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Some questions re. balance & transfer budget


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At the start of a save, a club has a starting balance of £6 million, a transfer budget of £20 million and a remaining player wage budget of £70,000.

1. Does this mean that the club is budgeting for more than it actually affords? 

When I start a new save, I like to reverse the transfer of the real-life manager via the Editor.

2. If I reverse a transfer of, say, £10 million, should the money go to the balance, the transfer budget (so that it is available to be spent) or both?

3. If I reverse a transfer of, say, £10 million, payable in future installments, nothing should be added to to the balance or transfer budget (as the money would still not have been spent), correct?

4. Is there a way to remove the competition bonus clauses from the Editor?


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