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Tactical Improvements


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  • Attacking Depth - being able position your front line of attackers further away from (or closer to) the opponents box in the final third. This would allow for more ways to break teams down or customise your style of play (e.g. having that instruction could mean wide forwards getting more space on runs in behind with a deeper front line, or midfielders having more space perhaps for long shots with a higher front line)



  • More Control over Build Up - a few things, perhaps being able to instruct your defenders to build up slowly in a bid to draw more opposing forwards into pressing before playing through the press or quickly to try and catch opposing players unawares, in the same way you can tell your goalkeepers to.



  • More Control over the Phases of Play  - this is a bit more abstract I guess, but I think there is so much potential here. Being able to specify, for example, pass into space, but in the final third, or be more disciplined in the approach and build up play (which could work really well with the aforementioned points), much shorter passes in the approach, but more direct in the final third, etc. could add so much tactical variety to the game.



  • Positional Combination Instructions (adding the phases of play to Player Instructions) - in addition to the last point, I think it would be great to be able to specify positional rotations or the lack thereof. I know these occur naturally in the game sometimes, but it might be interesting to have  more control over this. Being able to tell your forwards or midfielders to rotate with each other (and perform the instructions of the position they’re in, in that moment) in a bid to cause confusion and pull defenders out of place, or tell them to stay in their positions perhaps due to tactical mismatches (e.g. 6”4 winger against a 5”6 wingback). I feel the roam from position PI or the be more expressive TI don’t really allow for enough control over what could be an interesting tactical idea. The depth that could arise from this could be great.



These are just a few thoughts, but the main idea is, a lot more tactical depth would be really fun and create many more unique tactics, even within the same formations

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