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Adding sub-regions to city, in addition to local regions

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Hey hey,

I'd love to have a item type, sub-regions, added and made searchable, and also attached as an info value on city items in addition to the existing local regions. I come across instances  where this would be handy all the time.

For instance, I'm looking into making lower levels to local championships in Rio de Janeiro. Possibly reviving the Campeonato Fluminense as one of the local divisions at either Série B1 or Série B2 level of the Carioca.

I've solved this for now by adding some letters to city names (shown in the screenshot) and then searching for that in the name= search, but it'd be so much easier have that as a sub-region.


For instance Fluminense region of Rio de Janeiro state, have meso-regions, and micro-regions. Fluminense which is a part of Rio de Janeiro state comprises of Oeste-, Noroeste-, Centro- and Sul-Fluminense, which all have micro-regions within them, and cities within the micro-regions. So to find all of the clubs within the Fluminense part of the Rio de Janeiro state, I'd have to add 52 different city=, or city= queries to my search, or 40 'city is not, or' queries.

So I think having a sub-region as a information metric, even if it's not visible in-game would be great to have. Figured you could add 'region type', like with competition type being 'domestic other division' etc. so the new types of region could still be placed within the 'Local regions' category and found by putting type 'sub-region' or 'local region' in the search area.


Another use-case example for this would be when bulk-adding regional divisions to different from a lot of regions to make sure they place correctly when moving up or down the ladder.

Screen Shot 2022-05-05 at 10.45.10 PM.png

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