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Α proposal/change that should be made on FM22


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I would like to mention a proposal/change that should be made on FM22.

My suggestion is when you go to loan one of your players and you go to the ''Targets'' -> ''Clubs to Propose to'',  it has an ''Add'' button that you choose which countries you would like your player to go on loan and it has each country separetely one by one.

It is very tedious and exhausting to click, to roll and select the countries one by one, when they could put in the new FM, a box with all the countries and just tick them.

I hope you understand what I'm saying. I have sent you a photo in the attachments to see.

I look forward to your response as well as reporting it to the company if it is possible for them to make this important change in my opinion.

Thank you very much!



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