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FM22: Russian Revolution!


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Welcome to this FM22 save. I’ve decided to take on one of the toughest Football Manager challenges — Chertanovo Moscow. The club that doesn’t let you buy anyone, forcing you to rely on youth intakes and innovating your tactics and training to get the best out of them. The key to this save will be generating the finances for the board to keep upgraded the facilities to produce good youth intakes consistently. Currently in the third tier of Russian football, I want to test myself and see how far I can take a team using academy graduates only.



Speaking of the finances, they aren’t in bad shape. Yes we are over the wage budget but hopefully we can amend that through player sales.


Did I make kits in the kit basher app? Yes of course I did…



Here are the squad comparison graphics, defensively we are not bad, marking, heading and positioning are all above the league average. Pace and strength leave a lot to be desired, that’s something to work on in training. Midfield is largely what I expected for this level and probably our strongest area. In attack we are not blessed with natural finishers so I’ll have to make sure we work on that in training. I can see a lot of technical training that needs to be done.


Looking at the squad, we have a lack of wide players so I’ll have to consider that tactic wise. Other than that we seem to have some decent players, I’ve identified who I consider to be our key players:


Going into preseason, these are the two formations I have made. Taking into account our lack of wide players the most obvious way to play would be a diamond, especially as we have quite good central midfielders. The Christmas tree formation I think is a good alternative, I’ll know more when we’ve played a few games and I’ve had a chance to assess the players properly.


Going forward, I’m going to have a look at the staff and hopefully make a few upgrades which will obviously make our training session of a higher quality. Then, look at designing some training schedules that aim to address some of our immediate issues while developing the players abilities.

This is just a brief introduction to this save, hope you have enjoyed reading.

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9 hours ago, BethFM said:

The club that doesn’t let you buy anyone, forcing you to rely on youth intakes and innovating your tactics and training to get the best out of them.

This is quite an interesting philosophy and an area of the game which I dabbled in with my PSV save earlier this year.

One tip which I would highly recommend is to carry out an analysis on each and every player at your squad so you know exactly who you have in the pipeline in both the reserves and U18s.

You can then take an active role in squad selection for those teams to ensure players are getting the right exposure to game time, aiding development.

I really think this will be a good save and of course an epic challenge.

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