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International management additions

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I have thought about this idea for numerous years to add into future Footy manager titles but havent been bothered to write up a request idea........UNTIL NOW!

International management in FM has been pretty much irrelevant, other than to boost your managers rep in the world. I have been so tired of watching International Football in real life, and not seeing the same thing is this game that I enjoy playing, and thinking " How cool would it be if this or that was in FM ? "

Well here are my ideas on what YOU DEVELOPERS need to add to future FM titles that I believe will improve real life players to want to manage International teams for saves, and make international football management relevant and enjoyable:


- Add Prize Money to continental and World tournaments

What are the main benefits for nations to want qualify for major tournaments?.....aside from exposure and national pride, it is sadly MONEY. A perfect example of this is Tahiti making the Confed cup in 2013, they got 1.5million for just qualifying for that. That sum of money is huge for there FA and can be used to improve there grassroots, facilities, programs etc. The point being is why not add this into FM, and than have tabs similar to asking your board at club levels to improve facilties, scouting etc. And the reward is your nation produces better regens, improves the nations stature and reputation and game importance instead of setting your manager to a certain nationality to get good regens for that specific nation. The point being, instead of a morale reward of going far in tournaments and a manager rep increase, allow the reward to go to the nation you are managing aswell, with better regens, improves the nations rep as a whole so players that actually can represent the nation with dual nationality, will actually want to accept call ups! and improving the nations overall football.


- Allow Training Camps for International Windows and Tournament Lead ups

I have found with FM over the years, that you just setup your nations tactics and play it and a way you go... No Cohesion, no balance change, no familiarity everytime you announce a squad for a nation team window. I have found its almost pointless to schedule friendlies now, because other than losing spots in the world rankings, it quite frankly means ZERO to the national team, and hense why spend that 2 week break, playing a meaningless friendly that does ZERO to your squad fitness, cohesion and familiarity. I propose to allow players the option to run just a training camp, instead of a friendly, for international windows, aswell as a lead up to a major/continental competition. There, you can work with the players you selected, add tactics and systems you want to implement on the players and the nation to play. You see in real life football, Nations usually have a 2 week window training camp before a tournament to prepare for it. I am tired going into a tournament, and seeing my squad is completely dead because there season has been out for a few months. When really that training camp can and would address that issue, aswell as tactical formations to get ready for it.


So there you have it, my ideas and requests that I believe will want PLAYERS to manage international football and makes it relevant and enjoyable, and also the continue trend of FM titles, the REALISM !!

Thank you for reading my ideas and hopefully my ideas are an option for FM 2023

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