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Tweaks to improve realism on player ratings and player responses


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(please don't request uploads - these aren't bugs, they're features of every single game I've ever played on FM for years)

Love FM Mobile but it would be significantly improved by:

1) fixing the matchday bug whereby a player's rating is skewed by whatever happens later in the game. For example, if I go 3-0 up in the first half, then the opposition equalise 3-3 in the second half, their players average about 8 while mine average about 6 (and vice versa if I come from behind). Likewise a late consolation goal means two teams can get similar ratings despite one side winning 5-1. Obviously ratings will change with every goal, but it seems that what happens in the second half (and especially in the last few minutes) disproportionately affects the final rating - e.g. if a player makes a mistake for a goal early on, then scores in the last minute, he'll score much higher than if he does the exact same things but makes a mistake in the last minute. This has now got so bad that I've been trying to rig my tactics so that I score my goals later in the game (not easy to do!) to improve my players' scores.


Related to 1) is where players get the same weighting for a score achieved after being on the pitch for 1 minute as for when they play the whole game. In real life, a player can come on as a last minute sub to wrap up the game without ruining their reputation. In FM, a player who dominates one game and gets a 10 then has that cancelled out by a late substitute appearance where they get a 6. There's no way those two games should average out at an 8.


2) more realistic player responses/morale. The two I'm getting sick of are:

a) I make a bid for a promising 16-year-old defender... "[your player, a world-class £100million striker] worries he's going to be replaced". Huh?

b) A first-team player is injured for a few weeks. "[your player] is worried he doesn't feature in your first-team plans". Same thing happens when I rest a knackered player for a dead rubber or easy cup match against lower-league opposition - they don't seem to distinguish between these and a major final.

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