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Controller menu for FM 22 Xbox edition needs serious improvement


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So after 14 years away from FM, I decided to try out the xbox edition on xcloud for my mac. I am surprised by how well the xcloud platform works and very little lag with ethernet.

However the whole menu controlling for xbox edition is not very good. It seriously needs improvement. You would make it so much better if for example I go into tactical instructions during a match and want to always press or mark someone. When I put in the checkmark just next to a player, the active field jumps back to the upper menu option, so I have to go down to the player again in order to set pressing, marking or whatever. And this happens constantly when using the xbox edition interface. Just stop changing the active field on the different screens of the game, it is freaking annoying. I know that the desktop versions are a lot more popular, but you are charging money for the xbox edition, so please make it work decently.


Also if I try to search for a player on xbox edition, I type it on my keyboard, send it to the game, but then the controller is not working so I have to search for the player once again and then I can move the field down and click in and watch a players attributes. Obviously a bug.


There are so many small bugs in the way the xbox edition works, that I am wondering if you haven't tried playing a season before releasing it. Then you would discover a lot of the bugs and that active fields some places stays with the last active and other screens, it keeps jumping back to the "starting point". Pretty annoying and makes playing the game with the controller quite difficult/annoying...

I even bought the xbox edition for PC besides having the game pass, but the xbox edition on PC can hardly run on my Lenovo x260 from 2015. I just thought after so many years that it would be running smooth, but I am surprised by how unfinished this game is and I mean the controller interaction with the game should be the first place to improve for xbox edition, since the rest is unimportant if the interaction is annoying.


Will you update the controller menu anytime soon?

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