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Player not appearing on roster or playing (not injured)

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Shane Wright hasn't played in 2+ years w/Seattle since coming from the OHL (played 22-23)...now just entered 2026. He shows up on the "Report" tab, but not on their "Roster" tab. I think I've seen this a few times now with different players. He shows as "Lacking Game Fitness", but has no injury history or anything else.

NOTE: This is using (2022-23) xECK29x's Premier Pivot Database (v7.9 - All NHL re-rates complete!)



Shane Wright 1.png

Shane Wright 3.png

Shane Wright 2.png

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This same scenario actually happened with about 15 1st rounders from the 2022 draft (and even a few in the prior 2 drafts)...they appear on the Report page but not on the Roster.  Contracts look like they just keep sliding but they don't play.  Uploaded a new save SJS3


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