from Portsmouth


I was very happy about the new signings. Tylah Wallace-Ming had developed rapidly after his signing and did very well in the pre-season friendlies. Daniel Murray could become the man to follow in the footsteps of our captain Sam Manton (32) and I hope we now have enough strength in our defence to be less leaky in this season.


My ambition for the season is to get into the playoff zone and battle for promotion - Up the Pics!

Thanks for reading 😀

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On 22/12/2023 at 20:30, willemvandoorn15 said:

You have done many transfers, so promotion or at least playoffs should be doable.

I just hope you dont sink in national league, good luck!

Thanks, I will certainly give it a try 😀

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Rushall Olympic - October 2024 (Vanarama North)

The expansion of Dales Lane Stadium was completed according to plan and we could now say welcome to a maximum 3,000 fans at our home field 💪


The new facilities were inaugurated against Hereford with a fine 3-1 victory and a week later the most attendance in recent years was noted with 1,006 at Dales Lane to see our 1-0 victory over local rivals from Stourbridge. The win over Storbridge was the completion of an almost perfect beginning of the season.


And please note that our defence had been great with only two goals conceded in six league matches👍. Our defence had improved in quality but consisted of some very young players: Ollie Camis in goal is 19, Demico Burton at left-back is 21, Charlie Waller and Finn Steele in central defence are both 19 and so is Joseph Cunningham at right-back. This will normally mean some instability in the performances and it turned out to be so true as we received our first defeat in Oxford (1-4) in a match where nothing worked for us and we allowed Jack Goodman, a 19-year old striker on loan from Doncaster to score a hat-trick against us 😡


The fine start also established some of young players as first team regulars. Alex Higgins (20) and Nelson Agho (21) was our new duo in front keeping experienced Danny Waldron on the bench as a rotation player and Alex Higgins’ fine start made his player of the Month in October ahead of two teammates.


But still, Rushall Olympic remains to be a very small club. See the level of our new sponsorship….


Young Tylah Wallace-Ming did not live up to my expectations when given the chance so I decided to promote 19-year old Keane Barugh to first team and give Tylah some matches in our reserve team instead and see how he will develop. Keane Barugh was signed in the summer period on a free transfer after being on contract at Doncaster and last season playing 33 league matches for FC United on loan in Northern Premier League (level 7)


Our first FA Cup match was an away match in Colne from NW Counties Premier (level 9) and as hoped it would not be a serious challenge for us. Alex Higgins was man of the match with five (!) goals in a 8-2 victory (6-0 at half time). Several new records - biggest win (following a 7-1 victory last season in FA Trophy - most goals scored in a a match (following the damned 5-4 defeat to Gloucester last season) and the five goals from Alex Higgins in one match was also a new club record (in the latest seasons).

Callum Rowe was developing into a crucial person in our team and I decided to double his wage and secure him until June 2026. Highest salary to any player in Rushall but “only” an average salary in the league IMG_1726.png.b616b790334f31343a17c4975e353745.png

The salary increase to Callum Rowe meant that we needed to make other reductions in our squad.  32-year old Jamaal Brown had been playing among our reserves since August but with no luck to sell him. However, I agreed to a player exchange with Havant & Waterlooville bringing him to them and us receiving a young talented defender to our reserve squad with a £500 transfer sum (a club record transfer fee by the way…..)

Problem solved 😀


Alex Higgins had a one-year extension clause in his contract and it was a no-brainer to activate it after his start of the season!

We were still battling for the top spots in the league and with us in second place we were meeting Scarborough in first place and it turned out very difficult. We were on our heels in the first 60 minutes but was “only” down 1-2 and I subbed experienced Waldron and Gosling in and they changed the match with Waldron scoring the equalizer to 2-2 in 71th minute and with Gosling giving us a bit undeserved victory in 94th minute - 3-2!

Scarborough got their revenge 11 days later as they ended our FA Cup run with a 3-0 win at home after a bad day for our team 😡

The matches in October meant debut for two young talents. James Warner, DC/DMC, 18 years, from Hemel Hempstead and just 16-year old Gary Mason who was signed on a free transfer in July with no previous club career behind him. Only knowledge about is whereabouts is that he is born in Whitby. He became our younger player ever after coming on from the bench in the not so pleasant defeat in Scarborough. Gary Mason has the potential of becoming a star player at Rushall if we can keep him here.

After 15 league matches we were sitting in second place just one point after leaders Darlington. And relegation will definitely not become an issue…


Thanks for reading!


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Rushall Olympic - February 2025 (Vanarama North)

Our strategy on the transfer market is to find young talents with no or minimal transfer fees and also players who have reasonable expectations regarding their playing time and then develop them here or as loan players in other clubs. This strategy has made us one of the teams with the  youngest squad (21-22 years) but thus also with good developments in squad.

Nelson Agho (21) and Demico Burton (21) are both developing into good first team profiles with Agho as one of the best goal scorers in the league and Burton providing both with assists and hard work in the defense.

Starting out in our reserve squad and getting some game time in the reserve matches combined with good training efforts can also be basis for a career and as such Jack Bates (CD, 18 years, free transfer from Burnley in May) was promoted to first team following a good personal development.


And our scouting efforts provided us with two first team players from other league rivals. Justin Obikwu (20 years ST, paid £500 transfer fee to Farsley) and William Tamen (18 years, CD, free transfer from Tamworth) was good signings for our depth in squad.


the signing of Justin Obikwu made experienced Danny Waldron unhappy because he was now only my 4th choice to our attack after being squad player so far. Before this I had a similar situation with 31-year old Jake Gosling (Gibraltar international) who had lost his place as our preferred right winger to Liam Loughlan so we agreed upon finding a new club for Gosling and this resulting in a record transfer fee of £7,250 from our league rivals from Southport for Gosling.IMG_1764.png.0c4875edadfc94883b5ddbf36622a135.png

November was a difficult month for us with four points in four matches and with an absolute low point away against Kings Lynn in a battle against another top team. We held them from goals in first half but fell apart in the end of the match 😡


But after the lesson learned at Kings Lynn we did not look back 👍 so after two draws we only lost one match in December and January and won all the other matches and was now sitting in second place in the league -  just after Kings Lynn 😱


We have reached 5th Round of FA Trophy which is club record after a lucky  2-1 win in Lancaster from Northern Premier League (Danny Waldron scored to 2-1 in injury time) and a 3-2 victory away against our league rivals from Buxton. In our 4th Round match against Southport I decided to give debut to our third -choice keeper Alfie Roberts (20) and he shined with saving two penalty kicks and by doing this giving Rushall a victory after a close penalty shootout 😈

And other stuff: The Board is ecstatic about our performance and offered me a new 18-Month contract which I accepted. And our finances are still improving. But our youth development sucks 😡





Thanks for reading 😀

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Rushall Olympic - May 2025 (Vanarama North)

The distance between success and failure is often very short in football.

We maintained our good form in February with ten points in four matches a new club record and a close race with King’s Lynn in top of the league as the results of this fine streak 😀 and also with a fine 3-1 victory in FA Trophy 5th Round against Tonbridge…


But following these fine results our good form ended abruptly. We actually had a terrible period in the following month with only four points in five matches (which made us drop out of the race against King’s Lynn in top of the League) I took the consequence of our poor form after our second defeat in a row.

Experienced Sam Manton (33) was replaced by young Luca Woodhouse (20), signed on a free transfer from Welling despite him playing as first team regular at Welling) in central midfield and it helped a lot. Sam Mantom had been great for our side in 1,5 year but did not seem to be able to compete at this level any longer. So when I received an offer from Ilkeston for Mantom I decided to let him go after 


Another experienced profile from last season, 28-year old striker Danny Waldron was unhappy about his playing time after the signing of Justin Obikwu and I sold him at a fine price of £6K at end of season - two months before end of contract 👍


We got back on track with a 2-1 victory at home against Boston United after being down 0-1 at half time with Justin Obikwu as match winner. Next match was the quarter final in FA Trophy away against Rochdale from National League. Not the best odds for us but we gave it a good fight and held them away from scoring so the match ended in a penalty shootout which we unfortunately lost 4-2 😡 not a happy ending but I was very satisfied with our attitude against a far better team.


The FA Trophy defeat was followed with a home match in front of 1,740 fans against local rivals from Tamworth (ended 1-1) and a thrilling 5-4 victory against Chorley after a 94th minute matchwinning goal from Luca Woodhouse. A thrilling match for the fans but not satisfactory for a football manager. I had to realize that Charlie Waller (20) in central defence was not good enough at the moment (average rating 6.64) so I decided to demote him to the reserve team and give the chance to some of our other central defenders.


This rotation paid off in our next match - home against King’s Lynn who had recently been promoted as league winners after a 23-match undefeated streak. But we played marvelous and beat the league winners 3-0 as a sweet revenge 😈 The fine win made sure that we would qualify for the playoffs for the first time in club history - my goal for the season was fulfilled.IMG_1821.png.7d735edfc6a159342b00c0b40d5d2fc2.png

Before the 46th and final match we were in second place but lost the final match 1-0 to 5th placed Braintree so we finished in third place but was looking forward to a playoff semifinal at home at Dales Lane 💪


But before we reach that match a little about other things:

Despite the bulletins, this year's new players from our Youth Academy were of quite a promising standard. Not players for now but perhaps in a foreseeable future. However, However, i am not impressed with the creativity of young mr Scott’s  parents🤪


Now to the playoff semi-final. Tamworth - just a 15 mile drive away from Rushall - had qualified for the match with a 3-1 victory against Boston United was the perfect opponent for us. An almost full Dales Lane Stadium - 2,705 seats (90%) sold - witnessed a fine match. Nelson Agho and Callum Coyle gave us a perfect start with 2-0 after 19 minutes and with a penalty goal by Justin Obikwu to 3-1 just before half time. A goal to Tamworth in 81th minute gave some extra excitement but we pulled it off - we’re ready for the final 😀👍💪


My expectations before the final - an away match in Darlington - were not great. Darlington had 9 wins in the last 11 matches and we were to play at their home field with more than 3,000 Darlington fans in stadium.

But there was no need for my skepticism!  A header from Bates gave us the lead with his first goal for Rushall (good timing…) after just 9 minutes and midfielders Liam Loughlan and Luca Woodhouse made it 3-0 to Rushall at half time - what a fantastic display ! An early goal by Darlington after the break made their hopes return just for a time but Alex Higgins crushed their dreams with his 4-1 goal in 69th minute (his 20th goal of the season) which became the result of the match.


Rushall Olympic are promoted to National League 😀



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Rushall Olympic - August 2025 (Vanarama National League)

As mentioned before it is part of our transfer strategy to find young talented players (21 years and younger) on free transfers or very low transfer fees. Some we keep in our squad (first team or reserve team) and those who are far from first team are sent on loan to get some experience and hopefully develop into players who are capable of breaking into first team squad.

Last year one player managed to develop enough to get into first team (Tylah Wallace-Ming, played 14 matches mostly coming in from bench) but this year the “loan-out-and-let’s-see” strategy paid off very well.

In the last six months or so (game time) I’ve been looking forward to say “welcome back” to David Danso, a 19-year old Ghanaian defender who was signed on a youth contract in June last year (free transfer from Charlton) and at the time his was very far away from first team - and from the reserve team start XI - so after a couple of weeks I sent him on loan to a club in Ghana (Ashanti Gold) and his development in 12 months is the wildest  I have ever seen 💪



David Danso would become a very important player in our debut season in National League and by far our best defender.

But also five other players came back from succesful loan spells and were included in our first team squad:

- Romani Rowe, DC, 19 years, returned from loan at Harlow (signed last year on a free transfer from Bristol City)

- Jaiden Drakes-Thomas, DL/DMC/MC, 21 years, returned from loan at Witton (signed last year on a free transfer from Colchester)

- Lui Bradbury, MC/AMC, 21 years, returned from loan at Leek (signed last year on a free transfer from Reading)

- Reece Nicholas-Davies, ML/AMRL, 20 years, returned from loan at North Ferriby, ex-Derby youth player)

- Fopefoluwa Dera, MR/AMRL, 20 years, returned from loan at Carlton, signed last year on a free transfer from Huddersfield)





And we managed to sign qualified new players:

- Jack Flint, GK, 19 years, free transfer from Bolton

- Ernie Weaver, DL/WBL, 18 years, free transfer from Sheffield Wednesday

- Jacob Anderson, DRC, 20 years, free transfer from Billericay (ex-MK Dons youth player)

- Rio Grant, DR/WBR, 20 years, free transfer from Coventry

- Marcel Campbell, MRC/AMRLC, 21 years, free transfer from Kettering (ex AFC Wimbledon youth player)

- Ollie Bostock 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿MC/AMLC, 18 years, free transfer from West Bromwich 

- Jake Davies 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 AMRLC/ST, 18 years, free transfer from Cardiff

- Dylan Gairns, ST, 18 years, free transfer from Preston

- Josh Pitts, ST, 18 years, free transfer from Southampton



So not less than 15 additions to first team (!) it would probably give some difficulties in the beginning due to lack of team cohesion but I believe we have some very interesting players in our young squad. Average age has dropped to 19.95 years with Callum Rowe (25), Demico Burton (22) and Nelson Agho (22) as our oldest players. Captain Callum Coyle was put on the transfer list after being passed by several newcomers.

But as mentioned, I’m especially happy about David Danso’s return. However, he is aware of his quality so he is not interested in signing a new contract so we must see how things work out…

Here is our squad in the first match of the season:


An exciting season lies ahead of us - Vanarama National League here we come !

Thanks for reading!!


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Rushall Olympic - November 2025 (Vanarama National League)

The first match ever for Rushall Olympic in National League was an away match in Halifax who had finished 8th last season. Not many believed in success for the “minions” from Rushall and to be honest we had major difficulties but our strengthened defence kept Halifax away  from our goal(Halifax had two goals disallowed for offside) and Justin Obikwu scored the decisive goal just after the break. National League, we’re here to stay 💪

Our next match was at home against also promoted Kings Lynn and with a 2-0 victory we were sitting comfortably in the League table.

Our promotion to National League and stadium expansion extended our fan base but still with less than 200 season tickets sold we were a very small club compared to Chesterfield, Oldham and Southend with 4,000 season ticket holders.


In general, our following matches in National League were more difficult. We would be on our heels very often and relied on a solid defence and counter attacks. Our 20-year old keeper Ollie Camis played magnificently while our central defence (Danso and Bates) were deeply challenged and with some difficulties against the good teams in National League. The following five League matches provided us with five more points and a solid place in the best third of the League table.

We were still searching for players who could improve our depth and signed five new players for our first team squad. Most interesting new player is 19-year-old Lucas Sant (DL), an ex-Crewe youth player who had been released at Bromley after just three months. He would become a strong alternative to 22-year old Demico Burton on left back.


The other new players were intented to be backup players: Jackson Blaize (19), MC/AMRC, free transfer from Hemel Hempstead, Marquise Martins (20), free transfer from Braintree, Harry Taylor (18), DC, free transfer from Oxford and finally Eddy Nsasi (19), free transfer from Tamworth.


The best performing new player was definitely 18-year old Dylan Gairns with eight goals in his first 17 first matches. He was now first team regular together with Justin Obikwu in front.


Status after fifteen League matches: six wins five draws and four defeats and 15-11 in goal score (pleas note only 11 goals against) and sitting just below the playoff zone - a very satisfying start of the season.

In FA Cup we entered the tournament in 4th Qualifying Round and we won 1-0 against Scarborough after a close match (goal scored by substitute Marquise Martins) and had drawn Northampton from top of League Two in First Round proper at home at Dales Lane. This is the first time in club history that Rushall Olympic has qualified for First Round.

Not a match we could expect to win and as expected Northampton took the lead in the middle of first half but Dylan Gairns gave us new hope with a equalizer just after the Northampton goal. We played very well and after Dylan Gairns scored his second goal just after the break we managed to keep Northampton away from our goal and even score once more to give us a very surprising 3-1 victory 😀


The fine win also added a fine amount to our bank account - fin financial situation by the way.


We have drawn Stockport from League One away in Second Round of FA Cup. A very difficult match but it will definitely boost our financials even more. More about that in my next update

Thanks for reading😀


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Rushall Olympic - February 2026 (Vanarama National League)

We were fighting hard for every point we could gather. It wasn’t that pretty and we were often pressed into a very defensive position in the matches but for each point we could gather we were a bit closer to another season in National League.


But sometimes the pressure on our defence became too much :


We did however play a splendid match away against Dagenham & Redbridge with a crushing 5-0 win. Manager Paul Ince was sacked after the match had ended…


The fine win made us climb into the playoff places - definitely a position we could only have hoped for before season start.


Our FA Cup Second Round match away against Stockport from League One turned out to be just as difficult as expected. Two Stockport goals in fist half was enough and they just ‘cruised’ through the rest of the match but a fine result for our small club to get so far in FA Cup though.


In FA Trophy we had drawn League rivals from Altrincham away. Altrincham had beaten us out of FA Trophy two years ago - and they did it once again….😩


Our good run in the League came to an abrupt end after the fine 5-0 win in Dagenham. In the following nine matches we only gained eight extra points so we dropped back to the middle of the League but still with a fine gap to the relegation zone.


We had introduced some new players in the latest months. We had some trouble regarding our wing play so I demoted Ollie Bostock and Fopefoluwa Dera to the reserves and promoted 18-year old Fran Cherchi (AMRL - free transfer from West Bromwich in pre-season) and 19-year old Troy Terry (WBR/MR/AMR - free transfer from Preston in pre-season) to first team squad. Good talents but no immediate improvement in our results…


Thanks for reading 😀

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