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Online League Save Issue -- History Deleting Itself

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I have an online league in June 2028 currently, started in 2021 using the 21-22 ECK Pivot rosters. 

The file is uploaded to the cloud under "GGHL for SI"

Issue 1:
In-game trade history is somehow deleted. Usually on a player's history>achievements page, you will see info like "traded to Calgary for 2026 1st". However, all trades from before 2027 now show as simply "Traded to Calgary". If I go to the roster>transactions>trades page, all trades from 25-26 and before are just blank. I will provide pictures for further explanation. 

The team record history is also messed up. As you can see:
The year it says 44-23-0 the real record was 53-23-6.


My server for the league is a PC i rent online and the ram/memory is terrible. It crashed at one point due to running out of space, and occasionally freezes up, etc. I am wondering if there is underlying data loss in our game caused by this, or if that's even possible? Could it be deleting data from the game while it's up because there is no memory? 




PLAYER HISTORY PAGE 2 (what it should look like)



2026-27 Sabres trade history (what it should look like)

2025-26 Sabres trade history (PROBLEM)

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  • SI Staff

Hi, yeah it looks like the save has lost some parts of the historical data. This can be due to running out of memory or disk space when saving down all the data. Considering your description of the PC the save was run on, it could well be the explanation. I had a quick look at the save itself here, but the past transfer data seems to be lost already in it.

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